SLC Student Connex

Getting Started

We want you to stay connected while you are Learning at Home. The support of your teachers and peers will help shape your learning experience. This connection will start with your check-in each morning during Life Group and continue with teachers via email, OneNote and Teams during the day.

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Be Prepared Online

Students will be expected to wear their College uniform (sport or formal) while online.

Parents will need to complete a permission form before a student can receive one on one tutorial support from a teacher online.

Be Safe Online

Students should be aware of potential issues when working in an online platform and dealing with people they do not know. Teachers will only use closed products such as Microsoft Teams, that can be carefully managed by the College. It is important that students do not engage in other sites that are not recommended by our staff.

Smart digital citizens know how to protect themselves and their data online.

Be Digitally Literate

If you do not know how to use a piece of software, find online tutorials to help or reach out via our support line.

Make use of the digital tools you have been introduced to wisely.

The call function on Teams is for use during class time only.

The best way to communicate with your teacher outside of normal school hours is via email. Communicate in the same respectful manner that you would whilst at school.

Learning at home


Check your timetable / calendar and join the online sessions at the appropriate times.

Ask questions and engage with your teacher via Teams 'chat' or through OneNote to check your understanding.

Complete all set tasks and activities.

Turn off the microphone and video functions on Teams until your teacher asks you to turn them on.

Have a pen and paper available to take notes.

Find a quiet learning space where you can sit at a desk or table comfortably for the duration of your lessons and focus without distraction.

Plan adequate sleep and remove devices from bedrooms at night.

Find a balance by engaging in a variety of activities while Learning at Home.

Notify your teacher if you are going to miss a lesson.

Respect others by engaging appropriately in the online environment.

Learning space

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Open area

Your learning space should be in plain sight, not in a bedroom.

Get setup

It should be a quiet space with access to power and a strong, stable internet signal.

Safety first

Check that the electrical equipment (power boards, extension cords and cables etc.) are in good working order.

Practical and comfortable

A proper desk and chair should be used. Students should not be lounging around on the floor or on other items such as bean bags while working online for long periods of time.

Be prepared

Other resources such as paper and pens should be in easy reach.

Good lighting

The learning space should be well lit. Natural lighting is preferred.

Fresh air

Proper ventilation is essential to provide maximum fresh air for your child. An open window nearby is preferred.

Sound on

Headphones may be necessary if you have siblings working from home so you can hear instructions from teachers online.


Who to connect with and how to do it

Communicating with the College

  • Email will remain the main form of communication for the College and students.
  • HILLCREST ConneX will be continually updated on the website, so students can access the latest information as needed.

Communicating with Teachers

  • While Learning at Home, students will be expected to communicate with teachers regularly via email so they can stay connected while not onsite.
  • Professional dialogue must always be maintained and students should not use acronyms such as LOL when writing to their teacher via chat or email.
  • Students are not permitted to connect with staff via social media platforms.
  • Please respect teachers’ personal time. Teachers will reply to communication when they are able around class time and it is not an expectation that they will reply to emails after hours.
  • Please refrain from using the chat function on Teams to communicate with teachers outside of regular school hours.

Communicating with other Students

  • Other students’ viewpoints online should be respected in the same way they would be respected in a physical classroom.
  • When engaged in online lessons, teachers will indicate when to use the chat feature in Teams.