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25 November 2022

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think."

Ephesians 3:20

Jeff Davis
Executive Head of College

Executive Head of College, Jeff Davis shares an update from the last two weeks of the school year as well as photos below from the Christmas Wonderland.



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Culture and Wellbeing


Christmas is a special time in our community. A time to gather friends and family and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

There are many local churches running Christmas Services and Carols. You might want to check out some of the local churches below. We encourage all our families to visit a local church if you are not already part of one. Christmas is a wonderful occasion to reflect and celebrate Jesus.

Reedy Creek Baptist Church
Sunday, 17 December – Acoustic Carols Pirate Park Palm Beach 4pm
Saturday, 24 December 6pm
Saturday, 25 December 8am

AIR Church
Sunday, 18 December – 6pm

Cross & Crown Church
Saturday 24 December 5pm & 7pm

GLOW Church
Sunday, 18 December – 8:30am, 10:30am & 5pm

New Life Robina
Sunday, 18 December – 8am, 10am, 5pm & 6pm

Robina Anglican Church
Saturday, 24 December 6pm

We are also aware that Christmas can be difficult for some families. If you, or someone you care for, needs any emotional support, there are many services available over Christmas including Lifeline as well as practical support with food hampers. Let’s look out for one another over the break.

From the ELC

Our Early Learning Community has been filled with festive spirit as we celebrate the end of term, enjoy the Christmas season, and bid our heartfelt farewells to those due for the next journey.

We have been blessed to share many memories with other communities of the College, joining the Year 12’s Guard of Honour, inviting Year 5 and 9 French students into our lessons, and visiting the Prep classrooms.

Our Kindy Graduation was an occasion to acknowledge the achievements of our children and share the celebrations with friends, family and teachers. Their upcoming transition to Prep has been an experience of joy and comfort for all and thank our community for being so supportive each step of the way.

At our final ELC Gathering for the year, Kindy 2 shared their Nativity Play – a gift they have been working so passionately on. Pre-Kindy and Kindy watched in awe as their friends shared the first story of Jesus, and later enjoyed singing their favourite songs of worship and giving glory to the King of Kings. We pray that the word of God has been sowed so delicately into each of the children’s hearts, and that they feel the deep love and joy of this season.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all our Early Learning Community children, families and teachers for their continued love, grace and support. We are honoured to have been a part of your journey this year and look forward to seeing what God has for you in the next.

Taylor Wells-McFarlane
Director, Early Learning Community

From JLC Leadership

To the JLC Community,

It is always a race to the end of Term 4, yet when we finally make it, we get to reflect on the wonderful accomplishments of each student’s growth over the year. We sit back in awe at the difference in each child from the beginning of the year until the end. It is truly an honour to hold their little hands as they grow a little taller and continue to develop socially, academically, spiritually and intellectually.

These milestones would not eventuate without the energy, skill, and devotion of the JLC staff. Each day these passionate group of educators inspire, ignite imagination, and instil a love of learning, opening each child’s eyes to their individual strengths and motivating them to go beyond. As Albert Einstein says, ‘It is the supreme art of a teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge’. I know you join me in thanking an incredible team of professionals in JLC community.

To our JLC students, thank you for all your hard work throughout the school year. It is a privilege to share in your Prep to Year 4 journey each year. While it is not goodbye, our Year 4 students are equipped and ready to transition in the MLC next year and start their next phase of learning at the College. To all our Year 4 students we pray you continue to shine your individual true self while navigating your next journey in the MLC. We also welcome our Kindy children at the College who are eager to start their Prep journey with us in 2023.

Lastly, thank you for entrusting us with your precious little ones, and we pray this year that you too have seen them grow in their endeavours as a result of being part of the Junior Learning Community. We look forward to partnering with you and doing it all again in 2023.

As a Christian school it is always a pleasure to be able to share in the true meaning behind Christmas. A time of the year we celebrate the birth of Jesus, by coming together with our loved ones and close friends. It was a lovely to see so many of you at our community event on Thursday night. It was a great way to finish the year at our ‘Christmas Wonderland’.

Blessings for a wonderful festive season. Have a happy, safe and relaxing holiday and we look forward to seeing you all in 2023!

Christy Gittins
Head Junior Learning Community

What’s been happening in the JLC

Year 4 Recorder – Black Belt Certificates

In Year 4, students have the opportunity to learn how to read music and play an instrument – recorder/violin/cello. Mrs Pitt’s recorder students have been busy working all year to learn and master their Karate Belt levels of music. The following students are to be congratulated for achieving their Black Belts this year – Elliot Hawley, Leon Kwon, Zoe Levers, Zoltan Nagy, Alyssa Pitt, Sophie Reid, and Rogi Smyth. Well done to these recorder ‘masters’!


This term I-time students participated in a managed project called Make a Difference. Students were guided through the design thinking process as they explored the concept of social enterprise and the ways that businesses work with charitable organisations to make a difference. The challenge course was aligned with multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals and allowed students to design products that could be sold to raise money and awareness of a charitable organisation or cause. They worked collaboratively to develop and design 3D models using Makers Empire 3D modelling software.

Year 3 Markets

Year 3 were very excited to share their learning for the term with parents and friends at their Class Market Day. Each class put their own twist to the day with some having performances and presentations, others having posters, crafts and quizzes. During Term 4, we have investigated celebrations from around the world, poetry, 3D shapes, Scratch Jnr and Sources of Heat. Here are a few photos of the excitement had at some of the stalls.

2023 Year 4 Students

The Hillcrest String Program offers an opportunity for Year 4 students to learn violin, viola, cello or double bass in an exciting and educational environment. The program is designed to complement and run simultaneously with the classroom music program. Please see here for more information.

2023 Year 5 Students

The Hillcrest Band Program offers an opportunity for interested and selected Year 5 students to learn a band instrument in an exciting and educational environment.

The instruments on offer are as follows:

  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Alto Saxophone
  • Trumpet
  • French Horn
  • Baritone Horn/Euphonium
  • Trombone
  • Percussion (preference given to piano students)
  • Bass Guitar

You can find more information here.

From the Head of the MLC

Dear Parents/Carers

It is the final newsletter article for 2022 and it is time to say thank you.

This year began in a COVID-19 lockdown before dealing with severe floods and consistent rain events during Semester 1. These events now feel like a life-time ago as Term 4 has finished in celebration with many parents attending our cultural events over the past weeks. It has been great to have parents back on our campus and I would like to thank our MLC families for your ongoing support of our students.

In the last few weeks we have celebrated;

  • Year 8 Leadership Dinner
  • Co-curricular Awards
  • Semester 2 Domain Awards
  • Compassion in Action (CIA) Day
  • MLC Swimming Carnival
  • Christmas Wonderland

Our goal this year was to improve on the strong foundations that we laid in our inaugural year and while there have been challenges, there has also been an overwhelming feeling of moving forward together in 2022 and deepening our focus on the whole child and what it takes to prepare young adolescents for the world ahead.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the teaching and non-teaching staff within our Learning Community for supporting our students through Year 2. It has been a team effort that has helped us be successful and I appreciate the support in working together to bring the very best out of our students, your children.

Finally, I want to wish everyone a blessed Christmas and I hope you find the time to share in the joy of this season and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with your family and friends. Merry Christmas and I look forward to working with you again in 2023.


Darren Rackemann
Head of Middle Learning Community

What’s been happening in the MLC

Josiah College Buddies

On Monday, 14 November we had a Year 2 class from Josiah College come to visit their Year 8 buddies. During Christian living a group of Year 8 students went up to The Well to have lunch with their little buddies as well as playing at The Gully. We played multiple games and even got a little visit from Toby the therapy dog! Overall, it was amazing to reconnect with our buddies one last time before the term ended! We are keen to keep this connection with Josiah going through the next couple of years.

Year 5 French Children’s Educational Story Books

French students in Year 5 took great delight in sharing their French children’s story books with a younger audience in Year 1, Prep, Kindy and Pre-Kindy this week. Year 5 students had written and illustrated their own French children’s story books in French class this term. Each student had to select two educational themes (such as ‘les couleurs’ et ‘les animaux’) and write a simple story book that would be effective in teaching this high frequency vocabulary to a younger audience. Students also had the opportunity to design a French game on their devices to accompany their story books. This game tested the reader’s comprehension of the vocabulary in their story book. The outing was very much enjoyed by all!

Christmas Rubik Cube Masterpiece

In Year 7 Math we are learning about symmetry, reflection, rotation, and translation. Students applied their knowledge of these concepts to Rubik’s cubes and created a class Christmas MASTERPIECE.

Taylor F

This year in Life Group, we have learned about being empowered by Jesus, encountered by Him, and so much more! We have been shown strategies for a wide range of things, including mental health, how to cope with friend problems, and even how to grow closer to God! We also do W.E. D.O. Wednesday, where we focus on feelings, and mental health. Just recently, our Life Group has joined with Taylor F, so we have been able to expand our relationships to people we wouldn’t normally work with. Thank you Mrs Seton and thank you Mrs Snowdon.

Joyeux Noël French Christmas Cards

To culminate the year, French students in the MLC learned more about how ‘Le Noël’ (Christmas) is celebrated in French culture. To put this into practice, students decorated and wrote French Christmas cards to their newest pen-pals, at ‘La Providence Catholic College’, in the village of Revel, in the South of France. We look forward to receiving their return mail in the new year.

MLC Domain Awards

Last week the final Domain Awards Assembly was held where students were recognised for their efforts and achievements within all domains. Well done to all our students!

MLC Swimming Carnival

We had an awesome Swimming Carnival to finish off the year with some excellent results below.

MLC Age Champions
10 Years – Girls
1st Millie McClure
2nd Osella Yangzam
3rd Coraline Cook
10 Years – Boys
1st Jamie Ellis
2nd Max Darcy
3rd Phoenix Elbeb
11 Years – Girls
1st Mia Lehmann
2nd Isabella Baker
3rd Paige Robinson
11 Years – Boys
1st Dominic Fletcher
2nd Cooper Kelly
3rd Vincent Potts
12 Years – Girls
1st Emerson Boswell
2nd Eden Cullen
3rd Chloe Herrmann
12 Years – Boys
1st Noah Kerry
2nd Zai Bryson
3rd Julius Chan-Lister
13 Years – Girls
1st Sofia Suttling
2nd Lucy Potts
3rd Jessica Lester
13 Years – Boys
1st Cody Ellis
2nd Malakai Burnes
3rd Josh Bouzige
14 Years – Girls
1st Kirra Chan-Lister
2nd Fleur Hammersley
3rd Matilda Duhig
14 Years – Boys
1st Harry Davison
2nd Jack Healey
3rd Harvey Jaques
House Spirit Taylor
House Champion Taylor

From the Head of the SLC

We have lots to celebrate.

As we come to the end of the school year, I always make time to stop and reflect on the accomplishments we have achieved. We have had lots to celebrate. Recently we farewelled our Year 12 graduates. They have done a stellar job at leading the student body and I thank them for the culture they have created and the legacy they have left for future generations of students. Of note, I wish to thank the student leadership team for their leadership of Assembly this term. We had a dream of Assembly being student focussed and student led, and they have exceeded my expectations.

Throughout the year, we have been able to celebrate student achievement and application to their studies. While this occurred at an Assembly each term, our annual Celebration Evening provided the platform to showcase our high performing academic students. As the Celebration Evening was a Senior Learning Community event only, we also had the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the highly accomplished Year 12 students in their co-curricular pursuits. This complemented nicely the acknowledgements at Co-curricular Awards and termly Recognition Assemblies.

Community and connection is very strong at Hillcrest. Whether it is in Life Group, House or Year Level, we have had success in enhancing our community culture. House competitions were strongly supported and had high numbers of participation. Thank you to the 2022 House Captains for your efforts in enhancing our House culture. The year level activities were also well supported, with a visit to TimeZone, Year 10 Semi Formal, and the Year 12 Formal, just to name a few.

Student-driven pathways and student wellbeing were two of our focus areas this year. I am pleased with what we have accomplished in these two areas and thank my two deputies, Peter Fernance and James Colefax for their leadership of these areas. Student-driven pathways and student wellbeing will continue to be areas of focus in 2023.

Planning for 2023 is well underway. There are several significant projects that will further enhance the Hillcrest experience for all students, and I am very excited about joining the AGCC sporting competition. A large number of students and families have expressed the need for a regular competitive sport competition, and I am pleased that we are making this a reality. I am also excited about the number of trips being proposed to the SLC students in 2023.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Hillcrest Christian College community for all that has been done this year. 2022 has been a wonderful year thanks to the hard work of the students, teachers, support and administration staff and the support of the parents, carers and wider community. Your contribution is noted and appreciated.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope that you enjoy spending the season with your family and close friends and look forward to welcoming you back on campus next year.

Richest blessings,

Jason Day
Head of Senior Learning Community

What’s been happening in the SLC

World Scholars Cup – Silver, Gold, Trophies, Champions!

During the course of November, 12 students from Year 10 & 11 travelled to the USA to compete at the World Scholars Cup Tournament of Champions at Yale University in the USA. They spent a week in New Haven, Connecticut at Yale, and then a few days sightseeing Boston and Washington DC. The tour concluded with a few days in New York watching a Broadway musical and NBA game.

At the Tournament of Champions at Yale University they performed exceptionally well and can arguably be considered one the best performing school in the senior division and the top school from the Southern Hemisphere and Asian regions. With over 800 senior students in 270 teams, from over 45 countries participating, the results are staggering. The best performance by an Australian school in the history of the competition; and they received high praise for Hillcrest and our students from event organisers on how we performed and conducted ourselves. These students have shown the world who we are and created a legacy for Hillcrest at the Tournament of Champions.

Key highlights
Jed Gregory finishing as Champion Debating Individual and Second Individual Overall;
The team of Jed Gregory, Jayden Adams, Eathan Waters coming 4th overall;
The team of Laila Chequer de Souza, Torrek Elbeb, Grace Purnell winning the Writing Team Award;
Three of our teams in the Top 6 Debating Teams and all our students medalling for Debating.

Results Breakdown
Overall Team
4th Jed Gregory, Jayden Adams, Eathan Waters
34th Laila Chequer de Souza, Torrek Elbeb, Grace Purnell
44th Giselle Chau, Mene Nel, Sarah Wilson

Overall Individual
2nd Jed Gregory
11th Luca Nathan
19th Laila Chequer de Souza
34th Jayden Adams
48th Eathan Waters

Debating Individual
Silver Medals – Lizzie, Grace

Gold Medals – Laila, Halle, Mene, Torrek, Jayden, Eathan, Giselle
20th Sarah Wilson
5th Luca Nathan
1st Jed Gregory

Debating – Teams
24th Laila, Torrek, Grace
6th Halle, Luca, Lizzie
3rd Giselle, Sarah, Mene
2nd Jayden, Jed, Eathan

Team Bowl
25th Jayden, Jed, Eathan

Writing Individual
Silver Medals – Halle, Eathan, Jayden

Gold Medal – Mene, Torrek, Jed, Lizzie
20th Luca
19th Grace
6th Laila

Writing Team
Silver – Giselle, Sarah, Mene

31st Jayden, Jed, Eathan
9th Luca, Halle, Lizzie
1st Laila, Grace, Torrek

Individual Challenge Subjects Medals
Halle           1 silver
Mene          1 silver
Laila            2 silvers
Torrek         2 silvers
Sarah          2 gold 1 silver
Luca           2 gold 1 silver
Eathan        2 gold 2 silvers
Jayden        3 gold and 2 silvers
Jed             3 gold and 3 silvers

Best Teams from Southern Hemisphere
6th Luca, Halle, Lizzie
3rd Giselle, Mene, Sarah
2nd Laila, Torrek, Grace
1st Jed, Jayden, Eathan

The 2023 Gold Coast Round will take place on February 28th at Hillcrest and we look forward to a successful future in this event.

Carmichael House Fundraiser

Carmichael house donated soft drinks and snags for the annual Effective Aid BBQ. Carmichael house raised $1000. A big thank you must go to all the Carmichael families who donated food and drinks to this great cause. The Year 11 students did a great job serving students in the courtyard.

Year 9 Food Technology and Nutrition ‘Beauty in the Bake’

Over the course of Term 4, the Year 9 Food Technology and Nutrition students have been busy in the kitchen baking up a storm for the ‘Beauty in the Bake’ assessment (aka competition). The students worked extremely hard learning about the functional properties of baking as well as building up a library of decorative elements such as tempering chocolate and ganache to making chocolate shards, honeycomb, buttercream frosting and meringues just to name a few. In Week 6 of Term 4, we had our final crescendo, and the cake constructions took place, and we can testify our students ‘baked’ us happy and until then we can only hope they will continue ‘baking’ the world a better place.

Year 10 Volcanoes with Kindy

Year 10 students have been working on their volcanoes. They took them to Kindy last week to put them to the test with a live audience. The Kindy kids loved being part of learning with the big kids and were really impressed with the volcanoes built by Year 10 students.

Boss Your Future Market Day

On Wednesday 16 November, our Year 9 students celebrated their learning with the #Boss Your Future Market Day. Our Business Economics students have been busy the last five weeks incubating their own business ideas from scratch and working with a scholarship program provided by the Academy of Entrepreneurs and Future Schools. Our Entrepreneur mentor Stephen Stavroulakis flew from Sydney to be with us for the event and has worked with our students weekly online. Our Year 6 students also were there to give feedback to students on their minimal viable products and services. The students did a great job of pitching and selling their ideas. A big thank you to our Business teachers Antia Hill, Jacques DuToit and Michael Ha for his feedback.

‘’We learned so much about customer service, how to incubate our business idea and how to refine our idea and make it better. Steven gave so many useful tips on how to be successful and really great  working with someone who is a real entrepreneur. We are keen to do more’’. Business owners of Jamilo – Jaya, Amelie and Olivia, Year 9 Students

SLC Recognition Assembly

Our final Recognition Assembly of the year was a time to celebrate the efforts and achievements of so many of our students. We’re so proud of their efforts and wish them a enjoyable and safe break.

Pathways News

Hillcrest RSA Class

When: Monday 16 January, 9am-3pm
Where: GeSS Education Campus, Southport
Online application here.
Select option – SITHFAB201 Provide responsible service of alcohol (RSA)

Student for a Semester Bond University

Bond University Student for a Semester gives Year 11 and 12 high achieving students the chance to undertake a university subject of their choosing concurrently with their senior studies. The Student for a Semester program gives students knowledge about study and life and Bond, but also deeper understanding of the university experience, and a potential credit towards a future university degree at Bond.
Applications opened 18th November, and close Friday, 9 December, 2022.
Cost is $250 plus textbooks and other class materials.
View available subjects and apply here.

Bond Extension Program

Year 12 Extension Program are two day workshops where students will gain an insight into university life to assist them with the transition from high school to university. The Extension Program is fast paced and fun two day workshops providing enrichment across existing Year 12 curriculum areas such as Business and Maths, run in April and May 2023. Students will be part of a select group of students handpicked for the opportunity to receive an early offer into Bond Business School and the opportunity to be awarded a Year 12 Extension Program Scholarship. For more information and to apply visit here.

Australian Catholic University Webinar

Explore your industry of interest with Australian Catholic University ‘Talk with Industry’ webinar series recordings. Hear from ACU graduates in a range of different professions, discuss what it’s like to work in their area. View recordings online here.

Espresso Coffee Skills Course

Espresso Coffee Skills Course run by Aurora Training Institute for students who would like to work in hospitality and increase their skills.

Completed Year 12 students

Completed Year 12 students – What to do after receiving your University offers?
Have you received an offer from QTAC and not sure what to do next? See QTAC guide on responding to offers here.

Do you need to re-consider your university preferences after receiving your ATAR?
For a very helpful Change of Preferences guide, visit here and please also see a snapshot below:

Change of Preferences events are running at the following universities to provide guidance and support for students with questions around your course preferences upon receiving your ATARs.

Please contact your university of choice for advice:
Australian Catholic University
Live chat
Phone 1300 275 228
or text 0427 522 268

Bond University
Call 1800 074 074 8:30am -5:30pm Mon-Fri

Griffith University
Live chat with study experts 8am-2pm Thursday 15th – Friday 23rd December

Real Decisions day – Fri 16 December
Seminars 12-1:30pm on campus
phone 3138 2000 and online enquiry

Southern Cross University
Options Day
Options Day Thu 15 December, Fri 16 Dec Q & A online webinars
Phone 1800 626 481 or chat online from website

University of Queensland
ATAR Advice Online Event Sunday 18th December- registrations open soon
or call 07 3346 9872 (10am- 4:30pm Mon-Fri)

Courses and Application Updates
Semester 1, 2023

SHB20121 Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics Now Open!
This is an entry-level qualification in the beauty and cosmetic industry, this course will give students a feel for what it will be like to work in cosmetics sales, providing hands-on lessons and tasks.

  • Day: Friday
  • Start Date: 3 February 2023
  • Start/Finish Time: 8:30am – 3pm

Location: Robina Campus

McDonalds Hospitality (Barista) Program
This course will be held at our new Robina campus, and give students the opportunity to undertake the McDonald’s* traineeship induction which may lead to potential employment.

  • Day(s): Thursday or Friday
  • Start Date: Group 1 – 27 October 2023 or Group 1 – 28 October 2023
  • Start/Finish Time: 8:30am – 3pm
  • Location: Robina Campus

Limited places – apply now! (Use code: TQGC2301 to apply)


AMEB Speech and Drama Results

From the exams on 14 November, students received the following results.

Charlize Flanagan Yr 4                         1st Grade                     A+ High Distinction
Andrey Waldmann Yr 5                       1st Grade                     A   Honours
Jack Flanagan Yr 7                               2nd Grade                    A+ High Distinction
Ivy Thomson Yr 7                                3rd Grade                     A+ High Distinction
Lana Waldmann Yr 10                         5th Grade                     A+ High Distinction

Because Lana is in Year 10 and completed a 5th Grade exam, her results contribute to her Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).Well done to everyone!

Hillcrest NFL Flag team come so close!

On Tuesday, our Year 5/6 NFL Flag team competed in the Australian NFL Flag National Tournament. Held at Metricon Stadium in Carrara, 12 players and 14 cheerleaders, went to represent Hillcrest. Undefeated in the pool matches, Hillcrest went into the semis high in confidence against Burleigh State School. A competitive opponent tried hard but we had a comfortable win to send us into the grand final against Varsity College and playing off to represent Australia in the Pro Bowl International Tournament in Las Vegas.

With both teams locked at 14-14 with 10 seconds to go, Varsity scored a touchdown breaking the hearts of players and supporters. Although upset, all players handled the loss with grace, integrity and respect. Congratulations to all players involved and thank you to coaches Cameron Suter, Zac Smith and Jackson Silvester-Lee for training the team for the past term.

Table Tennis Doubles

On Wednesday, 9 November, Vincent Churches and Kosei Suzuki participated represented Hillcrest in the Gold Coast regional doubles Table Tennis round in the under 15s division. This consisted of teams from schools all around the Gold Coast with representatives aging from 12 to 15, all competing in the same age division. They placed 3rd overall and we’re so proud of this achievement.

State Level Success in eSports for Hillcrest

Year 9 student, Zac Thomas, as found repeat success playing Mario Kart in the Queensland State Championships of the Fuse Cup eSports competition. Over the year Zac worked his way through fierce competition from other Gold Coast schools to become the district champion, then faced off against Brisbane, Sunshine Coast winners to attain the top spot in the state for Mario Kart! Our Year 9+10 Mario Kart team joined Zac, and coach Daniel Arden (y11) at Emmanuel College on Friday, 4 November, while the rest of the MLC and SLC were able to watch Zac race via livestream from the courtyards. Within the FUSE Cup global competition, Zac is the top player in Mario Kart as they expand the offerings in this game to other Australian States. Zac hopes that in 2023 he will retain his state champion status and compete for the National Title! Congratulations Zac and team for such a successful year in your sport.

Student Achievements

GoKart State and National Success

Slade Orsmond (Year 9), has been racing GoKarts at State and National competitions for the past three years, and this year make the transition from Karting to V8 Supercars which is a truly courageous feat considering he was introduced to the sport in 2019 competing in his first race at 12yrs old. Slade has now raced over 240 times with 27 wins. Slade has found his passion and has a talent for racing, competing in his first National level race only 5 months after his first race in which he placed top 15 out of 40 competitors. Slade loves that Karting and Racing is teaching him important life lessons like how to conduct himself professionally, learning the mechanical aspects of the cars, how to write and pitch sponsorship letters and public speak in corporate environments. He also recognises that through Karting, he is able to uphold some of Hillcrest’s values such as Courage and Integrity; “Courage in that there are so many dangers and safety elements, the unknown of if your brakes will work at each corner or what the other drivers will do at short notice, the reality of being in a cage with a fireproof suite driving at high speeds; it is tiring mentally and physically to race. Integrity in that there is a lot of cheating in Karting, you are more likely to be seen as a valuable driver if you don’t cheat and you don’t want to be known by that, you want to be known as a clean driver who is the better driver on the day – its your driving not the kart that won the race”.
Slade’s goal is to race Porsche 911 GT3 cup car – in the Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge in 2023, becoming the youngest driver on the grid at 16 years of age and to eventually become a Porsche factory driver by 2030. We wish him well in the pursuit of his goals and congratulate Slade on his racing achievements so far and for showing Courage and Integrity at such a high level in his sport.

Henry Window to Represent Australia Futsal

Henry Window (Year 6) is off to Hawaii next week to compete for Australia in Futsal. He was selected by scouts to train as part of the Queensland squad when playing for Hillcrest at a local tournament. He played the national tournament in Brisbane where Queensland finished 5th overall. From this tournament Henry was selected in the Australia squad to play in Hawaii next week. Henry is a talented athlete whose ability to read the play and speed which is a benefit in any sport in which he competes.

We wish Henry the best of luck as he plays Futsal at the highest level.

Other News

Uniform Opening Hours of Summer

The Uniform Shop will be open over the summer holidays as follows:

Monday 28 November – Thursday, 1 December 7:30am – 11:15am
Monday, 5 December – Thursday, 8 December: Bookings only via this link.

All orders placed after 9 December, during the holiday break will be dispatched for collection from Monday, 9 January.

2023 opening hours, in the below image.

Enrolments Now Open

We are excited to announce applications for Kindy and Prep 2024 for Hillcrest Christian College are now open. Don’t miss out on your child to having the best opportunity to commence their schooling journey at Hillcrest Christian College.

Applications for Kindy and Prep 2024 first round offers will close at midnight on Sunday 5, February 2023.

Pre Kindy and Kindy Enrolment Application Form

Prep to Year 12 Enrolment Application Form (on campus)

Can Your Business Help our Students

The Pathways Team is looking for opportunities for our students. Can you offer:

  • Work experience?
  • A school based
  • Traineeship/apprenticeship?
  • Other opportunities to
  • Benefit our senior students?

Contact Lucinda Crews, Pathways Engagement Coordinator lcrews@hillcrest.qld.edu.au.

Bus Services

It’s the end of the year and we would like to thank all our bus travellers for a wonderful year. We have had a busy year with a change in the Bus Management System to RollCall, an increase in students travelling on the bus, the addition of a Northern Route – Bus 8, the introduction of Australia’s very first Electric School bus. With your support, feedback, and partnership we continue to grow and strengthen our excellent service to the community.  Thank you for journeying with us through this year.

As we close the year, we would like to provide the following information:

  • Current travellers will have their bookings rolled over into Term 1 2023 using the booking pattern of Week 7, 14 – 18 November 2022. This rollover will occur during the holidays, and we ask that you check your bookings the week prior to the start of school.
  • Profiles / Bus Passes whether Unlimited, AM/PM, or Casual (PAYG) will remain the same unless an email has been sent to buses@hillcrest.qld.edu.au to notify of the change to a different bus pass.
  • Existing and new students from Year 5 upward will receive new Student Cards at the beginning of Term 1. If these initial Student cards are misplaced, a new card can be ordered through our website under Bus Services, Bus Service | Hillcrest Christian College and lanyards are available free of charge from one of the Bus Drivers if your child wishes to secure their student card to their bag.
  • Students in Year 4 and below can order a ‘replacement’ card for the start of the year through our College website under Bus Services.
  • Student cards are critical for tagging on and off the bus to ensure the safety and well-being of our children. Please ensure your child has their card if they are travelling and are tagging on and off.
  • We kindly ask that if you are booked to travel and will be absent on a certain day, you ensure the absence is marked in the RollCall App to free up the seat for another bus traveller. We have several buses that are full, and these seats being made available will help other families wishing to travel. RollCall Absence
  • New families wishing to use our Bus Services are encouraged to visit our website and register for bus travel using the Bus Sign-up Form. Once this has been processed, an email will be sent inviting you to engage with RollCall, our Bus Management System. Please be advised to ensure your bookings have stops allocated. Making a Booking
  • Accounts are required to be kept up to date and paid at the start of each term for the chosen Travel pass and paid using the RollCall App. RollCall Payment. If your account runs more than four weeks in arrears, travel will be suspended until the account is brought up to date.
  • Please ensure your Bus Travel account for 2022 is paid by close of business on Friday, 25 November 2022. Payments can be made through the RollCall App.

If you require information or support with your bus travel, please let us know as we would be happy to assist and ensure travel with us is one of ease.

For further information regarding our Bus Services, please feel free to visit our College website, Hillcrest Christian College – Bus Services, or email the Bus Team at buses@hillcrest.qld.edu.au.

We once again thank you for a great year of travel and wish you and your families a wonderful and blessed Christmas season.

Kind Regards,

The Bus Team

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