Year 4 went to the QCCC Camp Site at Mt Tamborine from the 9th to the 11th March. Below are a few student highlights, and one from Mr Parkes.

From Eden Cullen:

Monday was the day we got to camp, I was so excited and couldn’t believe it was the first school camp. We all had an activity group, the activities were rock climbing, GPS challenge, the Glider Possum tree swing, the tree climb, the nature workshop and bush skills. Bush skills was really fun because we got to cook damper and the food at camp was AMAZING!!!! We all had a cabin with other people and my group only had 3 people in it so we each got a bunk bed. I loved year 4 camp!!!

From Kadin Pitt:

Camp was fun! We got to do lots of activities. These are some:

  • Archery- we got to shoot an arrow from a bow and I had 3 turns.
  • We got to cook damper- yummy, yummy.
  • We got to look at a bower bird nest and some other cool things like a meteorite rock in bush skills
  • Rock climbing, I did level 1 and 2
  • Tree climbing
  • The Glider possum tree swing where you are in a harness and can be pulled up by your group. You could shoot up in the air fast like a rocket-man, or like superman. When you run and get pulled up and when you run around in a circle and then get pulled up you swing around like a tornado.

From Chelsea Brosnan:

Team Initiatives were AMAZING because we were in 2 teams and we did activities against the other teams. None of the things we could have done ourselves without working as a team.

From Mr Parkes:

We got to sleep for 7 hours on both nights!!!!