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15 September 2023

"Don't copy the behaviours and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will know God's plan for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect."

Romans 12:2

Jeff Davis
Executive Head of College

Executive Head of College, Jeff Davis shares an update from the last two weeks of Term 3.



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Culture and Wellbeing


Term 3 – Parenting Groups and Presentations

The Wellbeing team were busy at work delivering four evidence-based parenting programs to 50 Hillcrest parents in Term 3.

Sixteen fathers participated in ‘Dads Tuning in to Kids’ on Tuesday nights. This group was part of ‘Movember, Scaling What Works’ research project, a federal government initiative to reach and teach 800 fathers in Australia. This six-week evidence-based program teaches dads how to raise emotionally and resilient children through creating moments of reading and playing, emotional talk time, emotion coaching and so much more. Hillcrest would like to thank Tuning in to Kids and Movember for this opportunity to take part in such an important initiative.

We are excited to announce that Mrs. Liz Snowdon, Head of Learning & Alignment – Emotional, facilitated her first two Tuning in to Teens groups on Wednesdays this term. She did a tremendous job! We would like to recognise the parents who made a six-week commitment to attending every week (three hours per week) as they learnt how to emotionally connect with their teenage children.

We trialed two ‘Engaging Adolescents’ groups on Tuesdays this term. Engaging Adolescents is a 3-week parenting course that teaches parents how to have challenging conversations with adolescents, especially around challenging behaviours. We had 24 Hillcrest parents participate in the two groups.

Technology of all sorts is a common issue in many families across the globe. College Counsellors Natalie Daugherty and Emily Townsend held a 90-minute presentation on social media and gaming issues to MLC parents in Term 3.  Our hope is to offer these presentations several times a year to Hillcrest parents.

Hillcrest Christian College is a school where we value families and supporting parents. We endeavor to educate more staff in our parenting groups so that we can offer more AM and PM parenting groups in 2024. Watch this space.

Finally, we wanted to leave parents with some helpful evidence-based technology solutions. We hope these will come in use during your school holidays.

Parent Solutions

  • Change your mindset. Technology is an ‘invited guest,’ not an ‘assumed resident.’
  • Implement a ‘healthy technology’ as a family value.
  • Parents are the key and essential solutions for technology issues. Therefore, model the technology behaviours that you want from your children and teenagers.
  • Take a proactive approach.
  • Have firm boundaries, limits, and consequences around all technology use.
  • New empirical evidence strongly reflects an increased global risk of mental health issues after 2 or more hours on screens (phones, gaming, social media including Kids YouTube, streaming services like Netflix/Disney, and other fun technology apps).
  • Be united and consistent as parents.
  • Replace mindless scrolling with art, sport, creativity, face-to-face social skills, family time, dinner/eating time, etc.
  • Practice boredom and quite time – play boardgames, read, chores, give service to others.
  • Ensure children and teenagers get at least 9+ hours of sleep.
  • Keep all technology devices, including phones and gaming devices in common rooms – no Internet in any private rooms (bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.).
  • Talk to your adolescents and young people about the dangers of pornography and what to do if they come across inappropriate content. Educate yourself on this massive global issue.
  • Connect and collaborate w/schoolteachers and other parents.
  • Communicate and talk w/your children – be curious, ask open-ended questions without judgement, listen, understand and be available night and day.
  • It is OK to say “no” or “not now.” It’s OK to remove technology/phones.
  • Calmly manage technology issues. Get professional help if you need it.
  • Access free parent education, resources and support services such as the eSafety Commissioner or Focus on the Family.
  • Participate in a parenting course at Hillcrest.
  • Contact Natalie Daugherty – ndaugherty@hillcrest.qld.edu.au for more information and support.

Natalie Daugherty
College Counsellor

From the ELC

We have had a wonderful time in the Early Learning Community as we have celebrated Storybook Week, placing a strong emphasis on nurturing literacy in our young learners. Our learning environments showcased some of our beloved storybook book tales like “The Three Little Pigs,” “Jack and the Beanstalk,” and “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.” These stories not only ignited imaginations but also served as a foundation for puppet shows and creativity in storytelling.

Our highlight for the week was our Kindy classes engaging in the Storybook Concert with the JLC community and returning to the ELC to enthusiastically celebrate this with our own parade.  This parade gave the opportunity for the children to express themselves by wearing their favorite storybook character costume whilst celebrating a love of literature.

In our French program, we extended the literacy focus to encompass numbers and colors (numeracy). Using playdough, our young learners explored these concepts through tactile experiences, enhancing language development and promoting sensory play. The joy on their faces, as they squeezed, shaped, and manipulated the playdough to achieve their desired outcomes showed the positive effect of hands-on learning.

At our ELC, every day is a world of fun and learning. We hope that you had a wonderful time celebrating literacy and stories with your children too.

Kind Regards

Di Gontier 
Director of the Early Learning Community

From JLC Leadership

Dear JLC Families,

As the term comes to an end, it’s delightful to look back on the educational experiences and enjoyable moments shared by everyone. We’re always excited to organise events that engage our community, as was evident during our Literacy Week. Our youngest students from Prep to Year 2 delivered a fantastic adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk, while those in Year 3-4 enthusiastically dressed up as their most cherished book characters.

Books hold substantial importance in a child’s life, sparking their imagination as they step into the realm of creativity and innovation. Our cherished childhood favourites maintain their captivating allure, even as we progress into adulthood.

We would also like to express our appreciation to parents for joining us at the culmination of Year 3-4’s educational journey. It’s truly heartening to commemorate the progress your child is making at the College by extending an invitation into their realm of learning.  The Year 1 – 4 children also enjoyed sharing in the fun and excitement of CIA day, on Thursday and raising some much-needed funds for Compassion International.

Furthermore, it brought us immense joy to host the second year of our Hillspell – Spelling Bee. We proudly recognise the finalists in each year level category for their adept spelling of challenging words, with the ultimate champions emerging victorious on the day. Well done!

We hope you all had a chance to browse the Scholastic Book Fair, in time for some holiday reading. Have a wonderful break, and we look forward to seeing you all at the start of Term 4. Don’t forget that Monday, 2 October is a pupil free day, so we will see you all Tuesday, 3 October.


Christy Gittins
Head Junior Learning Community

What’s been happening in the JLC

Literacy Week 2023

We had an exciting journey in the JLC this week, immersing ourselves in the wonderful world of children’s literature during Literacy Week 2023. Our celebrations intertwined with the Book Council of Australia’s Book Week theme of Read, Grow, Inspire. Our classrooms became literary wonderlands, where students could explore the magic of books.

Over the course of the week, our children showcased their spelling skills in the Hillspell Spelling Bee; challenging their young minds to spell their way to victory. Our top five in each year level were:


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Daren Wei

Eddie Lahey Rudd

Keerat Hayer

Jasmine Ivantsov

Jordan Rayner

Daniel Butler

Jingijia Feng

Tanner Mills

Scarlett Eady

Jo Yanaka

Summer Cleaver

Gigi Jones

Indie Lowe

Ella Smith

Macie Moris-Fontes

Ryder O’Dempsey

Anson Kang

Vincent van der Molen

Clara Pay

Helenka Swift

Cleo Parris

Connor Berkowitz

Luella Cook

Zoe Levers

Albert Zhang

The top five battled it out in the finals, with the following students being crowned the Hillspell Champions for their year level:

Year 4: Connor Berkowitz
Year 3: Helenka Swift
Year 2: Indie Lowe
Year 1: Jo Yanaka
Prep: Eddie Lahey-Rudd

Well done to all of our amazing spellers!

The adventures didn’t stop there! Our Bus Library transformed into a Scholastic Book Fair, where children could discover new treasures to add to their home libraries.

On Storybook/Book Character Day, children came dressed in costumes inspired by their favourite book characters, bringing these beloved stories to life. The children and staff looked amazing, with so much effort being put into the costumes. Our Prep – Year 2 children entertained their families with a rendition of Jack and the Beanstalk, which was a delight to behold.

To round off the week, our Year 3 and 4 students opened up their classrooms to showcase their learning.

What a wonderful way to nurture a love for reading and writing, sparking the imaginations of the next generation of wordsmiths; where learning is an enchanting adventure waiting to be discovered.

Mrs Michelle Cecil
Deputy Head JLC – Curriculum

Prep Father’s Night

A righteous man who walks in his integrity, Blessed are his children after him. Proverbs 20:7

On Thursday, 31 August the Preppies had their Daddies come along for an unforgettable evening of fun and bonding during Father’s Night. The Prep deck was a buzz with excitement as we all enjoyed a sausage sizzle.

Chappy Tim and Chappy Nat, kicked off the night with a chance for the children and Dad’s to participate in the song ‘Father Abraham’. Chappy Tim gave a heartfelt message to all the Dad and reminded them to encourage one another.

It was lovely to see the Dads and their children bond through completing a variety of activities together. We had some amazing engineers that showed persistence when creating their paper airplane, the joy on the Preppies faces when their planes were flying across the deck was memorable. We had some buddy carpenters in our workshop area, hockey in our sports stadium and a creative space for our Dad’s and Preppies to be creative together.

Science Week in Prep Lime

Science week celebrates all things science and is a chance to incorporate it into learning in a fun and engaging way. Every afternoon of Science week was designated science learning and the children were excited to explore new concepts. First, we explored gravity and colours by doing the experiment ‘walking colours’. We used cups of different coloured water and dipped the ends of absorbent paper towels in each. The fibers then sucked up the colours and started to mix with each other over time. The next day we looked at chemistry and reactions with bi-carb, vinegar and oil by making our own Lava lamp. The children were mesmerised watching the bubbles move up and down because of the chemical reaction. We celebrated our learning at the end of the week with a teachers science show! Each teacher came with an exciting science experiment to teach the whole of prep. We learnt chemistry with ‘Elephant toothpaste’ and exploding bags (vinegar and bi-carb gas), Balloon rockets and coke and mentos explosion. We had a wonderful week and gained a deeper appreciation for science and how fun it can be.

Prep Blueberry – Engineers in the making!

Prep Blueberry’s young builders have been on an exciting journey of creativity and problem-solving, this term in our DCL Unit. Their latest adventure? Designing houses that can withstand the huffing and puffing of the big bad wolf!

With boxes as their building blocks and a wealth of design techniques learned throughout the year, these students embarked on a mission to create the sturdiest, wolf-proof dwellings imaginable. It was a journey filled with joy, laughter, and a whole lot of imagination.

As they assembled their cardboard fortresses, the children discovered that not every idea was wolf-resistant. But instead of giving up, they persevered. This hands-on experience taught them the value of refining their designs, a crucial lesson that extends beyond just constructing cardboard houses.

Prep Blueberry’s young architects are now equipped with the skills and mindset to face challenges head-on. They’ve learned that with a little creativity, determination, and the right foundation, they can build structures that can withstand even the harshest of challenges. These future engineers are certainly on the path to greatness, one cardboard box at a time.

JLC- Spotlight on Learning! Year 1!

It’s time to reflect on the fantastic memories we’ve created in Term 3. From colorful bricks to imaginative costumes, here’s a quick recap:

Lego Extravaganza: Our budding engineers showcased their creativity, constructing masterpieces with Lego bricks. From towering castles to futuristic spaceships, their imaginations ran wild as they coded their animated creations!

Toy Test Day: Laughter echoed in the precinct as we embarked on Toy Test Day with the Year 7’s in the MLC. Students tested, critiqued, and rated a range of toys. Learning through play has never been more fun!

Pirate Day: Pirate Day brought swashbuckling adventures to life. Decked out in eye patches and tricorn hats, our little buccaneers embarked on a treasure hunt, navigating rough seas and solving puzzles.

Book Week Character Dress Up: Our school transformed into a realm of literary wonder as students transformed into their favorite book characters. It was a magical celebration of reading and storytelling.

Term 3 has been a voyage filled with learning, laughter, and imagination. Here’s to many more adventures in Term 4!

Learning in Year 2: Spotlight on 2EM

This term the Year 2 classrooms have bustled with excitement as the children delved into the fascinating realm of robotics, igniting their imagination and sparking thought-provoking discussions.

One highlight was our creative narrative writing, where our budding authors painted vibrant worlds with their words. Exploring the “World of Robots” was a captivating experience. Engaging debates emerged as students pondered the intriguing question, “Can a robot have feelings?” or, “Can a robot do your homework?” These discussions encouraged critical thinking and opened doors to consider what technology might look like in the future.

The practical aspect of robotics shone through as the children built ingenious automated Lego robots. The study of robot films added depth to their understanding, inspiring them to craft robots from recycled materials, showcasing their grasp of the scientific forces of push and pull.

Year 2 has truly embarked on an exciting journey of creativity, innovation, and collaboration. We can’t wait to see how their newfound knowledge and skills continue to flourish in the coming term.

Year 3 Term 3 Wrap Up

For a 10 week term it certainly flew by! We learnt so much, had great celebration days and learnt how to dance the Nutbush, which was a term highlight! We had the Book Week dress up day and celebrated stories and the inspiration authors bring into our lives through reading. We started to focus more on learning about SECRET Skills and building on these to help prepare us for the transition into Year 4 and then MLC. The ones we focus on are self-manager, reflective learner, effective participator and team worker. The children build on these skills up until Year 12 and it helps prepare them with the skills needed to be successful in life

Our parent showcase was an amazing way to end the term where we could display our DCL invention creations and our information reports all on a Poster. The excitement of the children and parents to be in the classroom together was a joy to observe. Watching the students explain how the classroom works and runs daily was fantastic, as they were so proud of their learning spaces and achievements.

Year 3/4 Showcase

This week, we were delighted to host a special event in our Year 3 and Year 4 classrooms as a way for our students to proudly share their achievements with their parents. It was heartwarming to see parents join us in the classroom, witnessing firsthand the incredible progress and dedication their children have displayed throughout this term. The Year 3/4 Showcase is a cherished occasion where our students eagerly present their work, offering parents a unique glimpse into the remarkable outcomes of their children’s dedication and effort this term.

FLARE Bunnings Incursion

In Term 3, FLARE i-Time students participated in a managed project using Makers Empire called Sustainable Communities.

This Challenge Course introduced the concept of sustainable communities, and sustainable practices regarding the use of resources (rethink, reduce, refuse, repair, reuse and recycle). Students discovered that some resources are renewable while others are unrenewable and that the Earth’s resources change over time, as a result of natural processes and human activity. The course concluded with a design thinking project which challenged students to identify an opportunity to use resources within our Hillcrest community in more sustainable ways. We were grateful for a representative from Bunnings Horticulture department who visited Hillcrest to teach us about gardening and show us ways to make our school more sustainable. Bunnings donated soil, planter boxes and plants. Some students even designed and made their own boxes.

School Holiday Coding Camp for Kids!

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From the Head of the MLC

Dear Parents/Carers,

Students in the MLC have finished Term 3 with a number of showcase events demonstrating the student learning for parents and other students from across the College to see. These events bring an authentic audience to the learning which drives deeper learning for our students as they answer questions from the public. I would like to thank the staff who have supported this learning and also the parents who have given up valuable time to partner in the learning during the projects.

Next term starts with a bang with the Art and Choral Extravaganza in Week 1 (Thursday 5, October) followed by the MLC Celebration Evening in Week 3 (Tuesday 17, October). We expect the Extravaganza to be a full house so please reserve a FREE ticket using the following link, CLICK THIS LINK

Art and Choral Extravaganza

5:00pm Art Exhibition & Capture Screen Showcase
5:30pm Capture Screen & Media Awards
6:30pm Choral Extravaganza (free ticketed event)

Finally, I would like to extend my warmest wishes for a safe and restful holiday break to all of the MLC community. I pray that our students can rest and restore before another busy term and that you return ready for a challenging, yet exciting close to another big year at Hillcrest Christian College.



Darren Rackemann
Head of 5 – 12

What’s been happening in the MLC

MLC Mural Project

This year MLC and SLC students embarked on a creative mural collaboration between Torres Strait Islander artist, Lisa Sorbie-Martin, mural expert, Kiel Tillman and Mrs Lorenna Miles. Students contributed to the design and painting of a mural that reflected concepts from the Bible, with a cultural influence. The artwork was painted on the pylon poles of the lower level of the MLC building facing the student courtyard space, and extends to the brickwork next to the stairs. Thank you to the following students for their creative input and willingness to serve: Kate Arden, Charlotte Che, Gina Churches, Joscelyn du Toit, Layla Dunn, Elissa Egan, Elay Ghanbarzadeh, Sienna Perivolaris, Ciara Woods, Serena Zhang, Izzy Miles, Mayali Jeffery, Izzy Lucas, Amelie Miles, Ziya Semaan, Sofia Suttling, Sahra Onofrio and Cayla Vijoen. Thank you to the P & F association who financed the project through a teacher grant. 

Year 6 CIA Day

Our Year 6 students have been working hard setting up their businesses for this year’s Compassion In Action (CIA) Day! With a variety of stalls to choose from, students in Years 1 – 5 had a great time visiting them all and choosing where to spend their tickets. All proceeds will be donated to charity. Well done Year 6 on your amazing business ideas and implementation!

Year 7 Parent Hour – Toymania

We were absolutely thrilled to welcome a great turnout of Year 7 parents this week, who came to witness the incredible toy creations crafted by our talented Year 7 students. The MLC was filled with a delightful array of imaginative and innovative creations designed specifically for children. These toys were not only ingeniously conceived but also rigorously tested by our very own Year 1 and Year 2 students. What makes this process truly valuable is that it instills in our students a vital cycle of innovation: from the spark of an idea, through the creative crafting, rigorous testing, and iterative improvements, until they transform their concepts into practical, marketable products that hold real value for others. Well done to all our Year 7 students!

School Holiday Coding Camp for Kids!

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From the Head of the SLC

Dear Parents/Carers,

The last few weeks have been busy with many celebrations for our graduating class of Year 12 students. The formal last Friday night was a highlight for many and I was extremely proud of the way our students presented themselves and represented our College on the night. The students were extremely well behaved and celebrated appropriately with plenty of stories being shared in between some intense dance offs. Almost 100 students then chose to go back to the College and spend more time together at The Happening as they tried their very best to stay up all night making the most of a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you to the amazing staff who supported the festivities at both the Formal and The Happening. I know the students appreciated the weeks of organisation that went into both events.

Next term starts with a bang with the Art and Choral Extravaganza in Week 1 (Thursday, 5 October) followed by the SLC Celebration Evening in Week 2 (Thursday, 12 October). We expect the Extravaganza to be a full house so please reserve a FREE ticket using the following link, CLICK THIS LINK

Art and Choral Extravaganza

5:00pm Art Exhibition & Capture Screen Showcase
5:30pm Capture Screen & Media Awards
6:30pm Choral Extravaganza (free ticketed event)


Finally, I would like to extend my warmest wishes for a safe and restful holiday break to all of the SLC community. I pray that our students can rest and restore before another busy term and that you return ready for a challenging, yet exciting close to another big year at Hillcrest Christian College.


Darren Rackemann
Head of 5 – 12

What’s been happening in the SLC

Year 12 Originals

This week marked a special occasion as we came together to celebrate our cherished Hillcrest Originals. An Original refers to a student who has undertaken their entire educational journey here at Hillcrest. In this heartwarming event, we extended a warm invitation to parents, acknowledging and expressing our gratitude for their unwavering dedication, commitment, and invaluable partnership in nurturing and educating the whole child.
Our Year 12 Originals took centre stage, leading out in worship for our Junior Learning Community (JLC) students. Additionally, it was a touching moment when our Prep students had the opportunity to present gifts to our Year 12 Originals, symbolising the intergenerational bonds that Hillcrest fosters.
The atmosphere was brimming with warmth and appreciation, making this event truly special and unforgettable.

Visual Art 10-11 GOMA Excursion

On Tuesday, 22 August, Year 10 and 11 Visual Art students attended an excursion to the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) to experience the current exhibition featuring Michael Zavros’ “The Favourite” and ex de Medici’s “Beautiful Wickedness.” This excursion is the stimulus for their Unit 1 and Unit 3 coursework. As the students explored Zavros’ fusion of classical elements and modern interpretations and delved into ex de Medici’s intricate and provocative “Beautiful Wickedness,” their creative senses were ignited.

RISE The Tails of The Tides 

The Tails of The Tides project was a favourite amongst Year 9 students as it provided them with the freedom to take initiative and advocate for the conservation of the Gold Coast’s beautiful and diverse marine ecosystems.Students were given the freedom to work individually or collaboratively in a field of marine conservation, creating a compelling presentation in their chosen area. After being taught the importance of protecting marine life, students were motivated to create the best possible outcome, with the results ranging from social media posts to interactive games. These were displayed at the end-of-term showcase, encompassing a wide range of student work. Each unique stall provided valuable information on ocean preservation and inspired many to change their behaviours to more environmentally friendly practices. Hillcrest parents, siblings and members of the community were all impressed by the professionalism and hard work that was put into the student stalls.Throughout the unit, students were also involved in many practical components that fostered personal growth, such as a tour of Fingal Head and snorkelling.The Fingal Head tour was led by a Cudjingburra man named Bijang, who taught students the history of the area, and the importance of respecting nature. This provided context and valuable insight into the relevance of marine conservation for their Tails of The Tides project.Snorkelling was unforgettable experience, where the students were able to enjoy the beautiful Gold Coast waters. The ocean was teeming with diverse species of fish, sea turtles and the occasional whale, some students were even fortunate enough to glimpse the critically endangered hawksbill turtle!Overall, the Tails of The Tides project was a remarkable addition to the Rise Program 2023, as it provided a student-led approach to learning. Students thoroughly enjoyed all the opportunities presented to them, and completed the project with priceless memories, important knowledge, valuable life skills and a passion for preserving the beauty of Gold Coast beaches.Esther Rush
Year 9

Senior Geography – Exploring alternatives to fast fashion

Year 10 and 11 Geography students embarked on a transformative field trip to a local Op Shop this term, broadening their horizons and deepening their understanding of societal issues.

Year 11 students explored sustainable practices in urban living, focusing on affordable lifestyles and combating fast fashion. This eye-opening experience prompted reflection on the environmental consequences of consumer choices.

Conversely, Year 10 students examined the community impact of funds raised by the Kings Community Centre, emphasizing the positive changes that can result from collective action.

Demonstrating their commitment to community, all students donated items and left with meaningful purchases, illustrating the potential for affordable and sustainable living.

This excursion fostered social responsibility and a deeper connection to the community, reinforcing the value of experiential learning in shaping informed and conscientious citizens. It was a transformative experience that underscored the importance of hands-on education.

Singapore Trip 2023

In a thrilling end to Term 2, a group of 17 enthusiastic students, accompanied by three dedicated staff members, embarked on a remarkable seven-day cultural trip to Singapore. This adventure provided a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the vibrant tapestry of Singaporean culture and history.

Throughout the journey, the students had the chance to explore numerous iconic landmarks and attend exciting events. Marina Bay’s stunning skyline, the captivating Singapore Zoo, and enlightening visits to various museums were just a few of the highlights. The breathtaking Gardens by the Bay offered an enchanting glimpse into Singapore’s commitment to sustainable practices.

One of the key takeaways from the trip was the valuable insight into Singapore’s exemplary sustainability initiatives. Students learned about the nation’s efforts to address environmental challenges and implement sustainable practices, leaving them inspired and better informed about global environmental issues.

Additionally, the students delved into Singapore’s rich and diverse history, gaining a deeper appreciation for the nation’s cultural heritage and its rapid evolution into a modern global hub.

This cultural excursion not only broadened the horizons of the students but also fostered a sense of curiosity and respect for different cultures and sustainable living practices. It was a journey filled with unforgettable experiences, encouraging a broader worldview among the participants and leaving a lasting impact on their educational journey.

Year 12 – Write a Book in a Day

This week, some Year 12 students enthusiastically engaged in their final “Write a Book in a Day” challenge, embarking on this creative journey at 7am and persisting until dark. They arrived well prepared, clad in their pyjamas, armed with an abundance of delightful snacks, all set to collaboratively plan, write, and illustrate a captivating book by day’s end.

Year 12 Formal

The Year 12 Formal was a night to remember for the Class of 2023. Hosted at Mantra on View, it was a night of elegance, laughter and unforgettable memories. The evening kicked off with a line-up of impressive cars and glamourous arrivals that set the tone for the evening. Inside the venue, excitement buzzed as students had their photos taken on the red carpet before heading upstairs for the main event. Inside, students enjoyed a delicious three course meal. The excitement continued with an Awards Ceremony hosted by some of our remarkable year 12 students. Of course, the undeniable highlight of the night was the dance floor. Our Year 12 students showcased their moves and belted out their favourite songs, leaving with sore feet and voices – a testament to the fantastic time they had. A heartfelt thank you goes to the Year 12 Formal Committee for their dedication in making this event a success. What a wonderful event it was, leaving everyone with memories of a night filled with joy, laughter and celebration!

Pathways News

Fashion Design 2D & 3D workshops

Please see attached information regarding upcoming Fashion 2D and 3D Design Workshops to be held in Brisbane. 

ADF Upcoming Events

Please see attached a list of Australian Defence Forces information sessions upcoming over August and September. Note that many of these sessions repeat throughout the year. Please check the details and register on the ADF Upcoming Events site.

RSA – short course with GESS Education

Have you ever wanted to get your RSA? If so, please see the attached flyer and contact GESS to enrol in the next enrolment.

First Aid – short course with GESS Education

Have you ever wanted to get your FIRST AID Certificate? If so, please see the attached flyer and contact GESS to enrol in the next enrolment.

Future Doctors Australia program

The Future Doctors Australia’ program is now open! Please note, the spots in this program are strictly limited.

The Future Doctors Australia program offers a unique opportunity for students (ages: 14-18) aspiring to pursue a career in medicine. Through engaging sessions led by experienced medical specialists, practical learning activities, and insights into the admission process, the program aims to inspire and equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in their medical journey. This is an incredible opportunity to gain valuable insights and guidance from medical professionals who are passionate about shaping the future of healthcare.

Dates of upcoming programs:
Sydney: 5 – 8 October 2023
Adelaide: 13 – 16 October 2023
Brisbane: 9 – 12 December 2023
Melbourne: 25 – 28 January 2024

For further information and enrolment details please visit  WWW.NIECAREERS.COM.AU 


Conversations, Art and Choral Extravaganza

Conversations” Art and Choral Extravaganza 2023 will be held on Thursday, 5 October at 5pm in the SLC Courtyard. Guests will have the opportunity to witness artwork created throughout the year, from Prep to Year 12. Our event will be providing students with the opportunity to share their talents, passions, artistic interests, and skills across a range of art making mediums, with the wider community. Acknowledging exceptional achievements throughout the year with the award presentations occurring at 5:30pm

This year we also celebrate our Film, Television and New Media students cinematic and creative excellence during the 16th year of Capture, Screen and Media Awards, on Thursday, 5 October at 5pm in conjunction with the Art and Choral Extravaganza.

Capture, Screen and Media Awards recognises the exceptional achievements of our FTVNM students. This annual event highlights not only the students’ artistic endeavors but also their technical ability in the world of visual storytelling. Awards will be presented at 5:30pm with categories spanning across cinematography, screenwriting, editing, and more.

Date: Thursday, 5 October (Week 1, Term 4)
Time: Art Exhibition and Film Showcase from 5pm with Award Presentation at 5:30pm
Location: Hillcrest Christian College SLC Courtyard
Admission: Free and open to all
Student Dress: Formal Uniform (except for Choral student performers)

Year 9 Duke of Ed Bronze Qualifying Adventurous Journey

It was a pleasure to once again hit the trails with an awesome group of people last weekend – Abigail Adams, Sienna Crews, Harry Davison, Matilda Duhig, Fleur Hammersley, Esther Rush, Sarah Snowdon, and Jaden Viljoen.In addition, Antia Hill and Wendy Wotton also came to walk and support! We used the Gold Coast Show Holiday to head north to the Cooloola Recreational Area to do some bushwalking and camping (requiring 4×4 vehicles to access the tracks in and our starting point for the first day’s 14km walk (Harry’s Hut Road to Fig Tree Point and then around/past Lake Como to get to Harry’s Hut Camping area). They set a cracking pace – at least 5km an hour! Once at home camp, they did an excellent job setting up tents and cooking their meals for the evening. It was lovely to chat and enjoy the gorgeous moonlit evening by the tea-stained Upper Noosa River. Next morning saw us walk another 7km north of the camp site along the river and a little inland (though some of us did an additional 3km on top of that with an extra 20 min return bush-sprint).Sadly, our trip was over almost as quickly as it started, and we were back into the vehicles and headed south and home Saturday afternoon.Thank you so much to the kids who made it a great weekend as well as Antia and Wendy for making my job so much easier and enjoyable too.

Hillcrest Shines at P-6 Interschool Chess Competition

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of our recent participation in the P-6 Interschool Chess Competition, held at Clover Hill State School on 30 August. Our 46 enthusiastic chess enthusiasts represented Hillcrest with great pride and sportsmanship throughout the whole event. This is one of our highest participation rates so far, with more than half our students first timers on the competition.In the challenging Division A category, our Hillcrest team demonstrated exceptional strategic skills, earning a well-deserved 3rd place. This remarkable achievement speaks volumes about our students’ dedication to chess and their pursuit of excellence.What’s even more impressive is that seven of our students received merit awards for their outstanding individual performances. These accolades not only recognise their remarkable chess prowess but also highlight their commitment and passion for the game.The recent P-6 Interschool Chess Competition was a celebration of Hillcrest’s chess community, showcasing our growing enthusiasm for the game and our commitment to nurturing young talent. It was a day filled with intellectual challenges, teamwork, and a lot of fun!Congratulations to all our participants and award recipients for making Hillcrest proud!

NFL Flag- QLD State Tournament

Selected Year 5 and 6 students took part in the QLD State NFL Flag Tournament in Week 8 this term. The team has been training hard all term to take on 13 other schools in this non-contact form of American Football. The team played six games and won four. This means Hillcrest came third in the state. Well done to all students as well as coaches.

Year 7-12 Thursday Sport

Thursday Sport and the AGCC Interschool competition has been completed for Semester 2. This semester we had eight teams competing in Grand Finals with two bringing home the premiership cups. The two teams were:

Basketball Girls: Year 10-12 Red
Tennis Girls: Year 7-9 Red

Once again, students enjoyed the weekly competition against the other AGCC schools. A big thank you must go to the Hillcrest staff for coaching as the sports department for organising the weekly games.

Regional Athletics Club

Warm days greeted 15 Hillcrest students competing in 26 different events at the South Coast Regional Athletics Carnival. Held at Runaway Bay Performance Centre, our students competed to the best of their ability to try to beat their person best times/distances or to progress through to the states. All students did us proud with some excellent results. We will be announcing the students who have progressed to state level in our next newsletter. Here are the students who competed and their event.

Daniel Arden


Kate Arden


Hudson Bowker


Vincent Churches

2000 Steeplechase



Matilda Duhig





Byron Evans



High Jump

Hudson Flower

Shot Put

Clo Harvey


Ella Kerry


Alessandra Mastaglia


Louis Minet


Zoltan Nagy


Marley Pacific

Triple Jump

Long Jump

Ziya Semaan


Caitlin Stone




Hillcrest Student Piano Competitions

Lily Yang, Year 4, has achieved amazing results for her piano competitions. Below are her accomplishments.Redlands Eisteddfod 2023
3rd place, section Grade 4
1st place, Piano duet-10years under.Wynnum Manly Eisteddfod 2023
1st place, Grade 4 examination Level
Trophy for highest score in Grade 4 examination levelMurwillumbah Festival of performing Arts 2023
1st place, solo-8 years under popular or jazz
1st place, solo-8 years under, advanced player
1st place, solo-8 years under, 1piece anyQuota Beenleigh Eisteddfod 2023
2nd place, examination Grade 4 level
3rd place, solo-8&9 years memorized
3rd place, Duet-8&9 years
3rd place, contemporary 1980-8&9 years
3rd place, Australian composer 8&9 years
Highly commended, Baroque 8&9 yearsGold Coast Eisteddfod 2023
2nd place, solo-8 years,
1st place, Grade 4 – 20 years & under
Very Highly commended, non-classical -11years underQueensland piano competition 2023
1st place, Intermediate 14 years & under Grade 5
Highly commended, Duets-9 years and under
Highly commended, popular style or jazz-12 years and under

Staff vs Student Sports Battle

Well done to the students who beat the staff in all three of the sports games this year. The Year 12s won the basketball, netball and touch footy this year. It was a great battle over the three days.

Parents & Friends

P&F Roller Skating

P&F have hired Epic Skate Rink exclusively for the use of Hillcrest families on Tuesday, 19 September 2023 between 4.30pm – 6.30pm.
Normal entry price is $16 per person but pre-purchase your ticket for just $10 per person via the link below.
Skate hire can be paid directly to Epic on the day, if required for $4 per person.
Spectators are free. Cafe will be open to purchase food and drinks.
The link to purchase will close on Monday, 18 September at 8pm.

Save the Date – Hillcrest Fete

Mark this date in your calendar for the Hillcrest Fete: Saturday, 18 November 2023.

Other News

College Uniform Shop Hours

The Uniform Shop will be open for extended hours during Week 1 of Term 4.
Please see the website here for more information.

School Holiday Trading Hours
Friday 29 September 7.30 – 12.00pm

Extended Hours, Week 1
Tuesday, 3 October 7:30am – 12:00pm
Wednesday, 4 October 7:30am – 12:00pm
Thursday, 5 October 7:30am – 12:00pm
Friday, 6 October 7:30am – 12:00pm

We will resume regular trading hours from Week 2.

Bus Services

As we approach the end of Term 3, we want to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support in utilising our Hillcrest Bus Services during the past year. Your trust in our transportation system is greatly appreciated, and we are committed to providing a safe and reliable service for your children.

Our system notes that there are still some outstanding payments from Term 3 Bus fees. To ensure a smooth transition into Term 4 and to adhere to our policies, we kindly request that all outstanding Term 3 payments be settled by Friday, 15 of September, 2023.

It is important to note that these payments must be made before the commencement of Term 4, as fees for the upcoming term are due in the first week of school on Tuesday, 3 October. We understand that unexpected situations can sometimes affect financial matters, and if you are facing difficulties or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our bus administrator on buses@hillcrest.qld.edu.au or 07 5655 0910 office to discuss possible arrangements or payment plans.

All payments must be made through the RollCall App, using the following steps.

Payment through RollCall can be made by following the below steps:

  • Log in to your RollCall Parent Portal.
  • Click on the “My Transaction” tab located at the top of the page.
  • On the right-hand side of your “My Balance,” click on the green “Add Credit” button.
  • Select the student for whom you would like to add credit. Please note that you can only add credit to one student at a time.
  • Enter the desired credit amount.
  • Click on the blue PayPal icon (note that the name may vary depending on your banking provider).
  • In the PayPal pop up tab, sign in with your PayPal account or choose the option to pay with a card.
  • Enter your payment details and click “confirm”.

Once again, we look forward to serving you for the upcoming term and beyond. If you have any questions or concerns regarding payments or any other matters, please feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you for your continued trust and support.

Warm regards,

Sean Woodward
Hillcrest Bus Manager

Can Your Business Help our Students

The Pathways Team is looking for opportunities for our students. Can you offer:

  • Work experience?
  • A school based
  • Traineeship/apprenticeship?
  • Other opportunities to
  • Benefit our senior students?

Contact Lucinda Crews, Pathways Engagement Coordinator lcrews@hillcrest.qld.edu.au.

Key Dates