Hillcrest Christian College has been selected to be part of a ground breaking collaborative project with ten Queensland schools, Griffith University and Gilmour Space Technologies.

This partnership project will see a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) prototype satellite developed locally by students and deployed for launch in mid-2022.

Driven by Professor Paulo de Souza, Head of School, School of Information and Communication Technology, who has worked with NASA on the Mars rover projects, students and teachers will have exclusive access to a Space Tech Lab currently being built at Griffith’s Gold Coast campus, offering dedicated facilities for researchers and Gilmour Space Technologies staff to work collaboratively.

A small team of students will be attending various sessions at Griffith between February and June 2022, as well as a second group based at school supporting our school’s part. In the sessions students will learn about CubeSats, rockets, orbit, undergo media training and learn about mission parameters. They will be involved in a core aspect of the CubeSat design and development, working with experts and be part of this incredible opportunity. The project will be documented through a Griffith Film team who will be creating a documentary of the whole project. This amazing opportunity is open to Year 9-11 students that are passionate about Space, and are studying at least one of these subjects – Physics, Engineering or ICT.

Students will be selected based on expression of interest and undergo an interview.

The team of students will be sharing their progress regularly with the school community and we look forward to Hillcrest being part of the ‘out of this world’ experience in 2022 and beyond.

Nasa- Cubesat

Image Courtesy: Nasa