Here we are at the end of Term 1 and life has been very busy! We’ve had the excitement of starting a new school year, camps, swimming carnivals, productions, getting back into our extra-curricular activities, parents and carers working out the logistics of who needs to be where and when, new routines, new timetables, students working hard on their assessments, and all the other things that life throws at us. Is anyone else feeling a little bit tired right now too?

We humans live very full lives with a lot going on! Most of these things are wonderful experiences, but sometimes it is easy to feel overwhelmed. One of the things we can do to feel sustained, to keep on going, and to keep on enjoying life to the fullest is to pay attention to a few key wellbeing habits. The school holidays are a great time to remind ourselves of these habits!

  • Get enough Sleep
  • Eat Well
  • Exercise
  • Nurture our faith
  • Connect with others
  • Practice gratitude and thankfulness

These are often the things that we let slide when life gets busy, yet making time in our hectic schedules to continue these habits is actually what is going to keep us sustained in a healthy and positive way.

It always makes me smile when I read research related to wellbeing that tells us what we need to do to function well, to be our best self, and I realise that it’s the exact same thing that God (who created us) tells us in the Bible. When I think of all the information we have now on the importance of sleep, food and exercise, I think of the story of Elijah in 1 Kings. Poor Elijah was fleeing for his life knowing that Queen Jezebel wanted him dead. He was physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted to the point where he actually prayed that he might die. And what did God provide? The opportunity for two long sleeps, two meals and two big drinks of water. Let’s not forget a run to Mount Horeb too. Sleep, food and exercise! Similarly, your faith or spiritual beliefs are the essence of who you are. It makes sense to nurture this.

What are the things that you do to feed your spiritual life? Our connection with others is vital for our sense of belonging, for support and engagement in community. Yet when life gets busy, time with our special people can often be compromised. Make time to laugh with family, chat with a friend and continue going to those groups and events where you come away feeling nourished and refreshed. Take time to pause and think of all the things in your life you are grateful for.

Neuroscientists can now prove that when we express gratitude our brain releases dopamine and serotonin, those wonderful neurotransmitters responsible for making us feel good. This can be as simple as pausing each day to consider three things you are grateful for. Sharing gratitude will only increase wellbeing in our community, so I encourage you to extend gratitude to those who have helped you. Say thank you, write a note, appreciate others. You will feel good, and they will feel great! If you are feeling overwhelmed this week and wish to talk to someone please reach out to our Wellbeing Team. We’d love to chat with you and offer support and practical strategies on how you can develop your wellbeing in this busy life.

Mrs Emily Townsend
College Counsellor

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