JLC / 3–6

Student Connex

Getting Started

Create a comfortable space for Learning at Home. This may consist of a range of learning area options like our typical classrooms including; desk / table and chair, a soft area (like a beanbag) for reading and a peaceful space where you can have some quiet time.

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Learning Timetable

Starting the Day
Before School

Before School

1. Get ready
2. Eat your breakfast
3. Prepare for the day

Session 1

Literacy Activities

Connect with your teacher: Family Devotion / Life Group.

Connect on: Teams, OneNote and/or Seesaw.

Morning Tea

Morning Tea

Make a healthy food choice from your lunch box. Connect with your family and enjoy some downtime.

Session 2

Numeracy Activities

Connect with your teacher. Connect on: Teams, OneNote and/or Seesaw.


Lunch Time

Make a healthy food choice from your lunch box. Connect with your family and enjoy some downtime.

Session 3
Other Learning

Other Learning Activities

Connect with your teacher to work on other daily activities: Science, HaSS, Health, Technologies, Christian Living, Projects. Connect on: Teams, OneNote, Seesaw.

Learning space

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Open area

Your learning space should be in plain sight, not in a bedroom.

Get setup

It should be a quiet space with access to power and a strong, stable internet signal.

Safety first

Check that the electrical equipment (power boards, extension cords and cables etc.) are in good working order.

Practical and comfortable

A proper desk and chair should be used. Students should not be lounging around on the floor or on other items such as bean bags while working online for long periods of time.

Be prepared

Other resources such as paper and pens should be in easy reach.

Good lighting

The learning space should be well lit.

Video call ready

Check what is behind you in case you are on a video call.

Sound on

Headphones may be necessary if you have siblings working from home so you can hear instructions from teachers online.


Who to connect with and how to do it

Communicating with Teachers

  • Your class teacher will communicate with you and your parents via email and other digital means. Be sure to check Seesaw, OneNote and Teams too.