JLC Specialist Art Term 1 Overview

We have some very talented students in the JLC who have created masterpieces this term. We hope you enjoy the amazing artwork and perhaps draw something to try at home during the term break.

  • Year 6 were inspired by the Surrealist art movement to create a weird 1-point perspective room
  • Year 5 explored charcoals and pastels to create bushfire scenes and still life artworks.
  • Year 4 used their knowledge of scale and proportion to create a ‘Giant in the City’ artwork.
  • Year 3 used a variety of watercolour techniques to paint birds.
  • Year 2 looked at the architecture of Venice to create a collage. They also used oil pastels to turn circles into 3D balls.
  • Year 1 had a focus on watercolour techniques to create sea creature and peacock artworks.
  • Preps drew some amazing Anzac poppies and oil pastel penguins. They also loved singing the Elements of Art song.

Heidi Parkes