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15 October 2021

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

Romans 15:13

Jeff Davis
Executive Head of College

Executive Head of College, Jeff Davis shares an update regarding our basketball program, recent mission trips and information about our MLC and SLC Celebration Night including a new award that will be presented this year.



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Culture and Wellbeing

National Mental Heath Month / Queensland Mental Health Week

With October being National Mental Health Awareness Month, and Queensland Mental Health Week running from 9 – 17 October, it is an opportunity for us all to highlight the importance of good mental health, especially given the challenges that the past 18 months have presented. On Friday, 1 October, Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA) celebrated the launch of National Mental Health Awareness Month with an event that featured many leading industry experts and federal ministers who presented and showed their support of this great initiative. This event included a virtual awards ceremony whereby various individuals, groups and organisations were recognised for their achievements and contributions in raising mental health awareness. SchoolTV was awarded ‘Mental Health Organisation of the Year’ by the Victorian chapter. SchoolTV has been supporting our College community by providing guidance and information to help alleviate some of the challenges faced by young people, especially during the pandemic. Over recent months, many people have been impacted and it has proven to be a difficult time for some more than others. However, irrespective of whether your family has experienced many lockdowns or not, the social, economic and psychological impacts over the coming months remain uncertain. There is substantial evidence to show that mental health concerns are on the rise, especially in relation to our young people who may require some extra support. Parents will need to play a vital role in providing this support, helping their kids reframe their worries and focus more on the things they can control in their life. Ensuring the mental health and wellbeing of our young people is important for many reasons, one of which is the direct impact it can have on educational outcomes. In this School TV Special Report, we are seeking parent participation through a short survey. The survey is designed to assist the school to provide a barometer on the state of wellbeing within the community. The information gathered will assist in focusing on the key issues affecting students and discovering where further assistance may be required. Responses will remain anonymous and are applicable to all school-aged children across primary and secondary levels. We encourage all parents and carers to spend a few moments to complete the survey. This will help with understanding the nature and extent of your concerns and determine how best to support our community. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback. If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the College for further information or seek medical or professional help. Here is the link to your special report:

Junior Learning Community
Middle Learning Community
Senior Learning Community

If your young person wishes to talk to someone outside of the family unit, encourage them to call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800 anytime, any reason. Alternatively, they can chat online at kidshelpline.com.au.

From the Director of the ELC

We would like to wish our families a warm welcome back to Term 4. What a wonderful start to Term 4 we have had in the Early Learning Community.

Our Kindy children were blessed with the opportunity to join the wider school community and participate in the Junior Learning Community Sports Day. The children participated in the running races before cheering on the older children. Our Pre Kindy class didn’t miss out either! They enjoyed having a little sports day of their own at Kindy. The anticipation and determination was evident on the children’s faces as they lined up at the starting line for the sprint race. It was a good test of self-control to wait for the word ‘GO!’ The energy was electric as the children cheered on their team mates.

This term we have some really rich and exciting learning experiences happening in the ELC. Over the last few weeks we have rallied together to support one another as well as others. We raised much needed funds and awareness for numerous charities. We held our annual Odd Sock Day to raise awareness and help stamp out the stigma around mental health. The children and staff came dressed in their craziest socks! Within our Kindy curriculum we teach the children a variety of ways they can make a difference in the lives of others such as being a friend, being brave, being open, being informed and being good to themselves. We also held our annual Superhero Days for children with Muscular Dystrophy. The children had a ball dressed up in their favourite superhero costumes!

With the end of year fast approaching, we have started to really step up our transition programs within both the Pre Kindy and Kindy classes. Starting formal schooling or Kindy is not just about the first day. It’s a process that begins when children, educators, and families start to prepare the year before, and continues as children experience their first days, weeks and months of their new learning journey. This process involves a number of changes for children and families and everyone reacts differently. For some children the change brings excitement about making friends and learning new things, while for others the change can lead to feelings of nervousness.

Within Hillcrest Kindy we are blessed with the ability to provide our children with excellent transition programs. In Term 4 our two Kindy teachers will be undertaking transition visits into the Pre Kindy room to engage in a group time. This allows the children to meet the teachers in an environment where they feel comfortable. For our Kindy children, we are extremely blessed to have the opportunity to provide our children with the best start to Prep by utilising our relationship with the College and our Prep staff.  The children will be undertaking visits to the Prep classrooms where they will be able to explore the Prep environment and meet the current Prep students and teachers.

We pray that our families have a wonderful Term 4 and we look forward the ongoing blessing of being able to watch our Pre Kindy and Kindy children grow and develop.

Katie Flanagan
Early Childhood Teacher / Educational Leader

From the Head of the JLC

Welcome to Term 4

I hope all our JLC families had time to recharge over the break and are ready for the next six weeks as we count down the end of the 2021 school year.  It was an absolute pleasure first week back to invite families to our Kindy – Year 4 Athletics carnival. The day created a wonderful community atmosphere as our students spent time with loved ones. For our Kindy children and some of our Preps it was their first experience at this type of event. We were very proud of all students as they dug deep to participate, show community spirit across all events and brave the heat, while staying hydrated and sun safe.

We were very excited to return to Gatherings in Week 2, and our first Assembly on Friday for the term. It is our aim to meet as a P-4 community with our Kindy children this term; a positive way to start our final term of the year. While parents are welcomed to these events COVID regulations do vary daily.  We will use Facebook updates to inform you if the latest restrictions imposed, affect attendance at these events. Below if our schedule for Gatherings and Assemblies Term 3:

Week Monday

JLC Gathering (K-4)

Friday fortnightly

JLC Assembly (K-4)

3 1.40-2.20 (Terrace Hall)
4 1.40-2.20 (Terrace Hall) Awards Assembly

8.30-9.20 (Terrace Hall)

5 1.40-2.20 (Theatre)
6 1.40-2.20 (Theatre) Remembrance Day Assembly

8.30-9.20 (Theatre)

7 1.40-2.20 (Terrace Hall)
8 1.40-2.20 (Terrace Hall) End of Year Assembly

8.30-9.20 (Terrace Hall)

We are also looking forward to welcoming you all to our P-2 Christmas Concert and Awards and our Year 3-4 Awards Ceremony. Invitations will be sent out early next Week with all the details. Please ensure you save the date Wednesday, 10 November.

There is much fun and learning to happen this term. We look forward to sharing it with you.

Christy Gittins
Head of Junior Learning Community

What’s been happening in the JLC

Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventures

In Week 1, our Prep – Year 3 students participated in the Ditto Keep Safe Adventure Show. Developed by Bravehearts and aligned with the National curriculum the show teaches children personal safety in a fun and engaging way. To complement the program the school has also purchased Ditto in a box to continue to unpack topics taught at the show in the classroom environment. Our Year 4s this term will participate in a Cyber Echo program also developed by Bravehearts that educates students about internet safety through teacher-led interactive lessons with topics specific to the year level. The wellbeing of our students is fundamental to their success in life and by partnering with Bravehearts we have been able to deliver a quality program.

JLC Sports Carnival

The JLC students kicked off Term 4 in style with the Kindy – Year 4 Sports Day on Wednesday, 6 October. The students enjoy competing and participating in a range of activities. There was a 50 metre and 80 metre dash, tunnel ball, poison ball, parachute games, sack races, bean bag shot put and an extra long run around the oval for the Years 3-4 students. It was wonderful to see so much participation and House spirit as well as so many parents on campus to cheer everyone on. Well done to all students and a massive thank you to the staff who ran a great day!

Specialist Art Awards

At the Art Extravaganza we celebrated some very talented JLC students who consistently produced beautiful work during Specialist Visual Art throughout 2021. Congratulations to the following students had their art on display and were presented with an award for their achievements and results:
Prep: Annika Kang
Year 1: Laila Ritson
Year 2: Alexia Alcott
Year 3: Samuel Randell

From the Head of the MLC

It has been wonderful to acknowledge QLD Mental Health Week in Week 2 and I must congratulate Jen Lavigne for all of her organisation of the different opportunities that have been offered to students during the week.

Each day of the week had a particular focus on one of these ‘ways’ to wellbeing and while we celebrated within the Learning Community with a variety of activities, more information and support can be found on this website.

Free Parent Series
While we are acknowledging QLD Mental Health, it is great to announce that parents of Hillcrest Christian College have a chance to join in the learning with exclusive access to Elevate Education’s Parent Webinar Series for Term 4, 2021. Elevate works with our students, delivering high impact workshops on study skills, motivation, wellbeing, and exam preparation. By tuning into their webinar series you will learn how to better support your children at home through reinforcing the skills they learn at school.

The webinars take place across Term 4, beginning Wednesday, 20 October at 7pm. Registration is essential and is free for parents.

You can register by clicking here.

The webinar is run live online from 7pm – 8pm where the presenter will share Elevate’s key research and skills, and will conduct a live Q&A so you can ask them questions directly. Should you have questions or would like to contact Elevate directly, their details are listed below.

📞 1300 667 945
✉️ auscoaching@elevateeducation.com
💻 au.elevateeducation.com
👍 Facebook

Year 4 Parent Information Evening
Our first Parent Information Evening for incoming Year 5 parents will be held on Tuesday, 26 October (Week 4) at 6pm. This event will be run on Level 2 of the MLC and provide a chance to present details of programs for next year including Music, Specialist subjects, Life Group and more. We would prefer if you could attend this event without your child so we can focus on you and presenting all of the information that you need.

Year 6 Half Point Dinner
The new date for the Year 6 Half Point 2027 Dinner has now been set as Friday 12 November (Week 6). The evening will start at 6pm and provide students with some great food, entertainment and a chance to reflect on reaching the Half Point of their schooling. The vision for this event is to host it earlier in the year in future but it was difficult to navigate COVID-19 this year as many events were cancelled or postponed. We are thrilled to be able to offer this event before out students finish Term 4.

Year 8 Leadership Dinner
Another cultural event that has been difficult to organise around COVID-19 is the Year 8 Leadership Dinner. The vision behind this event is to finish Year 8 with a reflection of the student journey through MLC and celebrate the accomplishments and outcomes from having a uniquely student-led leadership paradigm. This will be a mandatory event for Year 8 students and occur on Wednesday, 17 November (Week 7) starting at 6pm. More information will be shared with students and parents as we finalise the format for the evening with input from the students themselves.

Darren Rackemann
Head of Middle Learning Community

What’s been happening in the MLC

Mental Health Week

In Week 2, the MLC focused on Queensland Mental Health Week (QMHW), a “week that aims to shine a spotlight on individual and community mental health and wellbeing”. As a community, we applied the “5 Ways to Wellbeing” as a tool to encourage us to think more intentionally about our mental health and wellbeing and to encourage behaviours that promote healthy minds. The 5 Ways to Wellbeing include Connect, Give, Take Notice, Be Active and Keep Learning. Each day of the week was focused on a “way to wellbeing” and included several related activities for the students.

  • Monday’s Way to Wellbeing, Connect, encouraged us to spend intentional offline time to connect and check in with friends. Some of the activities during the breaks included a Wellness Wall, a “Bee Kind” hive display and a Gathering focus on mental health.
  • Tuesday’s Way to Wellbeing, Give, reminded us that “it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35). During Life Group, students focused on different ways to give and bless others and had some fun with Pay-It-Forward chocolates.
  • Wednesday’s Way to Wellbeing, Take Notice, encouraged us of the value of being aware of and focusing on God’s calming presence in a moment of pause. Some of the lunch activities included a nature walk, a prayer room and guided Christian meditation.
  • Thursday’s Way to Wellbeing, Be Active and Keep Learning, focused on the benefits of being physically active and learning new things in keeping our bodies and minds active and healthy for a long life. Many activities were on offer at morning tea including table tennis, dodgeball, a stretch and relax session and dance tutorials.
  • Friday’s Way to Wellbeing, Connect, allowed us to bookend the week with social connectedness. The smells of the sausage sizzle fundraiser for Effective Aid and the sounds of music and student chatter filled the MLC courtyard.

Thank you to all the teachers who volunteered their breaks to provide the wellbeing activities for our MLC student and staff body.

Parent Information Evening

Elevate Education is hosting a free webinar series for parents/carers on assisting students in the final stretch before exams in 2021. Elevate is a global education organisation that helps over 1 million students to improve their study skills and boost academic performance. You can learn more about them at au.elevateeducation.com or follow them on Facebook.

Upcoming sessions include:

  • October 20 – Time Management techniques
  • October 27 – Stress & Wellbeing management skills
  • November 10 – Exam Preparation tips to deepen revision
  • November 24 – Exam-Room skills

👉🏼 Register here

GLOW School of Ministry

We have an incredible team of Wellbeing and Chaplaincy staff who support our students at Hillcrest. To provide even more opportunities for our students to be heard, encouraged and supported, we are partnering with GLOW CHURCH School of Ministry (GSM). Each Friday, we have 15-20 GSM students on campus inspiring and supporting our students through connection events (live music before school and during breaks), inspirational talks and testimonies (during Life Group and Gatherings), small group short courses and mentoring in the courtyards.

The GSM students are completing Leadership and Ministry courses and will volunteer their time as part of the placement hours. We have many Hillcrest Alumni part of the program and it’s been great to see them engage our community again too. We look forward to this continued partnership with GSM. Keep an eye out for more information and updates about the programs they will be running and opportunities for MLC and SLC students to be involved.

From the Head of the SLC

Welcome to Term 4. I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the students and their families who have joined our community this term. Term 4 is short, only 8 weeks in length, so we are now one quarter of the way through the term. We have already had some wonderful celebrations, starting with the Art and Choral Extravaganza in Week 1. This event just keeps on getting better each year and the quality of artwork and performances were outstanding. I want to thank those students who took the time to explain the meaning of their works and how they were constructed.  You are all so talented. At our assembly this week, we celebrated the co-curricular contribution of those students who participated in yearlong activities and gave recognition to those students who excelled in their co-curricular activity. We also acknowledged all students who received a Vocational Education and Training qualification.

This week was a week of lasts for our Year 12s. As they move into independent study next week, and External Examinations commencing next Friday, they experienced their last classes with teachers, last Life Group, last assembly and gathering. They have done themselves proud so far with their studies and I wish them well for their External Examinations. We will see them as a cohort for some final celebrations at the end of Week 7.

Our celebrations continue in Week 3 with our annual Celebration of Excellence on Monday night. This is a combined MLC / SLC event. Communication was sent to families this week. We will also celebrate the academic achievement of students at assembly next week based on their Term 3 report. We will only acknowledge those students who did not receive acknowledgement at the Celebration of Excellence.

Our new student leadership team will be announced at the Celebration of Excellence evening. I wish to thank the outgoing student leaders for their contribution to the College over the last 12 months. I have been impressed with your leadership and positive impact on the community. The new leadership team take on the responsibility for leading the student body from Monday.  I wish them well in their leadership journey.

This term the Year 10 students commenced Unit 1 of their QCAA Senior Subjects and the Year 11 students commenced Unit 3. Studies and results in Unit 1 and Unit 2 are formative while results for Unit 3 and Unit 4 are summative and contribute towards the students’ ATAR (if they are ATAR eligible). I am hoping that subject and pathways changes for this term have now been finalised. If your Year 10 or Year 11 son or daughter are unsure of their subjects or pathway, please contact Mr Fernance for guidance.

There are several events and activities happening this term. I ask that you look at the College calendar and note the ones that are applicable to you and your children. I look forward to another fantastic term.

Richest blessings.

Jason Day
Head of Senior Learning Community

What’s been happening in the SLC

Cocurricular Awards

On Tuesday, 12 October, students were presented with awards based on their participation and contribution to College Cocurricular activities ranging from service trips, performing arts activities to sporting involvement. There were also many students who received Vocational Education Certificates and Diplomas which was the result of up to 18 months of work for some. Well done to all recipients of these awards.


Final Year 12 Assembly

Today our Year 12s experienced their last day of school ever before they enter their final external exams. Part of the celebrations included their final Assembly in which they ran the program for the SLC. It was a bit different than usual with dancing, singing and video highlights being enjoyed by all. We are thankful for the way in which the class of 2021 has contributed to the College over their time here and wish them God’s richest blessings as they enter their final exam period and this season of life comes to a close.

Sports, Performing Arts and Co-curricular

Vivo Strings Ensemble Congratulations

Congratulations must be given to all students in Vivo Strings Ensemble (directed by Mrs Le’Neta Edwards) who received 2nd place in the SECONDARY SCHOOL AGE STRING INSTRUMENT ENSEMBLE for their fine performances as part of the Gold Coast Eisteddfod (Virtual Competition) at the end of last term.

Virtual competition
1st Emmanuel College Strings
2nd Hillcrest Christian College Vivo Strings
3rd Helensvale State High Chamber Strings

Australian Honours Ensemble Program (AHEP)

Two SLC students were accepted and participated in the Australian Honours Ensemble Program (AHEP) from 29 September to 2 October at Griffith University – Queensland Conservatorium.

Students are chosen after submitting a video recording of themselves performing a rigorous set of music repertoire, and it is an extreme honour and privilege to be accepted and chosen to play as part of one of the AHEP Ensembles.

Rio Matsuoka (Year 11) was chosen to perform in the AHEP Symphony Orchestra on Violin 1 and Sienna Jak (Year 12) was chosen to perform in the AHEP Vocal Ensemble as a Soprano. Both students represented the College beautifully and are to be highly commended for their fine musical accomplishments and achievements. Rio and Sienna were able to rehearse and perform amongst like musicians and work with renowned conductors to perform iconic masterworks and new repertoire to the highest of standards. It was an extra joy and privilege to hear both of them perform on stage in front of a live audience to be congratulated in such a wonderful setting.

State Honours Ensemble Program (SHEP)

Unfortunately, due to the COVID situation, the State Honours Ensemble Program (SHEP) was unable to go ahead during the Sept/Oct school holidays. However, the following students were accepted and chosen on the following instruments. It is anticipated that this event will be able to take place at a later stage whereby students will experience working with guest clinicians, conductors and school-age musicians from across the state.

First Surname Year AMEB Instrument
Samara Ballinger 11 5 Vocal: Alto
Julia Brand 11 6 Vocal: Soprano
Alexis Chau 11 7 Violin
Laila Chequer de Souza 10 7 Cello
Jessie Duduc 11 5 Trumpet
Lachlan Hammersley 11 8 Percussion
Madeleine Kaye 12 7 Cello
Marnie Rienecker 12 7 Vocal: Soprano
Tahlia Spence 12 7 Trumpet
Anthony Vitetzakis 11 5 Vocal: Bass

Somerset Festival for Young Performers 2021

Jack Flanagan Yr 6
Aust Poem 2009 1st Place,
Poem Humorous 2009 1st Place
Solo Mime 2nd Place

Ava O’Connor Yr 6
Poem Solo lyrical 1st Place
Aust Poem 2009 1st Place
Humorous Poem 2nd Place
Prose 3rd Place

Trisong Yangzom Yr 6
Prose 2nd Place
Poem Australian 2009 2nd Place
Monologue 2009 or later 1st Place

Josslyn van der Merwe Yr 5
Poem by Aust. Author 2010 1st Place
Humorous Poem 2010 3rd Place
Monologue 1st Place

Ivy Thomson Yr 5
Prose Solo 2010 or later 2nd Place
Lyrical Poem 3rd Place
Poem by Aust. Author 2011 1st Place
Monologue 1st Place

Drishaana Sharma-Nair Yr 4
Poem Solo (lyrical) 2011 or later 2nd Place
Poem by Aust. Author 2011 Highly Commended
Humorous Poem 2010 Very Highly Commended

Osella Yangzom Yr 4
Poem Aust Author 2012 or later 1st Place
Poem – Humorous 2012 1st Place
Monologue 2012 or later 1st Place
Solo Mime 2012 or later 3rd Place

Audrey Schuurs Yr 4
Humorous Poem 2011 1st Place
Monologue 2011 3rd Place

Andrey Waldmann Yr 4
Prose Solo 2010 or later Very Highly Commended
Poem by Aust. Author 2011 3rd Place
Mime Highly Commended

Viola Chen Yr 4
Prose Solo 2012 or later 1st Place
Poem Aust Author 2012 1st Place
Solo Mime 2012 2nd Place

Osman Ozturk Yr 3
Poem Aust Author 2012 or later 3rd Place
Poem – Humorous 2012 3rd Place
Monologue 2012 or later 3rd Place

Sienna Perri Yr 3
Poem Aust Author 2012 or later Very Highly Commended
Poem – Humorous 2012 2nd Place
Monologue 2012 or later 3rd Place

Charlize Flanagan Yr 3
Poem Aust Author 2012 or later 1st Place
Monologue 2012 or later 1st Place
Solo Mime 2012 or later Very Highly Commended

Max Sun Yr 2
Poem Humorous 2013 2nd Place
Monologue 2012 or later 2nd Place
Duo Poem 2013 or later 3rd Place
Duologue 2012 or later 3rd Place

Skye Rolih Yr 2
Prose Solo 2012 or later 3rd Place
Poem Aust. 2013 Highly Commended
Poem Humorous 2013 Very Highly Commended
Duologue 2012 or later 3rd Place

Oliver Yu Yr 1
Poem Humorous 2014 Highly Commended
Monologue 2012 or later 3rd Place
Duo Poem 2013 or later 3rd Place

Mila Perri Yr 1
Poem Aust. Author 2014 or later 1st Place
Poem Humorous 2014 Highly Commended

Laila Ritson Yr 1
Prose Solo 2012 or later 3rd Place
Poem Aust. Author 2014 or later 2nd Place
Poem Humorous 2014 Highly Commended
Monologue 2012 or later Highly Commended

Orhan Ozturk Prep
Poem Aust. Author 2014 or later 2nd Place
Poem Humorous 2015 or later Highly Commended
Monologue 2012 or later 3rd Place

Hillcrest Basketball Success!

At the end of last term, our senior girls dominated the grand final to become the Queensland Basketball state champions in the Molten CBSQ open tournament at Carrara. We were challenged early by Southport State High School but by the second quarter our girls had control of the match, eventually winning 63 to 44. Congratulations to our amazing girls as well as coaches Pero and Brody. This game was livestreamed and the replay can be viewed here.

The senior boys finished with another win in a strong performance in the 5th vs 6th place game, beating St Joseph’s Nudgee College 85 to 77. This placed them 5th overall in Queensland. Well done boys and coaches Dave and John.

Speaking to an official, he said these results make Hillcrest the number one basketball school in the state. This is a credit to the College for its investment in the program, the coaches for their knowledge and passion, and our players who display commitment, skill, courage and respect. A big thank you to Shireen Geddes for organising the teams, coaches, practise matches and tournaments.

Art and Choral Extravaganza

Our annual Art Exhibition and Choral Extravaganza was a special evening for our community. This year’s theme, Narratives, certainly took us on a journey! The student art work on display was incredible and as families wandered around feasting their eyes on the creativity on display the gorgeous sounds of Vivo Strings wafted gently throughout the courtyard. This was followed by a concert that can only be described as a visual and auditory experience of epic proportions. Starting with the combined treble excellence choirs singing ‘Give Us Hope’, we then travelled through fun songs about ducks, damper thieves, gossipers and emus. We heard indigenous songs about sting rays and songs from the Torres Strait. We then heard from our ‘Men of Song’. Our Hillcrest Blokes taught us about the myriad of uses for duct tape, and then joined with MANCHOIR to sing about the first fleet ships and their long white sails. Bel Canto then reminded us about peace and how to achieve it in our world. Of course a choral extravaganza can never be finished without a massed finale and this year all our choristers joined together to sing ‘We Are the World’.

The highlight of the evening was the very special farewell for our amazing Ms Moon, who’s vision and passion has, over the last 16 years, developed Hillcrest Choirs into one of Australia’s premier choral programs. It was so wonderful to honour the commitment and legacy she has left for us. On behalf of the current choristers, Bel Canto and MANCHOIR dedicated their final piece, ‘Flight Song’ to Ms Moon, singing ‘All we are we have found in song, you have brought this song from us. Music’s fierce compassion flows from you…our flight begins as song’. The tears then flowed for so many when the surprise Alumni choir came on stage to bless Jenny with their memories and their beautiful voices, singing ‘Not to Say Goodbye’ and expressing the love and gratitude they have for a teacher who became so much more to them. Thank you Ms Moon, for all you have given us. We love you and are sending you to the next chapter God has for you with our love and prayers.

Huge thanks must go to the Art, Choral and Production staff as well as the myriads of support staff that worked tirelessly to give this opportunity to our students. Big thanks also to Year 11 student, Summer Ephgrave, our live artist who delighted the audience by creating a beautiful painting during the concert. And to our amazing choristers, thank you for displaying such abundant joy on stage and for sharing your songs with us. You have brought our community together for a wonderful celebration of song. Thank you for blessing us with your hard work and commitment to excellence and for allowing the audience to share in your love of singing.


Art and Choral Extravaganza Awards

We would like to congratulate all Visual Art students for their hard work and commitment this year. It was amazing to see all the work displayed and how much talent we have at the College.

We would also like to congratulate the following award winners across JLC, MLC and SLC. Well done!

Visual Art Gold Coast Community Award
Isla Brown

Prep – Annika King
Year 1 – Laila Ritson
Year 2- Alexia Alcott
Year 3- Samuel Randell
Year 5 – Naavah Randall.

2D Prize
Year 7 – Kalani Peters
Year 8 – Chloe Gregory
Year 9 – Eva Dekell
Year 10 – Zac Marcos
Year 11 – Summer Ephgarve
Year 12 – Bailey Armstrong

3D Prize
Year 7 – Vincent Mastaglia
Year 8 – Nathan Fothergill
Year 9 – Nono Toshikawa
Year 10 – Sarah Wilson
Year 11 – Samara Bellinger
Year 12 – Sienna Jak

Student Achievements

QLD Short Course State Championships
During the recent school holidays, Year 10 student, Gideon Burnes competed in the 2021 QLD Swimming Short Course State Championships. 🏆

It was his most successful State championship meet to date.

Gideon finished his race program with:
– 100m Breaststroke – Gold 🥇
– 50m Breaststroke – Gold 🥇
– 200m Breastroke – Gold 🥇
– 100m IM – Bronze 🥉
– 200m IM – Bronze 🥉

Well done Gideon!!!

Car Racing Championships

Erebus Motorsport has given six young aspiring Supercars drivers a chance to sample one of the team’s race cars. The youngsters, including Hillcrest’s Luke Pink, were drafted from either the Toyota Gazoo Racing Australia 86 Series or Hyundai Excel ranks. Drivers were taught fundamental skills such as gear shifting, heel-toe, braking, and understanding basic data. Well done Luke Pink! We look forward to hearing how you progress.

Trampoline State Levels Championship

Last month, Grace Chan (3/4 LUMOS) competed at the Trampoline State Levels Championship. She placed 2nd for Level 3A Double Mini-Trampoline and together with her synchro partner, Allegra, they placed 2nd for Synchronised Trampoline. She also placed 6th for Individual Trampoline. Well done grace!

Other News

Advice for parents, carers, guardians and drivers from GCCC

The City of Gold Coast (City) wants to ensure that motorists comply with school zone road rules at and around schools to achieve a safer environment for children and the broader school community. These rules also help to optimise traffic movement and safety.

Please take extra care and obey the signed parking rules when parking on the roads and streets around the school.

Park Safe Vehicles – Licence Plate Recognition (LPR)
As part of the City Parking Plan 2015 to improve parking behaviour on the Gold Coast, City Parking Officers will soon patrol the city (including key school zones) using vehicles, clearly badged as “Park Safe” vehicles.  These vehicles use Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) which is camera technology fitted to Park Safe vehicles to ensure motorists are parking safely.

Park Safe will operate on school days at student drop-off and pick-up times focusing on pedestrian areas around schools. If a vehicle is found to be parked illegally the City will issue an infringement notice to the registered vehicle owner by post.

Offences to be aware of:

  • stopping 20 metres before or 10 metres after a sign posted crossing
  • stopping 20 metres before or 10 metres after a bus stop
  • stopping within 10 metres of an intersection or corner
  • stopping within a bus zone (bayed area)
  • stopping on a footpath or nature strip within a built-up area
  • stopping in a way that restricts access to a driveway
  • stopping on a yellow painted line
  • stopping in a loading zone
  • double parking for any period of time.

Park safely and legally to avoid a fine.

For more information visit www.cityofgoldcoast.com.au/parksafe

Key Dates