This activity involves a computer but can create a social connection by competing with family or friends.

GeoGuessr is a web-based geographic discovery game. The game requires players to guess the location in the world using only the clues visible. This can include the types of buildings, landscape (snow, forest etc) cars, or street signs.

For younger ages this can be fun to guess with another player or adult and discuss the types physical properties on the Earth’s surface and the human societies and culture which have been influenced by the natural environment.

The website does require an email address to log in and the free version is limited to one game (set of five images) per day. to make it more challenging set yourself a timer and challenge with others to beat your score.


For an added outside activity take a walk and identify some of your local attributes which makes your area unique and identifiable. This could include the types of trees, birds or buildings. Discuss how you can differentiate your local area from other Australian suburbs.

Share some of your images and highest scores with us and we can publish them below. Make sure you save the image file name with your name and year level.