This week the year 6 Students have been asked “What can you change to make this¬† world just a little bit better (or cleaner, or prettier or nicer)?”

Students who are Learning@home have been given suggestions like organising a bedroom or study, rejuvenate a piece of furniture, clean up a garden at home or for a neighbor, or doing something that helps out your community or church.

While some students at school are helping to remodel the year 6 learning spaces, a group of students are renovating the college vegetable garden! They will be working hard to change it from weed infested mess into a beautiful market garden, that when ready will be harvested to give to our community.

On Thursday 30 April the gardening students received a crash course on planting the new seedlings from Mr Suter, then the students were free to design and plant their garden in groups. The seedlings included a variety of fresh herbs like parsley and basil. The seedlings also included plenty of vegetables including lettuce, celery, tomatoes, eggplant, brussels sprouts and zucchini.