As a school, we’ve been talking a lot about giving back to our friends, families and communities in this time of isolation. Thinking about different ways we can bless people. In our Food Tech class for year 8 and 9, my darlings were asked to make up a ‘Bless you’ basket to share with someone in need or isolated, or just someone they cared for. There will be more photos to come so please keep an eye out. In the meantime, I wanted to take a moment to share a photo of a basket that one of my students actually ended up giving to me.

The beautiful thing about this particular ‘Bless you’ basket is it had multiple incarnations of blessings. Firstly, it blessed the socks off me (even shedding a little tear) upon receiving it. I then took it up to my own mum who we had planned on visiting that night as she has been in isolation and it doubly blessed her. We then as a family shared it with my husband as it was his birthday. So this stunning ‘Bless you’ basket was shared 3 times over. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.

ext_exposed_show”>I’m so thankful that our students, despite their own personal fears and uncertainties are still finding in their hearts to pause and take a moment to extend care to others. That’s the love of Christ and it warms my heart. Thank you Year 8’s and 9’s for always rising to the occasion.

Mrs Megan Enriquez

As a way of thanking our Health Care Workers, students in Life Groups Flynn C, Taylor A and Year 7 Taylor wrote letters of thanks and encouragement  to the staff at the Queensland Children’s Hospital and the Gold Coast University Hospital.  We hope the Hillcrest Hearts and personal messages from students warmed the hearts and blessed our local community Health Care Workers during this challenging time.

To all Health Care and support services workers we thank you for your tireless efforts during this pandemic. Our thoughts, prayers and love to you all.