Term 3 Overview

Term 3 Covid-19 Update

Any student who is unwell must stay home until well again. Students are to continue with good hygiene practices:

  • Washing or sanitising hands
  • Sneezing into their elbow
  • Drinking from a water bottle
Internal Events/activities

(Assemblies, Gatherings, Chapel)

Students and Staff only to attend

  • No singing by students (other than those performing, adhering to distancing and hygiene guidelines)
  • Restrictions apply to some activities

(Athletics Carnivals)

Students and Staff only to attend

  • Parents and siblings unable to attend
  • Students to use hand sanitiser before and after events
  • Social distancing required for adults/staff
  • Restriction on total numbers
  • No sharing of food or drinks
Co-curricular Activities

(Sports training, Events, Sparks and Flames)

Students and Staff, Coaches and Managers only to attend training, activities and competitions

  • No spectators unless specifically communicated
Thursday Activities
  • Returned to normal with social distancing and hygiene practices in place
External Events/Activities

(Excursions, Camps, Formal)

  • Excursions and external events required to adhere to COVID Safety Industry Plan
  • Year 12 formal to go ahead
  • No Dancing permitted
  • Restriction on total numbers
  • Year 6 and Year 10 Dinners (TBC)
Student Absences
  • Any student who is unwell must not attend school and remain home until well
  • Please indicate the absence using the College App or Parent Lounge before 8:00am
  • All buses are operating
  • Bus passes can be purchased online
MLC Update
  • Construction commenced
  • Please adhere to the safety and traffic guidelines in place surrounding the MPH
  • Please see College Traffic Plan
  • Access to MPH only viabridge from ELC. No access from fire stairs or ramp.
Parents Dropoff/Pickup
  • Parents may continue to use the drop off and pick up zones, remaining in their car
  • Boom gate closes at 8:30am and reopens at 2:10pm
  • JLC parents are to remain in their vehicle until 3:00pm where they can walk to collect their child
  • Please don’t linger or gather with other parents
  • Students to park on street observing Gold Coast City Council parking regulations
  • Year P-2 parent parking down near prep building
  • Year 3-12 parent parking at top pick up
  • Refer to the map below
Uniform Shop
  • Adults permitted in shop
  • Please ensure adequate distancing
  • Open every school morning from 7:30am – 9:15am
  • Online orders open 24/7

Traffic Map

Boom gate

Closed from 8:30am until 2:10pm every afternoon. Please don’t queue before 2:10pm.

Prep deck

Prep students will be ready for pickup from 2:30pm.

3-12 Parent Parking
SLC Staff Parking
P-2 Parking
ELC Parking
ELC Parking
Staff Parking
P-2 Parent Parking
P-2 Parking