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27 October 2023

"Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."

Matthew 11:28-30

Jeff Davis
Executive Head of College

Executive Head of College, Jeff Davis shares an update from the last two weeks.



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Toby Update

Toby, our school therapy dog has been in training for the past two years and finally achieved his therapy dog status and jacket this year. Like most proud parents, I was very eager to share this achievement with our College community, who have supported Toby’s journey at every stage. However now we enter a new stage, a stage I am calling, “the hiccup stage”, a stage that I have been a little less eager to share!

Toby started to develop a few little bad habits in Term 3, some low-level growling and barking. In the busyness of life, I let complacency creep in and unfortunately did not jump on correcting this straight away. As the bad habits continued and my busyness increased, I swept those low-level concerns away.

Unfortunately, we know that bad habits don’t just disappear if we ignore them. Instead, they tend to shape our behavior and take hold in our lives. Often it takes some sort of consequence, or external person to shed a light on how much the bad habit has become our “normal”. And then we have to choose whether we let the bad habit reign in our lives or whether we stop, do a re-set and realign ourselves with our original mission.

We have decided to do the re-set with Toby. We want him to be the best therapy dog he can be and therefore he needs to follow the guidelines set out for therapy dogs in schools. With the expert support of his trainer at Empower Assistance Dogs, Toby is going through some behavior training that aims to address this bad habit. So, whilst this is occurring, his official therapy dog jacket and status has been suspended. This is just a short term measure whilst he completes his training. He will still be on campus at times, although for the purpose of training.

Going through this process with Toby has had me considering how easy it is for any of us to allow bad habits to creep into our lives and throw us off course. It can be a subtle thing that can creep up on us. Perhaps we have let a spiritual discipline slide, like making time to read our Bible each day.  Perhaps it is letting exercise go because we are too busy. Perhaps it is spending more and more time on our phones or social media and ignoring the limits that we might have put in place earlier in the year. Are there any bad habits in your life that have taken a hold?

My encouragement to you is that there is always opportunity for a re-set. Awareness is the greatest gift. Recognise what’s happened. Show your self some self-compassion, this is not a time for shame or blame. Make a decision to address the habit and get yourself back on course. If you need help from someone to do this, ask for it.

In the Bible, Lamentations 3 reminds us that God’s compassions, his mercies, are new every morning.  What a gift. We never need to stay stuck where we are. “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness” Lamentations 3:22-23.

Emily Townsend
College Counsellor

ABNS (Annoying but Not Serious)

Four years ago, this ‘scene’ would have called out the nagger in me, “Hey kid, is it so hard to bend over and put your shoes on the rack that I spent my good money on?” These things became the ABNS (Annoying but Not Serious) in our home – the little fish, especially when we realised our youngest was moving to Norway for five months.

Children thrive emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and academically when they feel emotionally and securely connected with their parents and other people of influence in their lives. Nagging and arguing can be connection blockers. I’m not saying turn a blind eye to teaching them organisation and cleanliness. Like other important life skills, they will learn cleanliness and organisation skills from what is modelled by parents and having regular chores and home duties.

Rather than focus on small fish, I encourage myself and other parents to focus on the big important fish, the non-negotiables – no drugs, no alcohol, no aggressive behaviours and language, no pornography and other toxic Internet behaviours, no phones while driving – you know, the behaviours that could cause serious harm and damage physically, mentally and spiritually.

So much of how we parent is related to our family-of-origin. It can be challenging to shift the cycle of known patterns. Awareness is power because it can promote change. That is why Hillcrest Christian College offers free evidence-based parenting programs every term throughout the year. 175 Hillcrest parents and caretakers have participated in our parent groups since Term 3 2023, a huge appreciation to our participants, facilitators and support staff.

Natalie Daugherty 
College Counsellor

From the ELC

We have been on an exciting journey at the ELC, nurturing an appreciation for our environment and the natural world, while building on our sustainable practices. Educators are working to ensure children are supported in taking an active role in caring for the environment and to share ways they can contribute to a sustainable future.

Recent initiatives include the revival of our compost bin and worm farm, educating our children on how to properly recycle and encouraging them to utilize recycled materials for arts and crafts. These experiences empower them to think critically about their environmental footprint and make positive choices for their future.

We have appreciated donations from parents of recycled products to use in our play and craft activities, as we know that not only partnering with our families and community is important, but we all play a part to ensure the future of our environment and world.

We look forward to continuing to nurture these values and collaborate on others ways we can contribute to sustainable practices.

Genesis 2:15 The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.

Di Gontier 
Director of the Early Learning Community

From JLC Leadership

Dear JLC Families,

We hope this newsletter finds you well. Last Friday, we celebrated World Teachers Day, a heartwarming opportunity to recognise and appreciate the incredible efforts of all our dedicated staff. They invest so much time and care into nurturing each and every child in the JLC. The hard work and commitment of our staff play a pivotal role in creating the right environment for students to thrive and grow in their classes each year.

In December, our classes for 2024 are decided. Careful consideration is given to creating classes which meet the needs of all students. This takes into consideration:

  1. Each child’s strengths and areas for development in the domains of our educational model (academic, social emotional and wellbeing),
  2. The need for each student to be with a teacher that will help them reach their potential, and
  3. Clustering each child with a friend or social support group across a double space.

The process involves numerous teachers and stakeholders within the College community. Once the classes are assigned, there will not be any opportunities for students to switch classes based on friendships or teacher preferences. It is possible that students might find themselves with a different set of friends in some of their classes. Although this adjustment might initially appear challenging, we kindly request parents to provide their children with support during this transitional period. Adapting to change is a fundamental aspect of building resilience, a crucial quality for success in life. Come January, just before Orientation Day, students will receive a welcome letter from their new teachers, who will be eager to meet them at the start of the 2024 school year.

It is such a lovely time of the year as we approach the end of the term, it is when families start thinking about blessing others. A common thing that occurs at this time of year is the candy cane popped into the Christmas card as a treat. Whilst this is a lovely, festive gesture, the children find it very difficult to resist eating them and so are having a big ‘sugar hit’, before and during classroom time. To avoid disappointment, we ask that families hold onto their treats and avoid giving candy canes, or other sweet treats. If children have been given candy canes, the teachers will look after them for the day and hand them back when school finishes.

The countdown has begun; it’s just four weeks until our JLC Prep to Year 2 Concert and Year 3 to 4 Celebration Day. We are eagerly looking forward to finishing this academic year on a special and joyful note.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement in the JLC community.


Christy Gittins
Head Junior Learning Community

What’s been happening in the JLC

Learning Spotlight: Prep Mandarin PeaceWise

Throughout the year Prep Mandarin have enjoyed celebrating learning around Jesus, the Bible and PeaceWise in our Whole Prep Lifegroup time on a Tuesday. It is a beautiful time where we can connect with our friends across the cohort, encourage one another and praise God together. The time is usually spent talking about our topics from PeaceWise and how to resolve conflict in Godly ways and we then create links to our own experiences and lives and find examples of this learning in Bible stories. Through this learning, Prep Mandarin have grown incredibly and become able to identify whether their problems are small enough to overlook, big enough to need to ‘talk it out’ with their friends, or too big and they need an adults help to solve it. They have become independent and autonomous in their approach to resolving conflicts using the Peacemaking Pathway. This term we’re looking at how we can share this with our families and friends outside of the school context to become Peace Makers in our own worlds and helping other’s to feel God’s love. Nest time your experiencing a conflict, perhaps you could ask them how to solve it and give them the opportunity to share their wealth of knowledge.

JLC Learning in Year 1: Spotlight on 1JK

As the year draws to a close, we’re making the most of our time together by cramming in as much learning and fun as possible! This term, Year 1 is having the best time exploring Christmas traditions and where they come from. We’ve read some traditional Christmas books and compared them to Australian versions, learning how different places around the world celebrate Christmas in different ways. We even created our own 12 Days of Christmas book! In science, we’ve been learning about where sound and light come from using light boxes and musical instruments. We’ve enjoyed creating our own suncatchers, instruments, and Christmas songs. In Maths, we’re very hands-on, learning all about chance, measurement, and capacity. What a fun term!

Year 2 Excursion to the Gold Coast Botanical Gardens

Our Year 2 students embarked on a memorable adventure to the Gold Coast Botanical Gardens where they delved into the wonders of native plants and wildlife. With bright eyes and curious minds, our young explorers not only engaged with the beauty of our intricate world, but also consolidated their knowledge of water sustainability and the water cycle.

Guided by our knowledgeable and enthusiastic excursion educator, the children learned to appreciate the delicate balance of ecosystems. Through the excitement of a water bug hunt, students learned that these fascinating creatures can be used to gauge the quality of our water.

We couldn’t have been prouder of students’ manners, inquisitiveness and wonder at God’s creation.

Learning in Year 3: Spotlight on class 3AJ

This term, 3AJ are setting off on an exciting journey into the world of coding with the help of Scratch Jr. This innovative app is igniting their creative sparks as they learn to harness the power of technology.

In their coding adventure, our budding programmers are mastering various functions in Scratch Jr. These include adding text, recording their voices, and creating algorithms to command characters’ movements. The students are embracing the art of storytelling through coding, crafting interactive narratives, and bringing characters to life with their own voices.

This hands-on experience isn’t just about coding; it’s about problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration. Our Year 3 students are becoming digital creators and problem solvers, developing skills that will serve them well in the future.

As they embark on this coding journey, we look forward to seeing their creativity flourish and their coding capabilities soar.

Year 4 students are becoming geologists this term…

Year 4 students are learning all about rocks, geology and how natural events shape the landscape we see. They have been handling rocks of different types, viewing video footage of canyons, volcanoes and cave systems as well as discussing worldviews (Biblical creation, Indigenous beliefs, and evolution/uniformitarianism) that are involved in interpreting the age of rocks, events that shaped the landscape and how things in the past have occurred. Classes have explored the account of the Flood of Noah’s time and hypothesising how the global mass-turmoil of natural phenomon (such as flooding, earthquakes, eruptions, tsunamis and more) would have caused all sorts of violent land-shaping and rapid burial to give us the world we see today. This has helped students see the truth of the Bible and its relation to science and the world. Year 4 are excited to be visiting Burleigh Heads coastland in week 5 to explore the rocks and shells along the coastline, simulate flood events and discuss Biblical, Indigenous and Uniformitarian world views of Burleigh’s formation from the evidence we see today. Stay tuned for their report in the next newsletter.

Spotlight on Learning: 4MM

4MM have become master storytellers and coders this semester as they explored the program Tynker with Mrs Maleham as part of their Digital Technologies and Media Arts learning. They’ve created animations through coding that include skills like making their character talk and movement and actions. Students started their animations with a story board, where they mapped out through visual and written aspects a short animation that persuades their audience to reduce, reuse and recycle (which they delved into during Term 3). It’s been great to see students sharing their learning with each other and developing a growth mindset. They’ve also growth their skills of Self Manager through persevering through challenges and Reflective Learner where they explore their strengths and weaknesses and use these to set goals.

From the Head of the MLC

Dear Parents/Carers

As the academic year hurtles toward its conclusion, it is hard to fathom that Term 4 is already half finished and we only have four weeks left. My theme for this newsletter is finishing strong, and if we turn to the wisdom of the Bible, 2 Chronicles 15:7, reminds us: “But as for you, be strong and courageous, for your work will be rewarded.” This verse is referencing our earthly work being rewarded in eternity; however, I would like us to focus on the parallel of finishing the academic year strong for then we will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Our message to the students in the MLC is that no academic journey is without its challenges. It’s the hurdles we encounter along the way that test our strength and determination. To finish strong, we must keep our eyes on the prize. It’s easy to become distracted or disheartened when we’re in the home stretch, but we must persevere. Your hard work and dedication are your investments in a brighter future, and they will undoubtedly be rewarded.

Students in Year 8 have started their transition into the Rise Program down at Coolangatta and the feedback from staff has already been amazing. We look forward to seeing the growth of this cohort as they move through the program and build a better understanding of Self, Service and Entrepreneurship.

While I am referencing transition, we are also focused on a smooth transition for our Year 4 students who will join the MLC for the first time in 2024. Students have already been using the learning space on Level 2 and parents are invited to an information session next Wednesday 1 November to see the space for themselves. Parents, please indicate your attendance via the following link.

Finally, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our talented students who were showcased at our MLC Celebration Evening in Week 3. There are too many winners to mention from the event but I would like to highlight the most prestigious of our award winners, the Shield Winners for 2023. The Shield Award is the highest Award in recognition of student’s ability to reach their full potential at Hillcrest Christian College. The lens of our shield encourages students to exhibit the values of the College, and take advantage of, opportunities to grow and engage academically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically; and act globally to lead with a shared sense of vision, purpose and voice.

The Shield Winners for 2023 are listed below.

From Year 5:
Year Level Shield Award – Hannah Cockburn
Year Level Shield Award – Amaya Haggerty
Year Level Shield Award – Julian Mastaglia
Year Level Shield Award – Malia Morris        

From Year 6:
Year Level Shield Award – Jada Burrell
Year Level Shield Award – Jamie Ellis
Year Level Shield Award – Millie McClure
Year Level Shield Award – Cash Smith        

From Year 7:
Year Level Shield Award – William Hallam
Year Level Shield Award – Ruby Pohlmann
Year Level Shield Award – India Rossow

From Year 8:
Year Level Shield Award – Timothy Gregory
Year Level Shield Award – Aiden Santhosh
Year Level Shield Award – Savannah Strid
Year Level Shield Award – Zara Waters        

The Overall MLC Shield Recipient is awarded to the student from the list above who is most;
–        Educated and prepared for success across all educational domains
–        Equipped with knowledge and skills
–        Empowered to commit to action and,
–        Energised to serve and live the gospel of truth in the world we live.

This year, the Overall MLC Shield Award is presented to: Timothy Gregory

Please read through the events for the final four weeks outlined below

WEEK 5 Year 12 QCAA Exams – Week 2 / World Scholar’s Cup USA Trip – Tournament of Champions
Wed 1-Nov on campus Year 5 parent information session
Thurs 2-Nov on campus MLC Finale Concert
Fri 3-Nov off site Year 6 Crossroads Church Service
WEEK 6 Year 12 QCAA Exams – Week 3 / World Scholar’s Cup USA Trip – Tournament of Champions
Thurs 9-Nov on campus Year 8 Leadership Dinner
Fri 10-Nov off site Year 6 Crossroads Church Service
Sat 11-Nov Remembrance Day
WEEK 7 Year 12 QCAA Exams – Week 4 / World Scholar’s Cup USA Trip – Tournament of Champions
Wed 15-Nov on campus 2024 Year 7 Induction Day
Thurs 16-Nov on campus MLC Cocurricular Awards
WEEK 8 Last Week of School for 2023
Tues 21-Nov on campus Ethics Olympiad
Tues 21-Nov on campus MLC Domain Awards
Fri 24-Nov on campus Prep – Year 11 LAST DAY OF SCHOOL 2023

Darren Rackemann
Head of 5 – 12

What’s been happening in the MLC

MLC French Year 5 and Year 6

In MLC French, Year 5 students have been excited about the opportunity to write and illustrate their very own French children’s books. This is a great opportunity to use their written and spoken French in real life, revising two topics of their choice (such as ‘Les Couleurs’ and ‘Les Animaux’) and then sharing these with a younger audience, in the form of a short, educational story book. Year 5 French students are looking forward to the last weeks of term, when they will visit younger students in the JLC to share their stories with a buddy!Year 6 have wrapped up their unit on French Café Conversation (where they studied a French TV series called ‘Bistro Escargot’) with a fun role play activity. Students first had to make use of the vocabulary learned in this series by writing French restaurant conversations, such as ordering a meal, and then performed these with a partner, in the form of a French Café Role Play.We look forward to concluding our year of French learning with a study of how Christmas is celebrated in French cultures around the world.

6E Makers Empire

In 6E over the last two terms we have been working on Makers Empire, exploring the system and all the great things that can be created. We began completing a challenge course which supports student learning in the Advanced Manufacturing, Careers of the Future program. In this Challenge Course, students are introduced to the advanced manufacturing industry through a series of locally made videos. The videos explore the important role that the manufacturing industry plays in society, the breadth and depth of roles and opportunities within the industry, possible pathways into the industry, as well as hearing from industry experts describe their rewarding and challenging experiences within the industry. As a result, four students from 6E have been chosen to participate in a November showcase where they will present their innovative designs. These students are so excited and have dedicated themselves to honing their creative skills.

6B Science Fun!

For 6B in Science this term we’ve been working on states of matter, and reversible, and irreversible Substances. Recently we’ve been doing some experiments based on this topic. Some of the fun experiments we did are called Ice Ice Baby and Willy Wonka. Willy Wonka was an experiment where we had to make a yummy snack called chocolate bark. We started off by melting some cooking chocolate then spreading it on a tray, adding some toppings, and placing it in the freezer. Once it had frozen, we were left with a delicious chocolate treat! Another experiment we did was called Ice Ice Baby. Ice Ice baby was an experiment where we had to make homemade ice-cream! We had to fill a large Ziploc bag with salt and ice. Then in a small Ziploc bag we put thickened cream and chocolate. We placed the small Ziploc bag in the large one with ice then vigorously shook it for 7 minutes. We were then left with a tasty icy treat! Overall, we’ve been having a great time in 6B learning about irreversible and reversible changes and we can’t wait for more fun in the last couple of weeks! 

MLC Year 7 Science

Our Year 7 students are reveling in the captivating world of chemistry, particularly diving into the intriguing concept of solubility of solids. In recent practical lessons, the classroom was alive with excitement as young chemists donned safety goggles and engaged in experiments.The focus was on how different solids dissolve in liquids, a fundamental aspect of chemistry. Watching sugar and salt dissolve in water, they gained a deeper understanding of solubility’s principles. These hands-on experiments not only kindled scientific curiosity but also honed teamwork and precise measurement skills.The genuine enthusiasm and collaborative spirit displayed by our young scientists were truly inspiring, setting the stage for future scientific explorations. We commend our science teachers for fostering this environment of experiential learning.

Exploring Ancient Civilisations – Year 7B

In the world of education, there are few experiences as enriching as delving into the archives of history. Over the past few weeks, the students of 7B have been on an exhilarating journey through time, uncovering the wonders of ancient civilisations and the profound influence they continue to have on the world today.Mia, one of our talented students, shared her excitement, “We have been learning about ancient Egyptian civilisations, and the impact they have had on the world today. My favorite learning experience has been creating a video about a historical figure that I am interested in and exploring how they changed the world.” This illustrates the enthusiasm and curiosity that has permeated our classrooms during this historical odyssey.Callum, another inquisitive mind, expressed his fascination, “This term, we have learned about the history of Greece, Egypt, and China and their impact on modern society. I have really enjoyed researching Nefertiti. It’s amazing that I never knew her significance before.” Callum’s newfound appreciation for Nefertiti showcases the power of education to uncover hidden gems from our past.Ben, with his insightful perspective, noted, “I enjoyed the rotations, where we experienced three different cultures and a significant historical figure from each. I learned a lot about how to analyse primary and secondary sources as this is not something I have done before.” Our students are not just learning about history but also acquiring essential critical thinking skills that will serve them well in the future.Ruby-Rose expanded her vocabulary while diving into the stories of David Unaipon and Cleopatra, sharing, “I learned more about the figure on our Australian $50 note and his incredible achievements, which I presented in a flip video.” The ability to connect historical figures to our everyday lives is a testament to the relevance of history in our world.So, what exactly have our 7B students been up to? The answer lies in a multidimensional learning approach that incorporates diverse activities. We explored a Chinese tea-drinking ceremony, delved into the mysteries of mummifying a pharaoh, and decoded the intricate world of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. Additionally, students ventured into Aristotle’s beliefs through a captivating paper towel experiment.However, the pinnacle of this journey lies ahead. In week 5, we will have a ‘Night at The Museum’ where our Year 7 students will serve as museum tour guides, imparting their knowledge and passion to inspire Year 6 students. This unique event will bridge the gap between past and present, illustrating the enduring significance of history and its heroes.As educators, we are not merely teaching history; we are fostering a lifelong love for the past, nurturing critical thinking skills, and instilling a deep appreciation for the world we live in today. Our students in 7B are living proof that history is not just a subject; it’s a gateway to understanding our world and the people who shaped it.In this dynamic world, where history is constantly being made, understanding where we came from is the key to navigating the future. Through the lessons of the past, our students are becoming the informed, inspired, and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

Life Group Flynn F

In our Wellbeing Wednesday Life Group Sessions, we’ve kicked off a new initiative – the “Yes I Can” resilience guide. Last week, our focus was on teaching students how to transform their desired outcomes into tangible goals and action plans, a skill that’s invaluable throughout life.Our goal is to empower students to take control of their lives and face challenges with resilience. It was incredibly encouraging to see the students light up as they put words to the goals and specific actions as to how they are going to achieve them.We are looking forward to exploring the remaining themes in the book over the rest of this term.

An update from the wonderful students in 5D! 

This term we have been working on a passion project where we have been able to choose what we learn about based on our passions. We have used the Design Thinking Process to come up with a research question around our passion area, give and receive feedback from our peers, look for a problem or an opportunity within our project, and prototype outcomes to solve it. The class has been so excited to spend time learning about things they are passionate about, ranging from favourite sports and animals to monarchy history! Everyone loves it when Mrs Barham says it’s time to work on our Passion Projects! It’s been really cool to take ownership of our learning and set goals for ourselves to complete our projects. This has been a great opportunity to grow in the secret skill of being a Self-Manager. We can’t wait to see the end results at the end of the term! 

A note from Summer, Malia, Nyah and Lush:
This year Mrs Keith has run a bible study alongside Sarah, a Year 12 student. This week we said goodbye to Sarah as she went into her final exams. We were so grateful to have her help us grow in our faith and studying the bible and using that as a tool in our everyday lives. We are sad to see her go but we know that she has so much potential in sharing God’s love and we are thankful for the time she put into our group. We still do bible study on a Monday lunch in the Blue Room, so come along! We hope to see you there! 

Carmichael C

In the spirit of giving and spreading holiday cheer, Carmichael C Life Group came together to make a difference this season. With hearts full of warmth and a mission to brighten the lives of young girls aged 5-9, our group embarked on a heartwarming project: packing two special boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

Operation Christmas Child, organised by the international relief organization Samaritan’s Purse, aims to bring joy and hope to children in need around the world during the holiday season. These shoebox gifts, filled with toys, school supplies, hygiene items, and love, are distributed to children facing challenging circumstances.

Carmichael C Life Group took the initiative to create memorable gifts that would light up the faces of young girls. We carefully selected a variety of items, from dolls and stuffed animals to art supplies and basic hygiene essentials. Our thoughtfully curated boxes are not just filled with toys but also with love and compassion.

This act of kindness is a testament to the generous and caring spirit of Carmichael C Life Group. By participating in Operation Christmas Child, we are not only contributing to the joy of children worldwide but also strengthening the bonds within the life group. It’s a beautiful reminder that the holiday season is not just about receiving but giving, sharing, and spreading happiness.

We are inspired to make a positive impact, especially during this season of love and compassion. In packing those two special boxes, we have truly given the gift of hope and love, and in doing so, brightened the world for two young girls in need.

Dancing Our Way to Fitness and Fun in Year 8 Health and Physical Education

We’re excited to share the incredible journey our Year 8 students have been on in their dance unit over the past weeks. Dance isn’t just about movement; it’s an art form, a way to express yourself, and a fantastic way to keep fit.

The students have been working with Jamilah through various dance styles, steps, and choreography. From hip-hop to afro, you’ve had the chance to explore different genres, helping you understand the rich diversity of dance. This exploration encourages creativity, self-expression, and a deeper connection with the art form.

As the term progresses and you continue to refine your dance routines, remember that the skills you’re building in this unit go far beyond the dance floor. You’re becoming more fit, more coordinated, more confident, and better team players, all while having a ton of fun.

Life Group Greene A

We hope this newsletter article finds you all in good spirits. It’s been an incredible term filled with warmth, compassion and most importantly, lots of fun! Let’s take a quick journey through the highlights of this term, from ‘R U Ok? Day’ to spreading joy through ‘Operation Christmas Child,’ and of course, the awesome end-of-term parties.

Our College took part in ‘R U Ok? Day,’ a special day dedicated to promoting mental health and encouraging conversations about well-being. One of the highlights was our amazing photo booth! You all looked fantastic in those goofy props and silly poses, but what truly mattered was the sincere smiles and laughter that filled the booth.

What’s a fantastic term without a little celebration? We came together to celebrate birthdays with some delicious treats, including hash browns, cakes, and other goodies. It was a blast to see everyone laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

These end-of-term parties are a great way to create lasting memories and strengthen the bonds of friendship. Keep celebrating each other’s special moments, big or small, and making every day a memorable one.

Early Experiences of “The Rise Program” October 2024

Coolangatta is a nice change of scenery. I find it cool how we get to go outside to the beach, play in the sand go to parks for lunch, and sit in the sun.

The Thursday activities are fun because we play different sports like Oztag. On the bus, we have done some quizzes but inside the “Rise” classrooms we are doing forensic science. We are taking the real life and applying it to our classroom. It’s also hands-on. In Science, we will get to measure the footprints and compare them to academic data. If we are interested in the police force or investigation, this can help. This unit also helps us to be more inquisitive and use our thinking brain.

I particularly like the balance between academic and physical so for the different types of learners, we can choose to either be in the classroom or outside.

Cameron Hawley and Tobias Wallace
Year 8

From the Head of the SLC

Dear Parents/Carers

As the academic year hurtles toward its conclusion, it is hard to fathom that Term 4 is already half finished and we only have four weeks left. My theme for this week has been finishing strong, and if we turn to the wisdom of the Bible, 2 Chronicles 15:7, reminds us: “But as for you, be strong and courageous, for your work will be rewarded.” This verse is referencing our earthly work being rewarded in eternity; however, I would like us to focus on the parallel of finishing the academic year strong for then we will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

Students in Year 12 are currently sitting their external exams and they have been studying hard in preparation for the next three weeks. This hard work is a good example to the younger students in SLC on how to keep your eye on the prize as good study habits are not formed overnight. Mr Colefax asked our Year 9&10 students during the week if they made their beds in the morning. Many laughed and some responded that they had too, or their parents would get upset. A small number commented that it gave them a sense of satisfaction that a task had been completed before school and while only a small task, it is habits such as this that builds a culture of hard work.

A group of Year 12 students celebrated their Academic Enrichment journey while at Hillcrest last week with a small gathering including parents and guests. This group of graduates have completed many academic cocurricular activities over the years with a highlight undoubtedly being attending the World Scholar’s Cup at Yale University last year. I am fortunate to be travelling to Yale with a new group of budding world beaters next week and can’t wait to have all of the same experiences that I have heard about. Thanks goes to Mr du Toit for organising the celebration last week and for his constant support of our enrichment students.

I was also fortunate last week to attend the Leadership Camp out at Emu Gully Adventure Camp on the base of the Toowoomba range. Our new Year 11 leaders were focused on building team work and stretching themselves through various growth activities and I am excited to see their strong connection help with their leadership of our College next year.

Finally, it is a busy final few weeks in the SLC so please read through the upcoming events below.

WEEK 5 Year 12 QCAA Exams – Week 2 / World Scholar’s Cup USA Trip – Tournament of Champions
Mon 30-Oct off site World Scholars Cup team depart for the USA
Tues 31-Oct on campus Years 10-12 Brecht Drama Workshop
Wed 1-Nov on campus Tuning into Teens
WEEK 6 Year 12 QCAA Exams – Week 3 / World Scholar’s Cup USA Trip – Tournament of Champions
Wed 8-Nov on campus Years 10-11 Assessment Period
on campus Tuning into Teens
Fri 10-Nov off site Duke of Edinburgh Gold Qualifier Adventurous Journey
on campus Years 5-11 Remembrance Day Service
Sat 11-Nov Remembrance Day
WEEK 7 Year 12 QCAA Exams – Week 4 / World Scholar’s Cup USA Trip – Tournament of Champions
Mon 13-Nov on campus Years 10-11 Assessment Period
on campus SLC Pathways Celebration Event
Tues 14-Nov on campus Year 12 QCAA External Exams last day
Wed 15-Nov off site World Scholar’s Cup team returns
on campus Year 12 Reflection Day
Thurs 16-Nov off site Year 12 Wet n’ Wild Day
Fri 17-Nov on campus Year 12s last day
on campus Year 12s Valedictory Breakfast
on campus Year 12s Graduation Ceremony
on campus Year 12s Guard of Honour
Sat 18-Nov on campus Funtastic Fete
WEEK 8 Last Week of School for 2023
Tues 21-Nov on campus SLC Recognition Assembly
Wed 22-Nov on campus SLC Final Life Groups
Thurs 23-Nov on campus SLC Final House Meetings
Fri 24-Nov on campus Prep – Year 11 LAST DAY OF SCHOOL 2023
on campus SLC Christmas Celebration
off site Years 9-11 Beach Day

Darren Rackemann
Head of 5 – 12

What’s been happening in the SLC

Year 11 Maths Excursion to Movieworld and Wet ‘n’ Wild

In Week 1, Year 11 Maths students visited Wet n Wild and Movie World to collect data about water slide and roller coaster design. Maths Methods students will use this data to create a mathematical model of each type of ride, which can then be used to design new and even more thrilling rides!

Students in General Maths collected data on the height and speed of the ride. They will use linear regression to find the relationship between the height of the ride and the speed of the ride and make a prediction for a new roller coaster they are designing.

Students (and teachers) had a fantastic day applying their classroom learning to the real world and we look forward to many more Mathematical adventures!

SLC Celebration Evening

Please see a gallery of images from the SLC Celebration Evening.

Year 10 Semi Formal

Our students had a fantastic time at the Year 10 semi-formal event on Friday evening, which marks a significant milestone in their school journey. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and Year 10 parents can expect to receive the complete image gallery in your email soon.

Pathways News

School holiday program – Airline Builders Innovation In Aviation Program – Students in Years 4-10

The following event is open to all students interested in aviation. There will be 2x streams – a primary program for students in years 4-6 and a senior program for students in years 7-10.

* The program will run Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th January, 2024. The two day program will run each day from 9:00 am – 3:00pm at Aviation Australia’s campus, 15 Boronia Road, Brisbane Airport, Queensland.

* Students don’t need any prior experience for this program, only an interest and willingness to participate.

* Tickets for the program are $120 Book Here

✈️Airline Builders✈️

If You Could Build Your Own Airline, What Would It Look Like?

The Airline Builders Innovation In Aviation Program is BACK and better than ever! We have partnered up with Aviation Australia and Aerospace Gateway School once again to bring you an exciting program for our students who are passionate about the Aviation industry.

Over the course of two-action packed days, the Airline Builders school holiday program with Aviation Australia will see students working to bring their own airline to life as they learn what it takes to get an airline off the ground.

Over the course of the program students will be analysing the current airlines flying in Australia, identifying a gap in the market, and creating their plan for an airline to service the Australian market either regionally, domestically or internationally. Students will be selecting aircraft types, planning routes, designing livery and flight attendant uniforms, planning the business case and pitching their airlines to the Aviation Australia team at the conclusion of the program.

With industry speakers, hands-on experiences and a tour of the Aviation Australia hangar and aircraft training facilities, students will leave this program inspired by the opportunities available to them in the aviation industry. Whether you’re wanting to explore a career in aviation, or if you’re just wanting to spend a few days diving deep in to all things commercial aviation, this hands-on program is full of exciting opportunities to help you bring your ideas to life.

We can’t wait to see you there!


Pathways into Medicine and Dentistry (Years 10- 12 students) NIE webinar 15 November

Considering a Career in Medicine or Dentistry?

UCAT, Interviews, Med School Applications, Pathways into Medicine and Dentistry (for universities in Australia)

Free Webinar

An Excellent Opportunity for Students, Teachers and Parents

~ 15 November 2023,  7.00pm – 9.00pm (AEDT) ~


An invaluable forum recommended to students considering a career in Medicine or Dentistry, and especially for those who already know that they will be sitting the UCAT or attending Med School Interviews.

This forum is an excellent opportunity for students and parents to find out about the UCAT, Interviews, Pathways into Medicine, and have all questions answered by expert teachers who have been working in the field since 1999.

The session is PACKED with invaluable information during which we will be covering the following topics, and more.

  • What is UCAT? UCAT scores? UCAT Sub-tests?
  • Year 10, 11 and 12 – things to consider now.
  • The Undergraduate Selection Criteria
  • Application process into universities for medicine and dentistry
  • When and who can sit the UCAT
  • Can you prepare for the UCAT?
  • Undergraduate interview process
  • Med School Applications
  • Gap Year
  • Alternative degrees and career choices
  • Q&A


Limited availability left:  Future Doctors Program and Academic Insights Program –  Medicine, Psychology, Business, Engineering, Veterinarian & more.  (For Years 9 – 12)

4 – 5 November 2023Intensive Interview Preparation Workshop (For Years 10, 11, 12)

16 December 2023Simulated UCAT Day – Intensive UCAT Training Workshop (For Years 10, 11, 12)

Complete UCAT Courses – various levels of preparation and options available to meet individual student needs.

UCAT Preparation Workshop – 5 UCAT sections covered + full mock exam under timed conditions + introduction to medical interviews.

UCAT Textbooks – recommended list of textbooks to support your UCAT and Interview preparation.

Medical Interviews Workshop – lift your performance above the competition, validating your sincerity and burning positive lasting impressions into the minds of the selection panel.

Free online Metaverse micro-credentials for high school students from TAFE

Metaverse Micro Credentials
TAFE Queensland is excited to offer three FREE online micro-credentials to high school students in Queensland to become Metaverse-ready and well-prepared for digital futures. These micro-credentials have been developed in collaboration with industry. Students will learn industry trends such as digital twins and 3D scanning, what technology is involved in creating real-time applications, and its industry use cases, and get some tips from industry professionals.

Please click here for the flyer with further details.

 ‘Your Future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one – Doc Brown’, Back to the Future 

This is an amazing opportunity if you have any further questions you can contact Richard Barrett, Richard.BARRETT@tafeqld.edu.au

NIE Academic Insights Program – Medicine, Psychology, Veterinary Studies, Engineering, International Relations, Business Management, and Creative Writing Residential Program 3-13 January

Attention students 13-18 years old.

The National Institute of Education (NIE) Australia has partnered with Immerse Education to bring you the Academic Insights Program for Medicine, Psychology, Veterinary Studies, Engineering, International Relations, Business Management, and Creative Writing

The Academic Insights Program is designed to work as an instant accelerant to boost and fast-track the development of individual drive and motivation. The program will see students live and study at Australia’s top-ranked university, The University of Sydney. Just like university students, participants will attend lectures, tuitions, complete a research assignment, and of course, be involved in an array of social and cultural activities. As this is a residential program, students will be living at St Paul’s College (University of Sydney) residential facility for the duration of the program.

The academic components of the program will be facilitated by academics from Oxford and Cambridge Universities, who will fly in and stay for the 10-day duration of the program. In addition to all other activities, students will be receiving a Certificate of Completion, a detailed personalised performance review, and a personalised letter of recommendation, which they can use for applying to universities and various scholarship programs.

Please note, that the number of places for this program is limited and strictly capped for each faculty, therefore, if you are interested, then please ENROL soon to avoid the disappointment of missing out. 

 Program Inclusions:

  • 10 nights’ accommodation in a college at the University of Sydney
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in College Hall
  • Accommodation in an individual bedroom
  • 35 hours of academic sessions from Oxford University and Cambridge University tutors
  • Carefully designed study and lecture materials
  • Mentor program and access to support material
  • Formal hall dinners at the University of Sydney
  • Visits to iconic landmarks including Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour, and the Taronga Zoo
  • Cultural and social activities including Australian Football, Cricket, and opportunities for BBQ
  • Graduation ceremony and certificate
  • A detailed evaluation is written by the tutors
  • Mentor family photograph
  • Free premium membership to UniPrepare’s ‘Nurture’ plan

For more detailed information about the cost and how to enrol please visit:


ADF Virtual Defence Career Information Session – 6 November 10am

Learn more about Hospitality, Health, and Trade roles available in the Navy, Army and Air Force by attending the upcoming information session happening 10:00am – 11:00am, Monday, 6 November, through an online session via Microsoft Teams.

The Australian Defence Force is a modern, people-focused organisation and one of Australia’s major employers. With over 200 roles on offer, there’s a wide range of specialist military positions, support roles, trades and professions to choose from.

More information and to register

Gold Coast SUNS TAFE at School Program

Please see the attached flyer for information on the Gold Coast Suns Tafe at School Program.

Apprenticeship and Traineeship Opportunities (full time and school-based)

There are a range of Apprenticeship and Traineeship opportunities available through MAS National for students looking for either a full time (Year 12 completing students) or school-based.

To view the current openings and to apply, please visit here and use the search functions to refine the list.

Full-time First Year Apprenticeships in Engineering, Construction and Automotive Industries (completing Year 12 students)

There are full-time first year apprenticeships in the engineering, construction and automotive industries that have become available and would suit completing Year 12 students wishing to pick up a trade apprenticeship.

  • Boiler Maker x 1 – Ipswich
  • Boiler Maker x 1 Rocklea
  • Boiler Maker x 1 Richlands
  • Mechanical Fitter x 1 Acacia Ridge
  • Fitter & Turner x 1 Acacia Ridge 
  • Automotive Parts Interpreter x 1 Lytton
  • Painter x 1 Gold Coast
  • Painter x 1 Brisbane Southside
  • Painter x 1 Brisbane Northside

Any interested students to please foward your resume and cover letter to kylie@ogt.com.au as soon as possible. 

Kylie Lacey, School Liaison Manager1300 676 222 / 0413 231 998

School Holiday work available – Paradise Resort Gold Coast, Food and Beverae Attendant

School holiday work available at Paradise Resort Gold Coast. See flyer for details. 

School-based Traineeships at The Club at Parkwood Village

Gain QCE Points and boost your employability while getting paid to work in a fun environment with a great team.The Club at Parkwood is offering school-based traineeships to students in Hospitality, Business, Horticulture, Commercial Cookery and Events. Senior students are invited to apply for the Club’s Traineeship program, alongside study of a certificate II (Horticulture) or III (Business or Commercial Cookery). For more information and to apply, visit the Club Parkwood Village Traineeship Page

School-based Traineeships and Casual Employment at Boost Juice Burleigh Heads

Two vacancies – School-based traineeships
Boost Juice Burleigh Heads are actively looking for new team members (Year 10 or 11) who would be prepared to complete a Cert 111 Business as part of their employment.

Two vacancies – Casual Employment
Boost Juice Burleigh Heads are actively looking for Year 9 or 10 students who may have classes that allow them to start work by 3pm on one or more week days and definitely have full availability throughout the school holidays.

Please see Mrs McCully in the Pathways office to express your interest.

Casual Employment Opportunity – Optus Retail store, Stocklands Burleigh Heads

Sales Assistant position at the Burleigh Heads (Stocklands) store, however additional positions may open in other Gold Coast and Tweed stores soon.Career pathways available from casual staff members into leadership and management opportunities for the right person in the role.More information on SEEK, or see Mrs Crews or Mrs McCully in the Pathways Centre for direct contact details.

Future Doctors Australia program

The Future Doctors Australia’ program is now open! Please note, the spots in this program are strictly limited.

The Future Doctors Australia program offers a unique opportunity for students (ages: 14-18) aspiring to pursue a career in medicine. Through engaging sessions led by experienced medical specialists, practical learning activities, and insights into the admission process, the program aims to inspire and equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their medical journey. This is an incredible opportunity to gain valuable insights and guidance from medical professionals who are passionate about shaping the future of healthcare.

Dates of upcoming programs:
Brisbane: 9 – 12 December 2023
Melbourne: 25 – 28 January 2024

For further information and enrolment details please visit  WWW.NIECAREERS.COM.AU 


Performing Arts Fundraising Calendar

Queensland Primary Schools Cup

For the first time, Hillcrest competed in the Tennis Queensland Primary Schools Cup. A warm day greeted our players as they arrived at the GCA courts at Burleigh Heads. Our team consisted of five Year 5 and 6 students: Kevin Kim, Jahzara Hayne, Talis Godelaitis, Charlie Minet and Renno Knight. As we nominated in the A division, it was going to be a challenging day on the court. Our players had a number of wins as well as some close losses in the singles/doubles format. After a close loss in the cross-over game to finish in the top 4, we finished 7th in the region. A great effort for our first time in Primary Schools Cup.

Parents & Friends

Funtastic Fete

Ride Passes
One of the most exciting elements of the Fete is always the rides! This Fete promises to deliver some fantastic rides and attractions. For the big kids we have Dodgem cars, Round Up and the Ranger. For the little ones we have the bouncing castle, cup and saucer and the Mini Tug Ride. There will also be the rock climbing wall, Wipeout, Soccer shoot out and the triple screamer giant slide. All of these rides are included in the unlimited ride passes. Rides begin from 2pm.

We will be selling unlimited ride band passes for the day and you will be able to purchase these at a discounted rate prior to the fete. We will be posting a full list of rides with the appropriate age/ height/ weight restrictions on the booking link.
Unlimited Ride Passes Advance Purchase – Ride pass prices are the same for adults and children. Adults do not need to purchase a ticket unless they wish to ride the major rides. An adult can accompany their young child on a minor ride without a ticket such as the Triple Screamer Slide.

Prices for advance tickets are as follows:
$40.00 per ticket and
$35.00 per ticket for 3 or more children in the family at Hillcrest.

Advance Tickets are now on sale through Eventbrite. We will also be selling ride passes for cash at school for those who prefer not to purchase online. We will advertise the dates closer to the day.

Ticket sales close for Advance purchase on Friday, 17 November. After this time, tickets will be available on the day in either single ride tickets or unlimited arm band. Unlimited Arm Band on the day is $48.00.

Extra activities will also be available on the day that are not included in the unlimited arm bands. Some of these include the pony rides, hungry hippo, the reptile attraction, bungy jump and inflatable bubble soccer. Tickets can purchased on the day for these here.

Preloved Book Stall
One of our class stalls this year is the Preloved Book stall. We are seeking any unused books you are wanting to give away. Drop off is at Main Reception anytime or in top drop off every Monday between 7.15am – 8.30am. Please ensure books are in clean saleable condition.

Art Competition
The Fete Art Competition is back for 2023! The competition is open to all ages and entry is a gold coin donation. Please keep an eye out for the entry form on Facebook and via email.

Baking will be on the Wednesday – Friday before the fete onsite. We will have all the ingredients; we just need volunteers to bake and package. Please contact us if you are available to help. Parents will also be able to bake at home if they wish, an ingredient list must be supplied with every item. Items baked at home must be delivered to the school on Friday, 17 November 2023

Volunteers, Market Stalls and Sponsors
Please contact us if you are able to help prior to the fete, or on the day. We will need lots of people on the Friday to help set up, and volunteers on the day to run stalls, sell tickets etc.
Donations are currently being sourced for the Cent Auction. If you have a business and would like to donate, please email us. It is a great advertising opportunity for the thousands of Hillcrest families and wider community that attend the fete.
We have very limited market stall sites available. Stalls are $50 for a Hillcrest family and are available to sell your goods or services on the day.

Lastly, without our major sponsors, our fete would not be so Funtastic! A big thank you to Ilona Barry Harcourts Coastal, Clear Smiles Orthodontics, Elk Electrical, BMW Australia, Miss Di’s Tutor House, Hennessy Building Projects, Rosa & Mary Bridal shop, Reedy Creek Medical Centre, Sequel Books, Watsons Chemist at Reedy Creek, Varsity Lakes Mechanical, Outback Steakhouse and Tan Society. We are still looking for additional sponsors so please contact us via email if you, or someone you know, may be interested.

Hillcrest Christian College & Sure Thing Agency Present
Colin Buchanan’s Big Christmas Party!

This Christmas, get ready for a spectacular return of Australia’s #1 kids Christian artist, Colin Buchanan, live on stage! It’s Colin Buchanan’s Big Christmas Party, and it’s back with a bang! As an extra special Christmas treat, Colin will be joined by his puppet pal, Nudge!
Join us for all the fun and mayhem, as Colin takes you “dashing through the bush in a rusty Holden ute” at a venue near you. Together, let’s celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with Jesus, the King, and get ready for “No Bells!” – spreading Christmas cheer as we share the joy of Colin Buchanan’s Big Christmas Party National Tour with all of Australia.
Expect a show for the whole family, filled with dancing, excitement, laughter – and some delightful surprises – as we sing along to Colin’s timeless kids’ Christian songs.
With limited tickets available, don’t wait – gather your friends and secure your seats for Colin Buchanan’s Big Christmas Party now!
Saturday 18 November 2023 – Join the fun of Fete after the Christmas Party!
Doors 12:00pm
Show Starts 12:30pm

Colin Buchanan Christmas Party

Hillcrest Christian College and Sure Thing Agency Present
Colin Buchanan’s Big Christmas Party!

This Christmas, get ready for a spectacular return of Australia’s #1 kids Christian artist, Colin Buchanan, live on stage! It’s Colin Buchanan’s Big Christmas Party, and it’s back with a bang! As an extra special Christmas treat, Colin will be joined by his puppet pal, Nudge!
Join us for all the fun and mayhem, as Colin takes you “dashing through the bush in a rusty Holden ute” at a venue near you. Together, let’s celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with Jesus, the King, and get ready for “No Bells!” – spreading Christmas cheer as we share the joy of Colin Buchanan’s Big Christmas Party National Tour with all of Australia.
Expect a show for the whole family, filled with dancing, excitement, laughter – and some delightful surprises – as we sing along to Colin’s timeless kids’ Christian songs.
With limited tickets available, don’t wait – gather your friends and secure your seats for Colin Buchanan’s Big Christmas Party now!
Saturday 18 November 2023 – Join the fun of Fete after the Christmas Party!
Doors 12:00pm
Show Starts 12:30pm

Other News

5th Annual Effective Aid International Charity Golf Day

Hillcrest Christian College, in collaboration with the Tallai Country Golf Club, recently celebrated a remarkable achievement. The 5th Annual Effective Aid Charity Golf Day, held at the Tallai Country Golf Club, welcomed 46 competitors from the Hillcrest community and beyond, who gathered on the pristine greens to raise funds for a noble cause. This year, the event raised an impressive $2,500, and the organisers express their heartfelt gratitude to all those who contributed, participated, and generously donated to the event. In a display of community spirit and solidarity, this charity golf day showcased the power of local support, demonstrating that small efforts can make a significant difference. The funds raised will go toward Effective Aid International, a charitable organisation dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance to those in need around the world. A special note of thanks goes out to the businesses who generously contributed to the event by donating prizes. Their support was instrumental in making the day a grand success. Among the businesses that lent their support to the Charity Golf Day were:

  1. Tallai Country Golf Club: The picturesque golf course, which served as the event’s backdrop, generously contributed to the event.
  2. Effective Aid International: The charity at the heart of the event, Effective Aid International, played a pivotal role in organising the day and contributed to the prize pool.
  3. Springbok Foods: A local supplier of quality food products, Springbok Foods contributed to the charity day with their delightful offerings.
  4. Steyn Meats: Another local business, Steyn Meats, lent their support to the cause.
  5. Taya Rich Remax: A local real estate agency, Taya Rich Remax, contributed to the charity day.
  6. KDV Sports: An organization committed to promoting sports and fitness, KDV Sports participated in the event.
  7. Australian Institute of Learning: This educational institution recognized the importance of the cause and joined in supporting the charity day.
  8. Stampede Biltong: A provider of quality biltong, Stampede Biltong added its flavor to the event.
  9. Matt Lappin Clinics: A healthcare provider, Matt Lappin Clinics also stepped up to contribute.
  10. Studio X Physiotherapy: The physiotherapy clinic shared its support for this noble cause.
  11. Jarenco Grazing: A local business connected to the land and agriculture, Jarenco Grazing was a generous donor.
  12. Wotton Honey: The local honey producer, Wotton Honey, added a touch of sweetness to the event.
  13. Labels_with_love by Debby Attwell: This business specializing in personalized labels made its presence felt at the event.
  14. Schoolbox: A provider of educational software solutions, Schoolbox recognized the importance of education in helping others.
  15. Go Ballooning: The adventure and thrill of ballooning was also a part of the prize pool.
  16. Luka Wellness: Luka Wellness, a business focusing on well-being, contributed to the charity day.
  17. Hilbilby Fire Tonic: A company specializing in natural health tonics, Hilbilby Fire Tonic offered their support.
  18. Cacao Collective: The delightful world of cacao was on offer thanks to Cacao Collective.
  19. Vibe Coffee: A local coffee brand, Vibe Coffee, provided its aromatic support.
  20. Lucy Locket’s Golden Milk: This unique offering was also a part of the prize pool, promoting wellness and health.
  21. Sacred Cacao: The company specializing in sacred cacao products also joined the cause.
  22. Meluka Australia Health Products: A health and wellness company, Meluka Australia Health Products, added to the prize pool.
  23. The Chai Stand: The enticing aroma of chai was also part of the prize pool, courtesy of The Chai Stand.
  24. Not Coffee: A local coffee alternative, Not Coffee, joined in supporting the charity day.
  25. Macadamia Nut Hut: A supplier of macadamia nuts, Macadamia Nut Hut, lent its support.
  26. Anchor Blue Coffee: The local coffee provider, Anchor Blue Coffee, was also a contributor to the event.
  27. Mudgeeraba Domino’s and Mudgeeraba Bakery: Local eateries from the Mudgeeraba region also played a part by offering their support.

The 5th Annual Effective Aid Charity Golf Day was a true reflection of how the community can come together to make a positive impact. The funds raised will undoubtedly go a long way in supporting Effective Aid International in their humanitarian efforts.

Key Dates