8 July 2020

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves just who God is and how great He is. Truly if He created the majestic trees in all their beauty, the sun to shine and warm us each day or the dynamics of a wave crashing on the infinite grains of sand, then we can trust God to move in our personal circumstances. He knows about the small things and the large ‘mountains’ in our way. It’s when we surrender to ourselves and our “control and worry” that he shows just how much of a “way maker” and “miracle worker” he is.

Make time today (15 minutes) to focus on Jesus and remind ourselves that regardless of our circumstances God is a Way Maker. Refelct on the times God has made a way in your past or pray for God to make a way present circumstances this week.

Below is a lyric worship video and we encourage you to create some time to reflect and reacharge.

  • Make a cup of tea and sit in the sun
  • Take a walk
  • Or just sit and “BE” as you listen to this extended worship music.