Over the course of this term, our Physical Education teachers are going to be sharing some short videos on ways to keep yourself fit and healthy.

In the video below, Adam Marks introduces some concepts of how exercise can make us feel better while leading to improved physical wellbeing. This video is a great example of how our staff are now communicating differently with parents and students and outlines some of the approaches that will occur during Physical Education classes in Term 2.

Adam also outlines his call to action for students and parents to share their exercise tips in his classes. This威而鋼
idea is going to be expanded through Hillcrest ConneX over the coming weeks. We are going to run weekly challenges that ask you, our community, to share your home videos and ideas based on specific routines or instructions.

We hope you enjoy the challenges that will take place each week and if you are searching for those particular posts in future, please look for the Physical tag in the Community ConneX section of our website.

Adam refers to a Word of the Week exercise in his video and if you would like to try it for yourself, your word for this week is FITNESS. Using the table below you can complete the appropriate exercises using the letters of the word FITNESS.

A 50 Jumping Jacks N 25 Burpees
B 20 Crunches O 40 Jumping Jacks
C 30 Squats P 15 Plyo Lunges
D 15 Push-ups Q 30 Crunches
E 1min Wall Sit R 15 Push-ups
F 10 Burpees S 30 Jump Squats
G 20 Plyo Lunges T 15 Burpees
H 20 Jump Squats U 30 Tricep Dips
I 30 Jumping Jacks V 2min Wall Sit
J 1min Plank W 50 Calf Raises
K 10 Pushups X 60 Jumping Jacks
L 20 Tricep Dips Y 2min Plank
M 20 Burpees Z 20 Push-ups

We would love to see your fitness at home either from the activity above OR your own personal workout. You can share your photos or video by clicking the button below.

Stay safe, keep fit and good luck with the FITNESS challenge above, you will need it!


Adam Marks

Physical Education Teacher and Coach