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4 August 2023

"You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore."

Psalm 16:11

Jeff Davis
Executive Head of College

Executive Head of College, Jeff Davis shares an update from the last two weeks of school.



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Other News & Key Dates

From the ELC

The term is underway, and we are thrilled to see our children engaging in a range of experiences and learning activities that connect us to the world around us such as Australian Animals.

One of the most heart-warming moments this past fortnight was the celebration of Grandparents Day on Friday, 21 July. It was a wonderful morning as we welcomed many of our grandparents to our Early Learning Community who came and shared their time with us. The smiles, and love shared showed special bonds between generations.

Another highlight we recently experienced was being able to participate in an enriching cultural experience with an incursion from the Jellurgal Aboriginal Culture Centre on 24 July. The children listened to information about the Indigenous culture, learned how to do some weaving, and shown how ochre is made. The children demonstrated curiosity and interest in the experience which helped to foster a deeper understanding of the Indigenous culture.

Every experience is an opportunity to make new discoveries and connections and develop skills that us grow. We are blessed to share these wonderful moments, and enriching learning activities with our children and ELC community.

Di Gontier
Acting Director of Early Learning Community

From JLC Leadership

Dear JLC Families,

We hope this newsletter finds you well and that you have been enjoying the events and activities happening in the Junior Learning Community (JLC). As we entered Term 3, the JLC became a hive of excitement with the introduction of new learning units. It was lovely to see the Year 3 students embark on an exciting journey back in time at the Beenleigh Historical Society this week. The immersive experience allowed them to participate in a ‘day of old’, enriching their understanding of history. As the term progresses, we continue to be impressed by the level of engagement displayed in our classrooms.

One of the highlights of Term 3 is always undoubtedly our Grandparents’ Day. It was heart-warming to hear so many grandparents gracing our classrooms and engaging in the learning experiences of our little ones. There was a buzz of joy and enthusiasm as students and their grandparents shared something truly special. We appreciate the support of our extended JLC family, and look forward to creating more opportunities for such meaningful interactions in the future.

As we continue to foster a strong parent-teacher partnership, we want to remind you that Parent-Teacher Interviews (PTIs) are scheduled for next week. We have provided a link in the letter sent out last week, where you can book a suitable time slot. If you find that none of the available times work for you, please reach out to your child’s classroom teacher, and they will be more than happy to arrange an alternative time for the meeting.

We value your feedback and input, and PTIs are an excellent opportunity to discuss your child’s progress, address any concerns, and set goals for the remainder of the term.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you at the Parent-Teacher Interviews.


Christy Gittins
Head Junior Learning Community

What’s been happening in the JLC

Proud Preppies – celebrating 100 days at school!

On Monday, 24 July, the Preps marked a significant milestone in their academic journey by celebrating 100 days of school. Filled with excitement and joy, the young learners commemorated this special occasion.

Throughout the day, classrooms were abuzz with laughter and interactive learning experiences. The students designed and decorated their very own 100 days of school T-Shirt and crown.

The 100th day of school is more than just a numerical milestone; it represents the foundation laid for a lifelong journey of discovery and knowledge. The celebration not only served as a moment of reflection for the Preps but also as a motivation to continue their learning adventures with passion and determination.

Congratulations to the Preps and their dedicated teachers for this remarkable achievement! Here’s to many more days of fun-filled learning ahead.

Spotlight on 2SR: LEGO Robot making

There was great anticipation as the LEGO trolley was wheeled into our classroom! In DCL this term, children are learning all about Robots. Science is focused on forces, namely push, pull, gravity and friction. Children worked collaboratively to build a LEGO moving robot. They used their digital skills on the iPads to create code, instructing their robots how to move. They were then challenged to think critically and creatively and apply what they have learned in science to ideate and add modifications to their designs. The aim was to enable the robots to pull more weight. They pondered questions such as ‘how can we make this better?’ There was complete engagement and collaboration which was a joy to behold! All whilst the children learned valuable team building and creative thinking skills…tools they will need in our ever changing world!

JLC Learning in Year 3: Spotlight on class 3AJ

In a fascinating exploration of science and culinary history, 3AJ recently embarked on an exciting journey to make butter using a simple yet ingenious method – a jar filled with cream. The young scientists harnessed the power of agitation, shaking the jar tirelessly until the cream magically transformed into a delectable spread.

This experiment not only provided a hands-on understanding of the science behind emulsification but also served as a gateway to explore the evolution of kitchen mixing tools over time. From ancient times when simple hand-whisking methods were employed, to the advent of mechanical eggbeaters in the 19th century, and the revolutionary electric stand mixers in the 20th century, the students traced the path of progress in culinary technology.

Engaging in this delightful experiment allowed the class to not only savour the fruits of their labour but also appreciate how innovation has shaped our modern kitchen tools, making cooking and baking a joyous and effortless experience. The butter-making adventure proved to be a delicious lesson in both science and history!

4TP- Year 4 students are physicists!!!!

Year 4 science is F-U-N this term (and hopefully every other term too).

Nicholas Copernicus once said “To know the mighty works of God, to comprehend His wisdom and majesty and power; to appreciate, in degree, the wonderful workings of His laws, surely all this must be a pleasing and acceptable mode of worship to the Most High….” The students are learning about physics in science – forces, energy, motion, and the laws that are at work in everyday processes. Year 4 have recreated Galileo’s famous gravity and speed experiment from the top of the famous Gully playground. The students have designed, flown, and crashed experimental aircraft (no fatalities or injuries), they have driven stunt cars and roller coasters and experimented with friction and gravity.

As we interact with the various laws and dynamics of this working world, we see a wealth of order and precision at work that can only point us to our God who designed and made a world of order and precision. There must have been a designer if there is such order and precision. If there isn’t then we might have to start walking instead of using a car, train or airplane; which all show order and precision and we would not for a moment believe they just came about randomly without a designer surely. How great is our God – the ultimate scientist.

Service Exemplified at Grandparents Day

In a world often focused on individual pursuits, the true value of service can be overlooked. Service is one of the core values of the college. Serving others not only benefits recipients but also enriches the lives of those offering their time and efforts. An inspiring example of this was evident during the recent Grandparents’ Day celebration.

There were many who served our grandparents last week. Firstly, we had parents who volunteered their time and energy to ensure the morning tea success, catering for over 400 grandparents. The staff played a pivotal role, planning interactive activities and heartwarming performances as well as driving buggies, setting up shade and chairs and directing traffic. Most remarkable was the incredible service shown by the MLC students, exemplifying service with genuine kindness and respect as they welcomed grandparents warmly, guided grandparents to classrooms, directed them to the concerts and served them morning tea.

The beauty of serving others lies in the joy it brings to both givers and recipients. It strengthens bonds, fosters a sense of purpose, and creates a more compassionate world. The remarkable service displayed during Grandparents’ Day inspires us all to embrace serving others in our own lives.

“We could not have been more impressed with the guys in the golf carts, teachers’ assistance, parents in the canteen but most of all the kids that greeted us and directed us wherever we needed to go. Their perpetual smiles and courtesy gets 100%.” – Year 4 Grandparent

JLC Chaplaincy Update

JLC Gatherings this term have kicked off with a bang, with our Year 9 Cooktown Team leading us through their program on victory over thoughts, feelings and actions. It’s been exciting to have them join us for our weekly JAM (Jesus and Me) group in the Castle too! This term in Gatherings we are looking at the life of King David, and what it can teach us about being peacemakers in all situations.

Our JLC-MLC Buddy Program has been expanded this year, and continues to be a fun weekly highlight for both our older and younger buddies!

From the Head of the MLC

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope this newsletter finds you well and your children have enjoyed the first four weeks of Term 3 in the MLC. Today, I would like to address a common concern that often arises when students face conflicts with their friends – Friendship Fires and Mean-on-Purpose situations.

Friendship Fires or Mean-on-Purpose? What’s the Difference?
Sometimes, both students and parents may mistake any disagreement or argument between friends as “bullying.” It is important to understand that not all conflicts fall under the category of bullying. To simplify this for our students, we use kid-friendly language to explain the difference.

The key to identifying the difference between a Friendship Fire and Mean-on-Purpose lies in the intent behind the actions. Was it a misunderstanding or did the friend genuinely want to hurt someone’s feelings?

Friendship Fires: Common and Misunderstood
Approximately 90% of conflicts that occur within our College are what we call “Friendship Fires.” These are conflicts that arise due to misunderstandings, miscommunications, or accidental actions. In these cases, there is no intention to harm the other person emotionally or physically.

Mean-on-Purpose: Recognising the Hurtful Intent
Yes, unfortunately, friends can sometimes be Mean-on-Purpose, and it can be really hurtful. In these situations, there is a clear intention to cause harm or distress to the other person.

Friendship Fires and Mean-by-Accident
It’s important to note that even well-meaning friends can sometimes act in ways that inadvertently hurt others. When this happens, it is considered a Friendship Fire since there was no intention to cause harm.

Escalation: From Friendship Fire to Mean-on-Purpose
A Friendship Fire can escalate into a Mean-on-Purpose situation if not handled properly. Timing is crucial when resolving conflicts with friends. Sometimes, both parties may not be ready to resolve the issue immediately. Pushing to “Talk-it-Out” when emotions are still high can unintentionally fuel the conflict, making it worse. We use PeaceWise as a framework to teach our students skills on how to best resolve these situations.

De-escalation: Turning Mean-on-Purpose into Friendship Fires
On the other hand, a Mean-on-Purpose moment can be de-escalated back into a Friendship Fire if both parties are willing to communicate and understand each other’s perspectives. When responding to a potentially hurtful situation with a Quick Comeback, the person involved may realise that their actions were perceived as mean. This can open the door for a conversation, allowing them to explain their true intent and move towards resolving the conflict amicably. Again, PeaceWise is the framework that can help to de-escalate these situations.

In the MLC, we believe in fostering positive relationships and open communication among students and parents. Learning to differentiate between Friendship Fires and Mean-on-Purpose moments empowers everyone to navigate conflicts with understanding and empathy. I share this language with parents so that we can work together using the same language both at home and at the College. Together, we can create a safe and supportive environment for all our students, I thank you for your ongoing support and involvement in our Learning Community.

Upcoming events for the next 4 weeks.

Week 5 Date Where Details
Mon 7-Aug on site Yeodo Middle School Visit (Korean)
on site Year 5 & 6 Fuse Cup Comp
Tues 8-Aug on site Yeodo Middle School Visit (Korean)
off site Border Region Gala Day 3
on site MLC Collab Session (Student Led Conf)
on site Year 6 Robotic Competition – 10 Select Students
on site Year 6 Currumbin Special School Visit
on site Dads Tuning into Kids research group
Wed 9-Aug on site Yeodo Middle School Visit (Korean)
off site Years 7-12 Interschool Chess Tournament
on site Tuning into Teens x 2
Thurs 10-Aug on site Yeodo Middle School Visit (Korean)
on site Year 7 Business Success incursion
Fri 11-Aug on site Yeodo Korean School Visit
on site Year 6 Currumbin Special School Visit
off site Years 7-12 SEQ Schools MTB Competition
Week 6 Eisteddfod Season / National Science Week
Mon 14-Aug on site Year 7 Unlimited Boys Group
off site Year 6 Camp
Tues 15-Aug off site Year 6 Camp
off site Year 7 Meeting
on site Engaging Adolescents Group 1
on site Dads Tuning into Kids research group
Wed 16-Aug off site Year 6 Camp
on site Tuning into Teens x 2
Thurs 17-Aug off site Year 6 Camp
Week 7 Eisteddfod Season
Tues 22-Aug off site Year 6 Currumbin Special School Visit
on site Dads Tuning into Kids research group
Wed 23-Aug on site Tuning into Teens x 2
Thurs 24-Aug on site MLC Mash Up
off site Years 5-6 CBSQ Basketball Tournament
Fri 25-Aug off site Year 6 Crossroads Church Visit
off site Years 5-6 CBSQ Basketball Tournament
off site Year 6 LUMOS Brisbane Parliament House
Sat 27-Aug off site Tournament of Minds
Week 8 Eisteddfod Season
Tues 29-Aug on site Engaging Adolescents Group 1
on site Dads Tuning into Kids research group
Wed 30-Aug on site Years P-6 Chess Interschool Tournament
on site Tuning into Teens x 2
off site Years 5-6 LUMOS Sumo Robotic Comp
Thurs 31-Aug off site Year 9 2024 RISE Info Session
on site Adolescent Success School Tour
off site Regional Athletics Carnival

Darren Rackemann
Head of 5 – 12

What’s been happening in the MLC

Junior Ethics Olympiad

Children are often interested in ethical and philosophical questions. “Why” questions are common and while they often display a refreshing inquisitiveness, children sometimes lack the skills to put forward a reasoned argument or critique an argument. Children need opportunities to engage in ethical and moral issues developmentally and in a safe and structured environment.The Ethics Olympiad gave groups of students this opportunity against different schools. Each heat dealt with two cases and teams were scored according to set criteria that reward, clear, concise, respectful discourse in response to a question about the ethical case.Congratulations to the students in their success.

Year 7 Experience

We are excited to share with you the exhilarating experience our Year 7 students had during their recent excursion to Dreamworld in Week 2 of this term. The outing proved to be both educational and thrilling, as our young learners delved into the fascinating world of rollercoasters and the principles of physics that govern them.As they soared through the loops, twists, and turns of these colossal rides, our students experienced first hand the exhilarating forces that acted upon them. Excitement and screams of joy echoed through the park as they felt the thrill of gravity pulling them down steep drops and the adrenaline rush of being propelled upwards. It was a day filled with unforgettable memories, shared laughter and in depth learning of forces.

MLC Welcome Lunch

Last week our Year 8 Ambassadors, alongside Mr Rackemann hosted the MLC Welcome Lunch for new students. The Ambassadors served lunch, followed by a chat about the opportunities at Hillcrest and where to go for support or help.It was a delight to see so many new faces connect with our older students and new connections made.

MLC Chaplaincy Update

In the MLC Term 3 is off to a flying start. We are at a record number of groups for students, all meeting different needs and levels of faith. There are boys and girls bible studies, discipleship groups, programs building values and growing potential, and programs to grow confidence and self-image. Something that I am excited to see happening is a greater heart for worship in the MLC. Students are engaging in worship during Gatherings and one of the highlights of my week in our Friday Lunch worship. Students who are wanting to experience God in a deeper way in worship come along at Friday Lunch, and the majority of students attending are from the MLC! There is an awesome sense of God’s peace and joy in the room as we sing together and finish our week thanking God for what he’s done and giving him our needs.

Medieval and Renaissance Times in Year 8 Lumos

8F (Lumos) have been independently working on a Medieval project whereby they choose an area of interest, research and analyse sources about the topic, and then create something to share with a wider audience about what they have learned.

Projects included:

  • Medieval games whereby the students contacted and were interviewed by Tweed Weekly by Tim and Liv
  • A medieval board game about The Black Death by Levi
  • A virtual art gallery incorporating modern pop culture by Trisong
  • A monologue rap by Luan
  • Medieval fashion with a modern spin by Chloe, Zara, Bridget and Cameron
  • A medieval Escape Room by Marley
  • Animation on Joan of Arc by Sasha
  • A presentation on medieval weapons
  • Mobile game by Leo and Mitchell

Writer’s Toolbox in Year 8

The Year 8 students have been trialling Writer’s Toolbox this term. A New Zealand based program, it provides feedback via AI to students in real time. It’s engaging, through a game-based environment and personalised to each student based on their learning. Students are enjoying the “Daily Writing Challenge” – one student recently asked – “Instead of playing a brain break game can we do the Daily Writing Challenge?” The results so far have been impressive with students improving by up to 45% in their writing. As a whole cohort, the writing strength is 70% which has increased by 32% from where we started three weeks ago. Students access their feedback after every piece of writing and make relevant changes based on this feedback to improve their overall writing strength. We will continue to update the community as the term progresses.

Sustainability Club Needs Your Help!

Our Sustainability Club is run by our incredibly dedicated MLC students. Once again, they are driving Hillcrest’s participation in Battle of the Schools – Containers for Change. Last year we came 7th in the Gold Coast, this year we are hoping to win, with your help! We have several bright GREEN wheelie bins around the College for students to deposit their bottles, cans and poppers. We are competing against other schools from around the Gold Coast for $500. In addition, every bottle, can or popper donated through our school scheme ID, will earn us 10c towards more sustainability projects around the College.Families can participate and support this cause by bringing in eligible items to school, or deposit them directly at the Nerang Depot. Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible for this program. If taking items to Nerang, be sure to use our scheme ID C10652972 for Containers for Change.Thanks for your support!

From the Head of the SLC

We are four weeks into Term 3 and there is already a large number of events that have occurred in the SLC. During this time, students have been involved in the following;

  • Pyjama Day
  • Write a Book in a Day, Day
  • District Athletics Carnivals
  • Borders Schools Athletics Carnival
  • Pathways evening
  • Pre-Eisteddfod Showcase
  • Duke of Edinburgh

The Write a Book in a Day Challenge doesn’t just develop collaboration, creativity and time management skills, but gives participants the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of kids with cancer through large donations of money. We were so encouraged to see over 140 students participate in this year’s event, raising approximately $4000 for such a worthy cause. To have such a large number of students, learning together, serving together and having fun together, while staying at the College until after 8:00pm, demonstrates the connection that our students have to social cause and our community at large. A huge thank you to Jacques du Toit for his organisation of this event and for the staff who gave up their time to support the mammoth task at hand.

My challenge to all of our students is to take up these opportunities and outwork our College values as they help to build character and fulfill our Mission as a College.

Upcoming events for the next 4 weeks

Week 5 Date Where Details
Eisteddfod Season
Mon 7-Aug on site Fuji Study Tour
on site Yeo Do Middle School tour
on site Year 10 Work Experience presentation
on site Year 11 Mental Health presentation
on site Year 12 QTAC presentation
Tues 8-Aug on site Fuji Study Tour
on site Yeo Do Middle School tour
off site Border Region Schools Gala Day #3
on site Engaging Adolescents Group 1
on site Dads Tuning into Kids research group
Wed 9-Aug on site Fuji Study Tour
on site Yeo Do Middle School tour
on site Year 12 100 Days to Go celebration
off site Years 7-12 Interschool Chess Tournament
on site Tuning into Teens x 2
Thurs 10-Aug on site Fuji Study Tour
on site Yeo Do Middle School tour
Fri 11-Aug on site Fuji Study Tour
on site Yeo Do Middle School tour
off site Years 7-12 SEQ Schools MTB Competition
on site Fuji High School Farewell lunch & Ceremony
Sat / Sun 12-13 Aug off site Eisteddfod Season
Week 6 Eisteddfod Season / National Science Week
Mon 14-Aug National Science Week (Innovation: Powering Future Industries)
on site SLC House Netball comps during break times
on site Year 10 QCAA Academic Integrity Course Presentation
on site Year 11 Mental Health Presentation
on site Year 9 Career Education
Tues 15-Aug on site SLC Student Leadership interviews
off site Years 9-10 Alliance Cup
on site Engaging Adolescents Group 1
on site Dads Tuning into Kids research group
Wed 16-Aug on site SLC Student Leadership interviews
on site Tuning into Teens x 2
on site Parent Forums
Thurs 17-Aug on site SLC Student Leadership interviews
off site Under 15 Boys Winter State Titles – AFA Futsal
Fri 18-Aug on site SLC Student Leadership interviews
Sat 19-Aug on site Alumni College Tour
Week 7 Eisteddfod Season
Mon 21-Aug on site Oshukan High School Study Tour
on site Year 12 Practice (Mock) Examinations
Tues 22-Aug on site Year 12 Practice (Mock) Examinations
off site Years 10 & 11 Visual Art Stimulus Excursion
on site Engaging Adolescents Group 1
on site Dads Tuning into Kids research group
on site Years 10-12 Greek Theatre Drama Workshop
Wed 23-Aug on site Tuning into Teens x 2
on site Year 12 Practice (Mock) Examinations
Thurs 24-Aug on site Year 12 Practice (Mock) Examinations
Fri 25-Aug on site Year 12 Practice (Mock) Examinations
Week 8 Eisteddfod Season
Mon 28-Aug on site Ulink College (Guangzhou China) Study Tour
on site Year 12 Practice (Mock) Examinations
on site Years 9-11 Examinations
Tues 29-Aug on site Year 12 Practice (Mock) Examinations
on site Years 9-11 Examinations
on site Engaging Adolescents Group 1
on site Dads Tuning into Kids research group
on site Years 10-11 Interruption Free week (assessments)
Wed 30-Aug on site Year 12 Practice (Mock) Examinations
on site Years 10-11 Interruption Free week (assessments)
on site Tuning into Teens x 2
Thurs 31-Aug on site Year 12 Practice (Mock) Examinations
on site Years 10-11 Interruption Free week (assessments)
off site Regional Athletics Carnival

Darren Rackemann
Head of 5 – 12

What’s been happening in the SLC

SLC Careers Evening

Last week’s annual Pathways Evening for SLC students provided a valuable platform for exploration and inspiration. The event boasted a diverse lineup of 33 industry experts and leaders in their fields representing various professions, allowing students to engage in meaningful conversations and seek guidance. There were presentations for Years 9-12 students on various Pathways related topics including subject selection, VET Certificate and Diploma courses, University entry and scholarships and QTAC.

Students visiting the Career Expo had access to information from over 30 exhibitors; the major universities our students transition into, Industry network representatives and Registered Training Organisations. The Courtyard was alive with interest and enthusiasm as students and parents grabbed something to eat and spoke with the teams at the Australian Defence Forces and Marine Careers display, which was attended by the CEO of Boating Industry Australia, representatives from Maritimo boat builders and also included a five metre luxury boat from Horizon Boats, one of many boating industry businesses actively seeking apprentices in all areas of the field.

The enthusiastic turnout of students demonstrated their genuine interest in shaping their future careers. As educators, we were thrilled to witness the immense value this event added to our students’ lives, empowering them to make informed decisions and choose the right pathways towards a fulfilling and prosperous future.

QLD Police Community Announcement – Rules surrounding e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-motorbikes

Gold Coast Police have identified an increased prevalence of e-bikes, e-scooters and e-motorbikes being ridden on the footpaths, bike lanes and roadways in contravention of the Road Rules.  These contraventions often compromise public safety and put members of the public at risk. Below is a summary that has been provided to the College by the Queensland Police Service regarding the Rules relating to these vehicles as Police wish to educate riders and members of the public surrounding their safe use.

E-scooter and electric skateboard rules:
Electric scooters and electric skateboards are classed as personal mobility devices (PMDs). Age limits apply to these devices. A rider MUST be 16+ to operate, or 12-15yrs with adult supervision. Max speed of 12km/hr on footpaths OR 25km/hr elsewhere. No doubling allowed. Australian Standard (AS) approved bicycle helmet, or an approved motorbike helmet required.

Where to ride:

  • Paths – footpaths, shared paths, separated paths and bike paths
  • Local streets (speed limit of 50km/hr or less, no dividing centre line);
  • On-road bike lanes (where the road speed limit is 50km/hr or less, or where the lane is physically separated from the road).

Electric bicycles (e-bikes):
You propel an electric bike through pedalling with the assistance of a motor. Once you hit 6km/hr, the motor kicks in and you don’t need to pedal. When you reach 25km/hr, the motor must stop operating (cut out) and you need to pedal to stay above this speed. Age limits apply to these devices. A rider MUST be 16yrs+ to operate, or 12-15yrs with adult supervision. All other e-bikes that don’t comply with this can only be ridden on private property (ie: petrol powered bikes, ones capable of generating over 200w, and an electric bike where the electric motor is the primary source of power). Australian Standard (AS) approved bicycle helmet, or an approved motorbike helmet required.

Fines apply to riders of e-scooters, e-skateboards and e-bikes who break the road rules. Further information can be found here.

Electric Dirt Bikes: (ie: Sur-Ron, RFN style and similar)
These electric dirt bikes are motorbikes and are dealt with in the same manner as a normal petrol-powered dirt bike as per the TORUM definition – two wheeled motor vehicle. To be ridden on the road, the rider MUST have a licence (RE or R licence – C class if maximum speed 50km/hr or less). They also MUST be registered. Some of these electric dirt bikes have a road legal version so some can be ridden on a road if registered/insured and operated by a licenced rider.

Pathways News

RSA – short course with GESS Education

Have you ever wanted to get your RSA? If so, please see the attached flyer and contact GESS to enrol in the next enrolment.

First Aid – short course with GESS Education

Have you ever wanted to get your FIRST AID Certificate? If so, please see the attached flyer and contact GESS to enrol in the next enrolment.

Future Doctors Australia program

The Future Doctors Australia’ program is now open! Please note, the spots in this program are strictly limited.

The Future Doctors Australia program offers a unique opportunity for students (ages: 14-18) aspiring to pursue a career in medicine. Through engaging sessions led by experienced medical specialists, practical learning activities, and insights into the admission process, the program aims to inspire and equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their medical journey. This is an incredible opportunity to gain valuable insights and guidance from medical professionals who are passionate about shaping the future of healthcare.

Dates of upcoming programs:
Sydney: 5 – 8 October 2023
Adelaide: 13 – 16 October 2023
Brisbane: 9 – 12 December 2023
Melbourne: 25 – 28 January 2024

For further information and enrolment details please visit  WWW.NIECAREERS.COM.AU 

Defence Forces Event – A Night in the Army Reserve

“Army Reserve roles fit around your lifestyle, offering flexibility, hours that suit you, and skills that you can take back to your full-time career. You’ll stay in your local area and serve between 20 and 100 days per year. You can work from as little as one night a week, one weekend a month, or even a few weeks a year.Attend A Night in the Army Reserve to hear about life in the Army Reserve from the people who live it.The Army Reserve is a great option for students who are looking for a part-time employment opportunity that fits around their lifestyle. Giving back to the community, developing long-lasting friendships and earning tax-free pay is just the beginning.To see first-hand what it involves, you are invited to A Night in the Army Reserve.You’ll gain exposure to a restricted-access base, learn about Army Reserve opportunities in our local area and chat to current Reservists to hear about their experiences. Your will learn about the opportunities for development and unique rewards that come with a role in the Army Reserve. You’ll be able to ask questions and discover how a part-time role can fit around your lifestyle.To register, please visit www.defencejobs.gov.au/events or email cptgoldcoast@dfr.com.au.


SLC eSports FUSE Cup

On Wednesday, 19 July, four students in the SLC community competed in the FUSE Cup Mario Kart Competition at Saint Stephens College. Finn Mackenzie, Izzy Lucas, Ryan Baker and Nick Salanitri were among 56 competitors from 14 different schools across the state to compete.In the heats, three of the Hillcrest players received 1st place. The quarter finals proved to be successful with two 1st place positions and one 2nd place position. Overall we had three players make it to the Semi-finals before being knocked out. An excellent effort with all semi-final times falling within two seconds of one another – the closest the FUSE cup has ever seen!Finn Mackenzie was awarded the tournament’s most valuable player displaying excellent sportsmanship and was an ambassador of our College values.

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Kayak Noosa Everglades

Congratulations to the students and teachers who completed their Practice Gold (and 1 Silver Qualifier) Adventurous Journey in the last few weeks. For some it was in the holidays and others completed it this weekend just gone.Group #1 – Hannah Ramsay, Emily Snowdon, Laura Gregory, Jed GregoryGroup #2 – Charlize Firgaira, Emily Arnold, Abby Edwards, Georgia Dolley (+ Antia Hill)Everyone had a great time and met the challenge of kayaking the Noosa Everglades (Upper Noosa River). Starting at Elanda Point Canoe and Kayak launch site we paddled across part of Lake Cootharaba (a very shallow lake) to the Kinaba Information Centre which is accessible only to Bushwalkers and aquatic craft. After we passed Fig Tree Point, we followed the Upper Noosa River to Harry’s Hut Campsite where tents were pitched and warm clothes replaced wet ones (winter is a little chilly in the evenings!) Both groups visited Campsite 3, but only one group had the privilege of paddling further up the river to stay at the isolated Campsite 8 overnight. Conversation, drop composting toilets, camp food cooked on burners, chilly nights in sleeping bags, flowering paperbarks reaching out from the banks and calm, tea-stained, mirror-surfaced waterways were just some of the experiences that enriched the journey.Both groups acquitted themselves excellently and where kayaking and camping skills were definitely honed.

Student Achievements

Australian Futsal Association Fiji Tour

After being selected as all-star player at the National Futsal Tournament in September last year, Nate Sosso was invited to represent his country at an Invitational tournament in Suva Fiji this month.

Five teams were created from players all over the country, to represent Australia for a 10-day tour of Fiji.

Nate was selected as team captain on the first day of the tournament. Heading into the semi finals undefeated, they unfortunately lost in a penalty shoot out. His team was successful in winning the bronze medal game of the tournament, a great achievement for a squad of 10 year old boys vs players as old as 15.

Highlights for Nate was scoring a hattrick in his second game and accepting the third place cup on behalf of his team.

In addition to his playing efforts, he collected secondhand football boots and purchased shin pads, gloves and socks. They have been distributed to local schools, orphanages and soccer clubs.

He hopes to be selected to play for his country again in the near future.

Student Achievements

We love celebrating the achievements and success of our Hillcrest students. If you have a child that has reached a state or national level in their area of interest – anywhere from sport, the arts and more – we would love to hear from you and celebrate this success in our College News. Please fill out the form here.

Parents & Friends

Save the Date – Hillcrest Fete

Mark this date in your calendar for the Hillcrest Fete: Saturday, 18 November 2023.

Other News

Position Available for a Barista Op Shop Allrounder

Reedy Creek Baptist Church is seeking a Barista Op Shop Allrounder for the compassion arm of our Church, Reedy Care.

Reedy Care was established in 2019 to care and support our local community and assists like-minded charities that help the homeless and victims of domestic violence. We also support school communities through the Chaplains.

The successful person would need to share our Christian values, be honest, reliable, flexible and motivated to uphold Reedy Cares vision in connecting with and supporting the community and have excellent verbal communication skills. This position requires a physically fit person to meet the demands of the job. The primary areas of ministry for this role are to assist the Op Shop Manager with the day-to-day operation of the op shop with its associated cafe, food pantry, bookshop and playground. The main duties of this position are, the ability to learn all facets of Reedy Care operations, opening, closing, lock up/security, serving, maintaining stock levels, managing volunteers and baristas, the food pantry, monitoring stock levels and the look and feel of the op shop. In the absence of the Manager, to organise rosters and oversee the volunteers and ensure accuracy of financial accounting. The person filling this role would need to ensure that all business is conducted in line with Christian ethics and values, being asked to assist in developing, promoting and supporting a culture and work environment that is positive, healthy, safe and respectful for all volunteers and customers.

This is a casual position of approx. 10-15 hours per week. To register your interest please email admin@rcbc.org.au for a position description. Applications are to be emailed no later than close of business on Friday, 18 August 2023.

Billy Elliot The Musical

Hillcrest Virtual Learning Community student, Kalani Peters, Year 9, is currently performing as one of the ballet girls in Billy Elliot The Musical, at The Star. Shows started in July and will continue to run until Sunday, 13 August. Well done to Kalani! We wish her all the best in the remaining shows!

Can Your Business Help our Students

The Pathways Team is looking for opportunities for our students. Can you offer:

  • Work experience?
  • A school based
  • Traineeship/apprenticeship?
  • Other opportunities to
  • Benefit our senior students?

Contact Lucinda Crews, Pathways Engagement Coordinator lcrews@hillcrest.qld.edu.au.

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