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Care for Aged Care Residents

Care for our Senior Citizens

Now more than ever is a chance to think of our Grandparents and those in our Aged Care Community. Our Choral Department has missed performing and took their talents and love for music to create a special DVD compilation of songs and messages to share with Aged Care residents.

The Care Package DVD to Aged Care Centres and ultimately the residents feature familiar songs, solo performances and interactive content performed by Hillcrest Choral students.

We hope residents find it engaging, interactive, creates conversations about loved ones, grandchildren and memories of their own school journey. Most importantly our prayer is it reminds them they are always valued and loved.

Share with others and Aged Care Providers to make a difference

If you know of any aged care providers who may appreciate the full DVD compilation, please leave a comment on our Facebook Post or share this message with your community contacts.

Thank you Hillcrest Choral Community

Thank you Hillcrest Choral community for your patience and investment in the College Choral Department in a very challenging year.

We would love to share the project with you and you can find an overview and an interview below.

To download the Full Digital copy in HD please click the button below.


Please click the button below to download the full video. We recommend using a computer (PC/Mac). You can download the video in different sizes to accommodate various NBN speeds. Click the download button and select your file size and the download will save to your desktop.

We understand many aged care providers find using DVD’s easier. If you would like a DVD sent to an aged care provider please email the College Office: