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14 October 2022

"Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.’"

Mark 10:27

Jeff Davis
Executive Head of College

Executive Head of College, Jeff Davis shares an update from the last two weeks.



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Culture and Wellbeing


Safer Parties 

Teenage parties are situations that are full of questions for everyone and whilst we all try to do the ‘right’ thing, sometimes it is hard to know what that is, especially in the ‘heat of the moment’.

Safer Parties is an evening not to be missed that has brought together leaders in their field in parenting and social skills education, the Queensland Police Force and the Queensland Ambulance Service to give you practical, wise and incredibly helpful advice. Topics covered will include legal and ethical issues around parties for teenagers and parents, critical care considerations around drugs and alcohol and implementable strategies on how to talk to your teen about sensitive topics including how and when to talk to your teen if things haven’t gone well. The evening will conclude with the opportunity for audience members to ask questions of the Safer Parties team and we look forward to seeing you there!

The Well Coffee Hub Open Soon

We are pleased to announce that The Well will be open to purchase coffee, pastries and hot foods weekdays from Monday, 24 October, 7am to 8:45am. Drop by to grab some coffee, food and catch up with friends. We look forward to seeing you there.

From the ELC

Our Early Learning Community continues to shine as a place of inspiration, wonder and discovery. The children have enjoyed exploring their world – learning about Egypt, dreaming of space travel, adventuring in the garden and mixing mud. Our Loose Parts Project has initiated connections with the community, encouraged sustainability and has been a welcomed source of open-ended creativity and construction. We look forward to continuing to learn, play and grow, whilst seeing where the children’s imagination and interest takes us next.


Taylor Wells-McFarlane
Early Learning Community

From JLC Leadership

Welcome to Term 4

It was so lovely to see all the JLC students eager and refreshed after their two-week break, with many exciting stories to tell about their holiday adventures. A special welcome to our new students and families; we hope you have enjoyed your first two weeks at the College and have settled in and made some new friends. Many classrooms are already showing the first signs of Christmas as we head into the festive season, I may have seen a Christmas tree or two while walking around this week. Term 4 is always an exciting term full of learning, fun and many special events celebrating each child and their important milestones.

Our JLC events this term include:

  • Beginning Week 2, (Monday 10 October) our weekly Gatherings – 8.20am Terrace Hall
  • Beginning Week 2, (Friday 14 October) our fortnightly Assemblies – 8.20am Terrace Hall
  • Week 6, (Wednesday 9 November) P-2 Concert and Year 3 -4 Celebration Awards
  • Week 9, (Tuesday 21 November) Prep O Day and Year 1-4 Transition Day

We welcome parents to come along and be part of our weekly Gatherings and fortnightly Assemblies. Communication will be sent out prior to each of the events this term from JLC Reception and reminders will be posted on our Year level Facebook pages. The Year level Snapshots will be emailed out in Week 2, with the Term 4 curriculum overview, then ongoing each week to keep you up to date with class specific events and important information.

We hope many of you were able to attend our Art and Choral Extravaganza on Thursday night of Week 1. It was lovely to see our JLC artwork displayed and showcasing the artistic talents of our JLC students. We thank Heidi Parkes for her continued excellence in the space as children participate in fortnightly specialist Art classes. It was also a delight to see our Year 3 and 4 students perform on the night and showcase their beautiful voices; each choir was captivating the audience with their talents.  It is always exciting to see each child shine as they participate in choir and present their individual interests and strengths.

We look forward to partnering with you in your child’s learning journey this term and encourage you to join us at our JLC community events this term.

Christy Gittins
Head Junior Learning Community

What’s been happening in the JLC

The Three Little Pigs

Our talented Year 2 Music students rehearsed diligently during Term 3 on a musical portrayal of The Three Little Pigs. Their hard work culminated in a performance for their younger peers on the final day of Term 3. It was a fabulous rendition, filled with song, dance, acting and instrumental performances. The students are to be congratulated on their commitment to rehearsals during music and choir lessons as well as morning tea and lunch time. Their preparation was evident as the performance ran smoothly, with students performing cohesively and confidently. Thank you to the parents for assisting those students with speaking parts and instrumental performances during their home practice, and to the classroom teachers for their support and encouragement.

Tammy Kilpatrick
JLC Music Teacher

Art Extravaganza JLC Display

The recent Art and Choral Extravaganza had a JLC display showcasing the highlights of Term 3 Specialist Visual Art. Samples of the artworks included:
– Prep whale paintings
– Year 1 ‘Trees of the Seasons’ watercolours and clay turtles
– Year 2 papier mache pizzas and insect printmaking
– Year 3 chalk pastel worms and tower collages
– Year 4 Punch and Judy inspired comical puppets
We’re so proud of the amazing artists we have in the JLC!

Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week is an annual, global event aimed at giving an opportunity to understand the importance of mental health in our everyday lives; to learn that our mental health affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. As part of a whole College initiative aimed at raising awareness, students in the JLC have done a range of activities this week from reading a book about feelings and what we can do to help ourselves feeling different ways with younger students, up to creating resources to help each other check in and share their feelings in older year levels. JLC staff also joined in the fun; writing encouraging messages to each other sharing what it is they appreciate about them. This helped with building a sense of belonging – that not only do we see and value each other, we feel connected and cared for.

From the Head of the MLC

The MLC have been working all year on enhancing social and emotional skills in our students as we all know that these life skills will equip our students for success in life and relationships. The weekly “WE do” Social and Emotional lessons focus on different aspects of emotional intelligence that are identified as a need in our community. They provide the students with opportunities for discussion and self-reflection, whilst connecting and having fun at the same time!

This week was Mental Health Week in Queensland. In the MLC, we focused on raising awareness of the importance of looking after our mental health as research states that as many as one in nine young people are experiencing mental health issues in Australia. We explored five areas that contribute to positive mental health. These are getting active, showing kindness and gratitude, always learning, connecting more and embracing nature. There were a range of different activities on offer each day for the students to engage in.

Monday’s activity was a cardio dance session in the courtyard with Mrs Eddie. On Tuesday, students showed gratitude and kindness by writing thank you notes and adding an “I am grateful leaf” to our gratitude tree. Wednesday’s session was a presentation on managing anxiety and stress by Emily Townsend, our College Counsellor. Toby, our therapy dog was also there to bring some joy to those who attended. On Thursday, students connected with each other in a collaborative colouring task, board games and lawn games out in the courtyard. The week culminated with a bush walk where students, teachers and Toby took a stroll in our College bushland to listen to the birds and breathe in the fresh air. We all have so much to be grateful for and this week provided our students with the opportunity to stop and reflect on this.

I encourage all our Hillcrest families to take some time out this weekend to connect with each other and get some fresh air in the beautiful surroundings of the Gold Coast that God has blessed us all with.

Darren Rackemann
Head of Middle Learning Community

What’s been happening in the MLC

Greene D

Greene D is a supportive family of students who encourage, listen and support each other. We learn about faith, wellbeing and friendships. We have lots of fun too!

Our highlights this year have been making pancakes to show appreciation to Mr Lappin and playing games together. Last term we enjoyed learning about people in the Bible who met Jesus. This term we will look at how Jesus still empowers us today. Everyone, should have a small group to do life with!

Year 6 transition to Year 7

The Middle Years model of learning in our MLC makes the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 seamless and manageable for students.

Already in Year 5 and Year 6, students have the MLC uniform, are introduced to OneNote and Teams, DCL projects, multi-age life groups, camps, recreation sports, competitive sports, using timetables and flexible learning spaces. There are a few exciting new experiences in Year 7, including learning on Level 1, use of Science Labs and Art Rooms, Thursday activities, use of lockers and a new device.

Over the coming weeks on a Thursday afternoon, Year 6 will begin to use the Year 7 spaces on Level 1 for learning to help students feel more comfortable on Level 1. They’ll have opportunities to hear about what Year 7 will be like and ask questions. Our heart is that students will feel relaxed about the transition and excited for the new opportunities. On Thursday, we had some Year 6 classes down on Level 1 and they were thrilled!

Sustainability Club

Last term, our sustainability club participated in a city-wide recycling competition, “Battle of the schools.” Students from around the Gold Coast collected bottles, cans, and juice boxes to raise money and awareness.

Last Friday, representatives from our Sustainability Club went to the Nerang Recycling Depot to receive the results of the competition. We had the honour of meeting and chatting with Environmental Minister, Meaghan Scanlon. We also shared the projects that our Sustainability Club is currently engaged in, as well as the sustainability projects developed for the College as part of our HaSS unit in class. Minister Scanlon offered meaningful advice and linked our learning to the real world.

Whilst we didn’t win the overall project, we collected 1,586 items for recycling and out of landfill. We also raised over $150 to put towards new sustainability projects around the school. And most importantly, we helped raise awareness about caring for our environment.

Samantha Salanitri, Kate Arden, Evie McKenzie
Year 6F Lumos

Year 7 Science Space VR Mission and Math Algebra Escape Room

In science, students used the VR goggles to explore the earth, sun and moon. This was an introduction to their studies in term where they investigate the relationship of these components with respect to seasons, tides and daylight hours.

In maths students used their knowledge of like terms and one and two step equations to solve the escape room clues and break out from the crazy mathematician keeping them captive.

Making Slime in Year 5

When looking at the characteristics of a Solid, Liquid or Gas one cannot go past the age-old question, is slime a solid, liquid or gas? This hands-on experience was not only fun, squeezy and educational, it was difficult to draw a conclusion. While slime has a constant volume and constant mass it can change its shapes. Lots of squeezing and stretching went on to put our slime to the test.

Cartesian Planes

Students in year 7 are learnt about Cartesian Planes. Within this activity they were able to make a number plane, plot points and join them in the order given to create the 7B class description.

Junior finalist in the Australian Videos for Change

Year 8 students Esther Rush, Claudia Branson and Fleur Hammersley worked together and submitted an entry for Videos For Change and after a round of judging are finalists! You can view and vote for their video to win here. Voting will not open until Monday, 17 October.

From the Head of the SLC


Welcome to Term 4. I hope that you had an excellent break and are refreshed for the term ahead.  I especially wish to welcome the 10 new families that have joined our community this term. I ask that you make these students and families feel welcome.

The theme for this year is “Celebration” and this term we have launched a number of key culturally significant celebrations. We have begun to farewell our Year 12 cohort. They have now completed compulsory classes and we have been able to celebrate their contribution to the College at their final Gathering, final Assembly, final House Meeting, and final Life Group. They now have study leave for Week 3 to allow them to complete their final preparations for their external examinations. I ask that you keep these students in your prayers as they undertake these examinations and finalise decisions about their next steps.

The Art and Choral Extravaganza again lived up to its name. It was great to be able to celebrate and acknowledge the talented student artists through their works of art. I regularly discuss the ideas and process with students as they are developing their works and it is pleasing to see their final pieces. Our Choral program continues to go from strength to strength. Their concert was amazing and a fitting celebration of dedication to this excellence program throughout the year. If you missed this event, please make a note to attend next year. You will not be disappointed.

We have also been able to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of our students’ co-curricular pursuits. Throughout the year we acknowledge the participation of students in their various activities but on Tuesday we were able to recognise those students who have excelled to a level where they could be awarded Half Colours or Full Colours. Congratulations to all recipients. I wish to thank the large number of parents who attended this assembly. The College has an outstanding co-curricular program that has a diverse range of offerings.

The celebration theme continued at the annual Celebration Evening on Thursday this week. This year we made the conscious decision to implement a Senior Learning Community event. This allowed us to develop a program which celebrated academic achievements as well as co-curricular pursuits.  Congratulations to all students who received an award. The Shield Award is a highly prestigious award and is presented to students who display the values of the College and epitomise the mission of the College. Special congratulation to the Shield Award winners, especially Emma Adams and Alexis Chau who were joint recipients of The College Shield award.

Finally, at the start of the holidays our basketball teams participated in the Queensland State Basketball Championships. I am pleased that we can celebrate again that our Girls’ Basketball team finished in first place and our Boys’ Basketball team finished in third place. This is identical to where the teams finished in this competition last year. Well done to all the players involved.

These celebrations do not just occur. I wish to acknowledge all staff who have worked with the students, classroom teachers, Life Group teachers, Heads of Faculty, Heads of House, Pathways team, Deputies, counsellors, and learning enhancement. You play an important part in the nurturing of each student. I also wish to thank the staff who contributed to the organisation and implementation of these celebrations. You have all done an amazing job and I am so glad that you are part of our community.

Until next time.

Jason Day
Head of Senior Learning Community

What’s been happening in the SLC

Celebration Evening

Students, parents, staff, and community members gathered on Thursday, 13 October for an evening of ‘Celebrations’. The College’s annual Community Celebration evenings are an opportunity to honour the hard work, commitment, and achievements of so many students over the past year. The plethora of awards highlighted students who excelled across their academics and co-curricular endeavours. The opening item, ‘Another Day of Sun’, was a joyful, vibrant, and entertaining collaboration between the Dance Team, Volare Stage Band, and two of our senior vocalists that reflected not only on 2022, but the past 40 years since Hillcrest began in 1982. The 2023 College Captaincy Team were inducted as part of the evening’s proceedings, shining a light on what is in store for 2023. Attendees were also treated to performances by Bel Canto, MANCHOIR, the Senior Dance Team, Wind Symphony, and the Worship Team – all of which beautifully echoed the Christian mission of the College.

Co-curricular Awards Ceremony

On Tuesday, 11 October, students were presented with awards based on their participation and contribution to College co-curricular activities ranging from service trips, performing arts activities to sporting involvement. Students received a certificate along with a half or full colours badge in recognition of their consistent level of excellence in their co-curricular activity. Each co-curricular area has unique measures for achieving a colour award, yet each one is a visible testament to the hours of dedication that the student has committed to the activity, and that student’s ability to exemplify the school values through their activity. Well done to all recipients of these awards.

Duke of Ed Silver and Gold Qualifying Adventurous Journey

We finally managed to get back out on the water last weekend as part of a Duke of Edinburgh Silver or Gold qualifying adventurous journey! Despite the dicey weather forecast, God looked after us and we were able to enjoy paddling in the Broadwater and camping on South Stradbroke Island with the winds and tides in our favour and no significant rains.

Despite being only a 20min paddle from the city suburbs, the island campsites offered time for reflection, socializing, laughter, and some truly remarkable wildlife encounters.

Thanks to Mr Paul Wotton, Mr David Gemmell, Mrs Astrid Hart and our guide Craig McSween for giving up your long weekend to come along and make it possible! In addition, Mr Lappin and the parents who shuttled our kayaks to and from the school; we appreciated all your time and the encouragements you gave.

Silver Participants: Tyler Adams, Emily Arnold, Sasha Chan-Lister, Charlize Firgaira, Laura Gregory, Asher Hammersley, Olive Kennedy, Elizabeth Maynard, Grace Purnell, Kooper Ransome, Jonathon Rouse, Noah Smith, Emily Snowdon, Max Winter

Gold Participants: Nicholas Lehman

Pathways News

Save The Date

Southern Cross University Discovery Day
Friday, 21 October 2022
For the new Year 12’s graduating class of 2023
10am – 2pm
Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus

Students will participate in campus tours, student panels and a free lunch.

Careers Advisors, Deputies and Principals are invited to a professional development session hosted by the University Executive and a networking lunch.

More details to come but for now, please save the date.

Try a Trade

Gold Coast Trades College will run a Try a Trade program again this term. The program is run over two days and the students will get to try six different trades. The course is run over two consecutive Mondays.

The next two program dates are:

  • 31 Oct and 7 November
  • 14 and 21 November

This is open to Year 9, 10 and 11 students.

Interested students can register by scanning the QR code on the flyer.

Year 12 Students – What happens next when you leave school?

Let us help you find your next! Simply register with the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT)

  • Click here to join our Connected to Jobs & Training school leavers service.
  • Enter your personal email – not your school email.

We will email local job opportunities, funded training opportunities and the 2023 School Leavers Resource with quick web access to local job boards, Government School Leaver Career Guides, and training.

*Please see attached the 2022 ‘School Leavers Resource’ to raise your awareness about post school services and assist you with career planning.

School Leavers Resource – Flip book – click here

Be smart pre-employment skills workbook – click here

There is also a VET Choices flyer attached.


Art and Choral Extravaganza

Last week Hillcrest’s 2022 Art and Choral Extravaganza ‘Celebrations’ saw Visual Art and Choral students from Year 3 to Year 12 gather to showcase their hard work from the past 10 months. Our student artists curated an excellence exhibition that included paintings, sketches, sculptures, and pottery, and much more! It was an amazing highlight of all the hard work and creativity of our students at Hillcrest. The Visual Art department would like to congratulate the following students on receiving a year level art award:

2D Artwork Award
Year 7 – Serena Zhang
Year 8 – Ziya Semaan
Year 9 – Alessandra Mastaglia
Year 10 –Eva Dekell
Year 11 – Mene Nel
Year 12 – Jhaz Singsam

3D Artwork Award
Year 7 – Emily Hook
Year 9 – Anya Sutherland
Year 10 – Poppi Watson
Year 11 – Samantha Werder
Year 12 – Molly Stokes

After the art exhibition, parents and community members were then treated to a colourful array of musical talent as our choristers took to the stage to perform a variety of music that honours Hillcrest’s 40 years, and our country’s diverse culture. Our Head of Choral and Vocal studies, Dr Robert Stewart took this opportunity to announce that Hillcrest has started a commissioning fund to mark Jenny Moon’s visionary work and honour her passion for the music of Australia and empowering young people. This fund will be used to commission young Australian composers, in a hope to continue the culture Jenny helped build. Congratulations to all staff, and students involved.

Open Seniors CBSQ Basketball Tournament

Our Open Senior Boys and Girls’ teams performed in the recent CBSQ Basketball tournament where both teams managed to secure medals. Our Girls team went undefeated for the entire tournament finishing first in their pool. This saw them all the way to the Grand Final where they faced Brisbane State High School. Our Hillcrest girls managed to maintain a 15-point lead heading into the last quarter and were able to finish strong and secure the Gold Medal. Our Boys’ team were off to a flying start and won all their round games except for one. Their pool ended up in a three-way tie and head-to-head helped the boys finish top of the pool. Unfortunately, the boys were just knocked off in the semi-final which led them to the bronze medal game. The boys played an incredible game against a relentless St James team and managed to win the bronze medal by 22 points. We are so proud of both teams and all their hard work throughout the year. Looking forward to the Nationals at the end of this term.

Duke of Ed Silver and Gold Qualifying Adventurous Journey

We finally managed to get back out on the water last weekend as part of a Duke of Edinburgh Silver or Gold qualifying adventurous journey! Despite the dicey weather forecast, God looked after us and we were able to enjoy paddling in the Broadwater and camping on South Stradbroke Island with the winds and tides in our favour and no significant rains.

Despite being only a 20min paddle from the city suburbs, the island campsites offered time for reflection, socializing, laughter, and some truly remarkable wildlife encounters.

Thanks to Mr Paul Wotton, Mr David Gemmell, Mrs Astrid Hart and our guide Craig McSween for giving up your long weekend to come along and make it possible! In addition, Mr Lappin and the parents who shuttled our kayaks to and from the school; we appreciated all your time and the encouragements you gave.

Silver Participants: Tyler Adams, Emily Arnold, Sasha Chan-Lister, Charlize Firgaira, Laura Gregory, Asher Hammersley, Olive Kennedy, Elizabeth Maynard, Grace Purnell, Kooper Ransome, Jonathon Rouse, Noah Smith, Emily Snowdon, Max Winter

Gold Participants: Nicholas Lehman

AFLQ Schools State Finals

Tonight, 14 October and Sunday morning, 16 October, our Junior Secondary (Years 7-9) girls will be competing in the AFLQ Schools State Finals in Maroochydore. They have made the final 4 in the state and will look to continue their undefeated status this year. The games can be live streamed here: Live streams | Live Stream | Gold Coast Bulletin. The Gold Coast Bulletin also wrote an article on our very own AFL Coach, Matthew Lappin and his daughter Sunny Lappin. Read the article here.

FlagNFL Practise Continues

FlagNFL and Hillcrest Knights are turning out to be a great combination! After being offered an opportunity to be part of an Australian first, and put together a team of MLC students to take part in an American sporting competition here on the Gold Coast, our students and coaches are loving NFL and can’t wait to start competing against other teams in Week 7. Learning this new sport together, it’s all smiles from both players and coaches and there is a huge buzz in the air. Go Knights!

Student Achievements

Gideon’s Swimming Achievement

As part of the Queensland Junior Olympic Development Squad, Gideon Burnes (Year 11), participated in a Queensland swimming tri meet which took place last week on the Gold Coast. Believed to be Australia’s future Olympians, the best 14 – 18-year-old swimmers from Queensland competed in a teams format with Gideon representing Team Mills (named after Australian champion swimmer, Alice Mills). Gideon performed extremely well for his team, taking first place in all three breaststroke events, as well as swimming in the final medley relay race, helping to lead Team Mills to win the 91-event meet. This was an amazing opportunity for Gideon, and once again showed the incredible dedication he has for his sport. Well done, Gideon.

Futsal Achievement 
Congratulations to Year 3 student, Alby Nickless and Year 4 student Nate Sosso who were recently named amongst the top eight U10s ‘All Star’ players in the country for Futsal.
During the school holidays, many Hillcrest students across multiple year levels represented their state at the National School Futsal Championships. They made Hillcrest proud to not only be selected to represent their state but also carried themselves with the College values throughout the tournament. They gave up their Sundays and worked hard at training for the past three months to play even harder in the four-day tournament.
Alby and Nate are beyond honoured to have also been selected to play for Australia at the International Championship in Fiji in 2023.The Hillcrest Futsal program introduced Alby to Futsal and his coaches believed in him to give him a place on the team. A massive thanks to the Hillcrest Coaches, the Hillcrest Futsal staff and Hillcrest Futsal team mates for giving all players such a wonderful opportunity.

World Cup Futsal

Kotaro Toshikawa (Year 8) recently attended the International World Cup of Futsal in Barcelona Spain where he played in the Under 14’s for Australia. Reflecting on his tour, Kotaro said “from Nationals, I met people from all across Australia and whoever was chosen was able to go to Spain. It was great to play with these players and to get to know them better. We came 3rd, after Scotland and the USA which was a great achievement”. What was the best thing about being in Spain Kotaro? “The food was amazing, especially the paella.”

Student Achievements

We love celebrating the achievements and success of our Hillcrest students. If you have a child that has reached a state or national level in their area of interest – anywhere from sport, the arts and more – we would love to hear from you and celebrate this success in our College News. Please email a short write up (approximately 150 words) on this achievement and some images to accompany it, to news@hillcrest.qld.edu.au.

Parents & Friends

Hillcrest Business Directory

The P&F are excited to announce the launch of our first Hillcrest Christian College Business Directory 2023, with a hard copy magazine and online version that will be given out to all our community to support each other in business.

Many of our talented parents have a lot of expertise in running their own businesses – whether it’s as a landscaper, accountant, solicitor, plumber, electrician, coffee shop owner… just to name a few!

Our parents and members of our broader school community want to support each other and ensure we are spending our money locally and helping businesses continue to operate and grow.

If you are a business owner, or want to promote the business you work for, then we would love to hear from you! This is your chance to promote your business in our Business Directory which will be distributed to every single Hillcrest family as well as all staff, alumni and the wider community. You don’t have to own a business to be onboard, promote the business you work within.

To advertise, or for further information, please contact Ben Ryan at ADV Collab on 0432545995 or email ben@advcollab.com.au.

Other News

Position Vacant: Office Administrator

Located on the Gold Coast, Reedy Creek Baptist Church is seeking an Office Administrator who has relevant experience and is able to work 24 hours over a 4-day week. Skills in such areas as bookkeeping, paying accounts, use of databases, reception, able to relate to people, ability to prioritise tasks on a daily basis, computer skills especially the Microsoft suite, and be able to work to a set of procedures would be well regarded. The successful applicant may wish to consider membership of our church. If you are interested, please email bill.horne@rcbc.org.au for a Position Description (PD) or provide your contact details should you have any questions. Applications to be submitted to bill.horne@rcbc.org.au stating experience against the PD and a CV by COB Friday, 4 November 2022.

New Speed Camera Technology in School Zones

In a world-first road safety initiative, new speed camera technology will soon target speeding drivers at selected school zones across Queensland.
Everyone has a role in keeping our roads safe. It is imperative drivers reduce their speed to the signed 40 km/h speed limit and be aware of activity by students on or near the road.
Speed cameras will only operate during school zone times at the selected schools.
Parents, and carers dropping off or picking up students are urged to comply with school zone speed limits. Those who slow down will not be penalised.

Welcome to Term 4 all Bus travellers.

We are excited about this term and introducing our Northern Express with Bus 8 now in action. The changes to routes 6 and 8 are complete and visible on our website and on our bus management system RollCall.

It has been a big year with a lot of change, and we have valued your patience and input, whilst we have worked to improve our system and provide the Northern Express to our community. We continue to look forward and work with you to provide an ongoing safe and effective service for our valued families.

During the holidays we updated the link for new registrations for Term 4; rolled over bookings of existing users using the booking pattern from week 9 (5th – 9th of September 2022) and sent invoices.

Please take this opportunity to check your bookings in the Rollcall App, ensuring they are correct and have a stop allocated as well as checking your balance as accounts will be finalised by the end of October.

We would like to provide a reminder that when your child is absent and not catching the bus on their booked day, please ensure the absence is marked as this frees the seat allocation and allows another child to catch the bus. It is exciting to see our Bus Service growing and we hope to work with our existing Bus traveling families, to ensure seats are available and allocated accordingly.

For further information regarding our Bus Services, please feel free to view our website Hillcrest Christian College – Bus Services, or email the Bus Team at buses@hillcrest.qld.edu.au.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Term 4 and happy travels.

Key Dates