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29 May 2020

‘Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt.’

Colossians 4:6 NKJV




Jeff Davis

Executive Head of College

As we reflect on week six, the first week all our students return, we also look forward to what is ahead for the rest of the year.


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Year 1 – The Mighty Ant

This term our Year One’s have been investigating animal habitats. Students have been sharing their investigations through written and spoken information reports. In week six, our Year 1 students went on a mini beast discovery looking at the fascinating microscopic kingdom of Ants. Being careful to follow our ‘Code of Caring’ students searched the College grounds discovering how busy these miniature creatures are. From their amazing communties constructed of colonies and queens, these organised societies captured the attention of our Year 1’s and just how amazing these little workers are.

Joanie Flowers

Year One Teacher

Year 4 – Shelters

Students in Year 4 have been making shelters after learning about Australia’s Indigenous people’s and some of the ways they used natural materials to make shelters. After doing their own research a variety of techniques, structures and trial and error resulted in some amazing shelters.

With last week being Reconcillation Week one way we can work together is by providing education that helps build relationships and a community which values Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories and cultures.


WELCOME BACK to all our students. While we appreciate some students found it similar to a “first day of school” and in many ways it was after the unprecedented circumstances. Walking around the College the community spirit has continued stronger than ever and we look with hope and anticipation to the rest of the term and year.

Our College Student Leaders wanted to welcome everyone back while ensuring students remain safe and healthy and created a short, fun video.

Year 7 – Light Them Up

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