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17 June 2022

"If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved."

Romans 10:9 NLT

Jeff Davis
Executive Head of College

Executive Head of College, Jeff Davis shares an update from the last three weeks of Term 2.


Electric Buses

The College values its corporate responsibilities and its commitment to operating as sustainably as possible. Recent investments have included additional solar panels, sustainable power solutions and local partnerships with business and council on water management including our Lake project to monitor and collect data on water quality for both student learning and College purposes.

The College operates 10 buses providing both transportation to and from the College along with excursion and cocurricular experiences. With the help of Nexport the College has been investigating the use of electric buses as an option to support climate change initiatives and provide a more sustainable and potentially economical option for transportation. We look forward to further work and consideration on the project.


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Other News & Key Dates

Culture and Wellbeing

At Hillcrest, we call our weekly Chapel time Gatherings. Students have many opportunities throughout the week to hear about Jesus, so our Gatherings are intentional in being engaging and applicable to life.

In the JLC, students love dancing and singing upbeat worship songs, hearing Biblical messages from staff and memorising scripture. Students can begin to put their hope in Jesus and continue to learn our Biblical school values. The MLC Gathering gives opportunities for students to learn and practice leadership in sharing testimonies and leading worship but also hearing messages and life lessons from teachers and special guests, all while keeping it fun through games and student-created videos that all point to Jesus. Finally, our SLC Gathering is a time to challenge student’s self-doubts and identity by presenting the Gospel in an applicable and engaging way for real life. Our students share with their peers how Jesus has helped them through tough times and hear from teachers and guests who have shared the same struggles as them. But showing that Jesus is the way to a fulfilling life ahead.

Ultimately, we never want our Hillcrest Gatherings to be boring or forced on our students, but provide life-giving moments where students can lead their friends to the hope found in Jesus.”

Nat Cochran
MLC Chaplain

National Reconciliation Week 

National Reconciliation Week (27 May- 3June) was an important week in Australian history. Reconciliation Week is an integral way for Australians to celebrate their shared heritage, culture, and accomplishments. It’s a means of making (and celebrating) impactful change.

The area from Logan River in the north, to Tweed Heads in the south and west to Beaudesert was inhabited by the Yugambeh people. There were eight clans or tribes that lived on the land of the Yugambeh area. Aboriginal people have lived in the Gold Coast region for thousands of years. Indigenous Australians have always had a deep spiritual connection to the land. For them a sacred place could be a river or lake, beaches or bays, hills or  mountains. For the Yugambeh people, one of these places was Burleigh Hill, It was known as Jellurgal (Dreaming Mountain).

Throughout ELC, JLC, MLC and SLC we had assemblies, life groups, lessons and activities to commemorate National Reconciliation Week and impact the value of paying respect to the traditional custodians of the land in which we live.

From the ELC

We love to learn and discover together in the ELC. Recently we joined to celebrate World Ocean Day with an incursion from the Ocean Life Discovery Program. It was an interactive touch and learn session introducing children to a range of interesting creatures from the ocean. Inspirational, qualified marine educators arrived with fascinating live marine animals, artefacts, games and activities; blending ‘hands on’ interaction with a touch of science and a lot of humour, to make learning fun! Our aim is to inspire young children to take responsibility for the marine ecosystem for a lifetime.

Our children were able to interact with live marine animals such as a baby Bamboo Shark, a Fresh Water Turtle, Blue Linckia Seastars, Thorny Seastars, a Tropical Sea Cucumber, a Black Sea Cucumber and Sea Urchins.

Fascinating artefacts, shark jaws, odd and interesting shells, replica sea creatures and reference guides were included in an interactive activity station and children were able to ask and answer questions such as:

  • Why is a sea star not a starfish and how do they eat?
  • How can you tell what sharks eat, just by looking at their teeth?
  • How do sea urchins help keep the sea clean?
  • What might happen if you drop a plastic bag on the ground?
  • How do marine animals protect themselves?

Did you know…

  • A starfish isn’t a fish at all – they are now known as ‘sea stars’!  They are rough and spiky on top and a little squishy underneath where their tube feet are.
  • Sea Urchins don’t like being upside down and turn themselves back over using their spikes.
  • Tropical sea cucumbers have red stripes to say, “Stop! I’m poison. Don’t eat me”. They feel spongy and soft and a bit slimy!
  • Lots of sea creatures cleverly use ‘camouflage’ for protection.
  • Sea cucumbers eat sand off the bottom of the ocean, helping to keep the ocean clean.
  • Some sea stars shoot their stomachs out to catch food.

It’s up to all of us to be good stewards of the environment that God created for us and look after our ocean, to help all the sea creatures survive and do their special job in maintaining the marine environment.

As the wider College winds down for a much deserved break, I would like to wish our families who are heading away on holidays a wonderful and restful break and to our families still with us over the holidays… we cannot wait to have fun with you!

Come to me, all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

Michelle Cecil
Director of Early Learning Community

From JLC Leadership

To all our JLC Families,

Winter is definitely upon us, and the beautiful blue skies are beckoning us out into the sunshine. A perfect circuit breaker after much rain and just in time for the school holidays. This term it was lovely to share in the JLC Cross Country and Under 8s day events with our parent community. This was a much-needed community touch point after the last few years of postponements and cancellations. We anticipate many more upcoming events and cannot wait to celebrate Grandparents Day on 19 July 2022.

While visiting our JLC classrooms over the last few weeks, it is exciting to see all the wonderful Design Centred Learning (DCL) projects, demonstrating the culmination of learning this term. Our DCL projects were:

  • Our Preppies designed a Koala crossing and students choose between a bridge, tunnel, or overpass to keep koalas safe from the traffic.
  • Students in Year 1 designed habitats for animals and they constructed a diorama which included elements that supported the needs of animals that live there.
  • The focus for Year 2 was Robots, students considered mechanical versus emotional and designed a robot that incorporated an aspect of friendship and human emotion.
  • Year 3 got ready to pack their bags (exploring our Australian neighbours) as they designed a persuasive video to convince their audience as to why they must visit exciting and new destinations.
  • Going back into the past, Year 4 explored historical narratives. They designed and filmed a drama recreating the life and thoughts of a First Fleet child convict.
  • 3/4 LUMOS explored the world of natural and sustainable energy sources designing and testing a self-propelled boat using natural energy sources.

This week we say goodbye to Mrs Joanie Flowers, a much-loved teacher in our JLC who has served at the College for over 11 years. Mrs Flowers has made the decision to venture off into a new season of her life and has promised to not be stranger and still visit us occasionally. Mrs Flowers has contributed her time over the last semester to Monday morning Gatherings, whether virtual or in person, it was a high point of the week sharing in God’s word, worship and prayer while enjoying fellowship together as a JLC community. A perfect way to start our week. Next term we invite our parents to share in our Gatherings, please feel welcome each Monday morning in Terrace Hall beginning at 8.20am – we would love to see you all there!

Most of all, enjoy your holidays, time to appreciate a little down time, rest, recharge and spend special time with family and friends.

We look forward to seeing you all back in Term 3 for lots more fun and learning!


Christy Gittins
Head Junior Learning Community

What’s been happening in the JLC

3/4 Lumos Sea-faring Vessels

This term our 3/4 Lumos students have taken on the role of a world explorer, travelling uncharted waters. They designed a means of transportation that harnesses the elements of natural forces. They were tasked with transporting 20 cedar logs (20 lead pencils) down the Tweed River and out to sea, then to be transported down the Australian coastline or back to England. They used natural forms of energy to propel their sea-faring vessel, to successfully deliver the goods.

They built a working model of their vessel and chose a means of naturally propelling their vessel. Through persuasive text, they had to justify their choice. Students also provided a scientific write-up of the procedure plus a diagram of the forces in motion for developing their working model.

This design-centred learning task incorporated most of our core subjects for the term. There was a lot of freedom regarding what natural source the students used to power their boat, and the materials used to build. Year 4s were given the extra challenge of using natural materials, or materials that have been around for more than 100 years to build their vessel. On the launch day we recorded the data (distance travelled etc) and students used this to create graphs and interpret information.

Year 1 Habitat Dioramas

In Year 1 we have been learning how living things live in different places where their needs are met. We investigated habitats (Urban, Bush, Wetlands, Rainforest, Arctic and Coastal) and learned what a habitat needs and how habitats meet the needs of the animals that live there. We also identified threats to each of the habitats and created dioramas using a design process whereby children planned, designed, and constructed their own ‘habitat’ diorama. Many children created some wonderful habitats and used learned design techniques to enhance their work. Students were excited to explore this unit and enjoyed following it up in Week 8 with an excursion to David Fleay.

Year 1 at David Fleay

This Term Year 1 has been learning about Habitats. The Year 1 students enjoyed a visit to David Fleay Wildlife Park. They were excited to see crocodiles, cassowaries, wallabies, snakes, owls and pelicans. There were four shows that the students attended, the favourite show was the In-Flight show where they saw a variety of birds. The students were provided an opportunity to investigate animals and their characteristics to decide which habitat they live in. It was a wonderful experience and the students were excited to see the animals. Thank you to David Fleay Wildlife Park for providing a very informative day.

Year 4 Shelters

As part of our DCL unit this term, Year 4 students designed and created a model of a shelter made from natural materials. The task required students to build a shelter that would fit a small teddy inside. Students were inspired by traditional Indigenous shelters. Challenges students faced included creating shelters that would stand up securely, and also avoiding the natural wildlife (such as ants) that are found in natural resources.

JLC Art Room

At the beginning of Term 2, the brand new JLC art room was completed and what a joy it has been to watch the room be filled with colour and creativity. The Prep to Year 4 students have explored various elements of arts, learned new skills, and produced inspired art that demonstrates their own flair. African zebras, shimmering peacocks, abstract ANZAC poppies and silhouette birds on a wire are just some of the outstanding pieces that fill the space. If you haven’t checked out the new art room and the beautiful art display, head down behind the Bus Library to see the incredible artists’ work. It has been a pleasure being the interim Art teachers this term and we know the love of art will continue to grow with Mrs Parkes next term.

Jadee Lewis and Candice Maleham

3TC Say Thank You!

In the last few weeks 3TC worked together on a project to consolidate their learning for the term. The writing team persuaded Mrs Gittins and Mr Taylor to let them buy ingredients to make a morning tea and thank ALL the wonderful JLC staff. The math team had to investigate what amounts of ingredients were needed from recipes and then shop using the Woolworths website to come up with a budget. The marketing team had to write emails to book the staffroom, find out how many staff are in the JLC and organise masks and gloves for cooking as well as making signs for our food and a thank you sign. Everyone pitched in with cooking foods from our Neighbouring countries making Afghan cookies, Vanuatu coconut cake, Lolly Cake and Fruit cups, cones and kebabs. We even made deliveries to the staff that could not make it to our morning tea. Thank you JLC staff for all the work you do!

Year 2 Music in the Playground

In Term 2, Year 2 students were busy writing their own music and performing songs on tuned percussion instruments. To consolidate their learning, they spent the final lesson of the term at the Castle Playground. Students took turns performing their rhythm compositions on the drums and performing solos and duets on the giant chime bars. We even had students conducting the performers. It was exciting to hear their music come to life. Next time you pass by the playground you might hear echoes of ‘Kangaroo’ or ‘Old Pirate Bold’ or the chanting of ta’s and ti-ti’s. It is wonderful to hear the children developing a rich language of music and confidently taking the ‘stage’ to perform for their peers.

From the Head of the MLC

As we head towards the end of another term in our Learning Community, it is good to reflect on what we have achieved in only a year and a half. We continue to be a College of choice for locals in our community as demonstrated by the waiting lists in most year levels in the MLC for 2023. This term has also seen several schools and national learning tours use the MLC as a base to drive educational thinking and the feedback on where we are heading has been very positive.

Our amazing staff have given their own time to drive a large number of cultural and co-curricular events over the term that have underpinned the personal interests and strengths of our students. These include:

  • World Scholar’s Cup
  • Athletics Carnival
  • Science & Engineering Challenge
  • Just Glow disco raising money for Effective Aid
  • Wednesday Wellbeing activities
  • MLC Massed Choir
  • College Musical
  • AFL Q Schools Cup
  • Griffith STEM Ambassadors Conference
  • FUSE Cup
  • Gold Coast Futsal Titles
  • Regional debating
  • Indoor Netball Secondary Schools Tournament
  • Years 5-6 Reader’s Cup
  • Cross Country

The various clubs and leadership opportunities that are offered during both morning tea and lunch breaks are also a highlight for me as the Head of Community. Few schools could demonstrate such a rich and diverse optional program for their students that builds community and enhances skill development while being driven by the students themselves.

I have tried to be out of my office and in classrooms as much as possible over the past few weeks and it has been a great way of keeping up to date with what our students are learning. Earlier this week I was in a Year 6 Christian Living class watching the students articulate how they have been chosen by God and what gifts and talents they have been blessed with. Youth members from Glow Church were also in the class offering support and following the lesson. This approach offers students with a wealth of spiritual modelling and growth and is an excellent example of outworking the mission of the College.

I wish everyone a restful and restoring holiday break and look forward to coming back to continue our growth as a Learning Community.

Darren Rackemann
Head of Middle Learning Community

What’s been happening in the MLC

Year 6 Gardening DCL

A group of Year 6 students have been working hard during the past three weeks to establish a market vegetable garden at the base of the MLC ramp. As part of the Amazing Asian DCL that all Year 6 students are participating in, these students are growing produce to provide for other Year 6 student chefs. We will also be providing fresh produce for the Hub.

The hard work of weeding, conditioning the soil with organics and planting had been completed. We now have the more enjoyable job of caring for our seedlings, watering and fertilising and watching them grow and go from the garden to the plate.

Parents are welcome to wander through the garden to enjoy the hard work and dedication of these students.

Semester 1 Awards Assembly

On Wednesday, we acknowledged a number of MLC students for their academic achievements and/or their socio-emotional and spiritual contribution to our community. We celebrated the success of many who have displayed hard work and dedication over Semester 1 through the four domains of IQ (Intellectual) , EQ (Emotional), SQ (Spiritual) and GQ (Global).

Congratulations to all our award recipients.


Carmichael E Life Group

In CE Life Group, we do loads of fun, teamwork building activities and games. An environment where we all feel comfortable to try and give everything a go, is a reality for us when we play the weekly games of “Beat That.” In this new section of Life Group, we do fun challenges every week, sometimes in teams and other times, individually. This gives students a time to relax and do something different in the mornings before academic classes. I love playing games in Life Group and feel that it builds my teamworking skills at the same time as having fun. – Madelyn B 

I like life group because we do a lot of fun stuff like card/board games or ‘Beat That’ challenges.” Darwin H 

“I enjoy having Life Group because everyone is always friendly, and I can have fun and play games with all my friends. I also enjoy Life Group because I’m not graded. I can form a deeper connection with God and talk to him throughout the day and learn how much Jesus loves us.” Isabella G-T 

Year 5 and 6 Leadership Club Disco

This week the 5/6 Leadership Club hosted a mini disco for the Year 3-4 students as a fundraiser for Effective Aide. There was a sausage sizzle, icy poles, and a dance party followed by some games – all organised by the Year 5/6 Leadership Club. Students had fun dancing and getting down low for limbo and also got in some great exercise over their lunchbreak. Thank you to the 5/6 Leadership Club for all your work putting this together.

Year 6 Half Point Dinner

Last Friday the MLC hosted the Year 6 Half Point Dinner. This is an opportunity for students to celebrate the important milestone of reaching the half way point of their schooling career. We had food trucks with wood fired pizza, burgers and an ice cream truck. A photobooth proved to be lots of fun and a great way for students to capture important memories. Next, they took to the dance floor and had a blast celebrating this awesome time in their life. Congratulations Class of 2028 – you’re half way!

MLC Athletics Carnival

The Athletics Carnival this year was held at Somerset and we had stunning weather for this event! Participation was at an all time high with the overall House points totalling more than ever before. The House Spirit Award went to Carmichael with the Overall House Champion going to Taylor House with over 1900 points. Congratulations Taylor!


From the Head of the SLC

Another Successful Term

The Cambridge online dictionary defines success as the achieving of results wanted or hoped for. Using this definition against our mission of delivering young people who are educated, equipped, empowered, and energised, I can confidently say we have been successful.

We are working hard to ensure that the values of the College are instilled in each child. Service is one of our core values and Week 10 saw the introduction of Year 9 Service Week where students served alongside various organisations in our local community. Year 9 Service Week complemented the Year 9 Cooktown Mission trip, which saw over 30 students and six staff serve the Cooktown community.

We are a school that sings. Each Thursday morning during Life Group this term, students rehearsed for the Inter-House choir competition. The Houses rehearsed a set song and then were able to perform a song of their own choosing. It was great to see the thought and effort the students had given to singing and choreographing their chosen song. Well done to all students!

Students have been busy completing assessments, which means teachers have also been busy marking and writing reports. Results and feedback for all assessments submitted this term will be available on the Parent Lounge and Student Café by the end of the term. A formal report for Year 9 and Year 10 students will be available on the Parent Lounge and Student Café from next week. Communication has been sent regarding Student/Parent/Teacher interviews next term. We ask that you book these appointments early to avoid missing out. If by chance one of your child’s teachers are unavailable, we ask that you email them directly to arrange an alternative time.

I wish everyone in the community a restful break. Personally, I am off on a driving vacation around Tasmania. Enjoy the down time and we look forward to working with you next term.

Jason Day
Head of Senior Learning Community

What’s been happening in the SLC

Building Resilience Post Pandemic

Unfortunately, the mental health of young people has been significantly impacted by the pandemic. As many families settle back into pre-COVID routines, there seems to be a pervasive sense of optimism about what lies ahead.

Unfortunately children and teens are not immune to what is now being termed the “psychological pandemic”. Young people are at risk of not achieving the primary demands of developmental tasks such as procuring independence, identity formation, as well as obtaining and maintaining peer relationships. What kids need most in the current environment is support, understanding, empathy and encouragement from caring adults. They live up or down to the expectations we set for them.

If there is a panacea to the adversity caused by the pandemic, then it is the building of resilience. Resilience is the capacity to face, overcome, be strengthened and transformed by adversity. Never before, have parents needed the skills, the knowledge and the strategies to build resilience in their children as much as they do now. There are seven integral and interrelated components that make up being resilient that can help young people thrive and develop healthy coping strategies.

This Report explores the “7 Cs of Resilience” and includes suggested strategies on how adult carers can best facilitate them.

We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the College for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to your special report.

Year 9 Mini Market Day

This term our Year 9 Economics students took part in the $20 Boss program.  All students were supplied with $20 capital and had to work in groups to come up with a Social Enterprise Business idea. Business concepts and ideas were developed during lesson time and aspects such as financial management and marketing were also covered. On Wednesday, 8 June, the groups had an opportunity to showcase their ideas to the rest of the SLC and several groups sold their products to fellow students. Examples of products and services were: recycled jewellery, bicycle repair services, all natural ingredients doggy treats, swimwear, brownies, candles and many more. We are very proud of our young Entrepreneurs! Well done to all!

Carmichael Life Group in Year 2

The Carmichael Year 9 and 12 students spent a morning tea with the Year 2 students on the oval in Week 7. The morning tea included the girls enjoying yummy cupcakes baked by the seniors and a few games of bull rush on the oval with the boys. The Senior Carmichael students would like to thank all the Year 2 staff and students for a great morning. Carmichael House looks to continually build strong connections with the Year 2 buddies in the future.

Year 11 Geography Fundraiser – Malaria

The Year 11 Geography class ran a food stall at the recent international market day. The students baked cupcakes and brownies and cooked sausages. All funds raised on the day will go towards buying mosquito nets for people living in malaria prone areas in Africa. All food for the stall was donated by the Year 11 students and the College would like to thank them all for the generous donations.

Year 9 Service Week

Service is an integral value within our College community and during the last week of this term our Year 9 students participated in our inaugural Service Week. During the same week as our annual Cooktown Mission Trip, the remaining Year 9 students were given the opportunity to engage in acts of service across our local community. Students were organised into small groups, accompanied by a Hillcrest staff member for the week and partnered with a number of local Gold Coast organisations. Among the service opportunities were beach cleaning and protection with Surf Life Saving Queensland, horticulture and park maintenance at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, weed, trail and fire break management with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and church maintenance at Reedy Creek Baptist, Glow and Newlife churches. The week was a huge success and we wish to thank all of the staff and students involved in serving across the week.

SLC International Day

We love and appreciate the diversity our international students bring to Hillcrest. In Week 7 our SLC students celebrated the heritage and culture of our international students, transforming the courtyard with food stalls, accompanied by Japanese drummers. Thank you to all our students and staff who contributed to such an important cultural event.

Annual House Choir Competition

Last Friday, a term’s worth of singing and rehearsals for each of our SLC Houses culminated in our Annual House Choir Competition.  It was a sensational afternoon of amazing performances from all Houses, with an extra special surprise from the staff who paid tribute to Bryan Adams with a performance of ‘Summer of ‘69’. All Houses were required to sing 10,000 Reasons as our 2022 set piece, and to also perform a song of their own choice.  10,000 Reasons has never sounded or looked so good with choreography setting the scene for an epic finale for each House. Our student leaders deserve recognition for the massive effort they all put in to bring their respective Houses together in song. Thanks also to Dr Stewart and the performing arts staff who supporting our competition preparation. Ultimately, it was Greene who took home the trophy this year with an amazing performance of 10,000 Reasons and a tribute to rock band, Queen!

Graze n Paint

This week saw our SLC girls invited to participate in a Graze n Paint Art event at the College with guest artist, Tamara Armstrong. Approximately 50 female students had a fantastic night of fun, fellowship and artistic flare. Supported by the P&F, the participants enjoyed amazing food while engaging in painting bold and vibrant artwork inspired by patterns found in the natural environment. Organised by Sophie Kent, Mikayla Hawi and the student leadership team and supported by Ms Cobb and Mrs Miles from our amazing Art department, the night was a huge success. We thank all who attended for bringing something special together across the night.

Pathways News

Expressions of Interest now Open for Term 4 2022 and Term 1, 2023

Term 4 2022:

Electrotechnology – Wednesday & Thursday classes
Construction – Wednesday and Thursday Classes
Automotive – Friday class
Plumbing – Wednesday & Friday classes

Term 1 2023

Electrotechnology Thursday Class
Construction – Friday Class
Automotive – Wednesday Class
Plumbing – Wednesday & Friday Class
Surfboard Shaping – Friday Class
Horticulture – Friday Class

Open Days

Bond | 2022 Open Day
Saturday 30 July 2022, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Experience our on-campus Open Day on 30 July, 2022 – a day where our campus is yours to explore.

Make the most of your Open Day experience by exploring a study area or two, take a behind-the-scenes tour of campus, be inspired by a keynote presentation – or even meet some of our students, alumni and staff in the Connect Lounge. Find out more.

ADFA Open Day 2022
Saturday 20 August 2022, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

The 2022 ADFA Open Day is on Saturday 20th August. There will also be an online / virtual version of the Open Day for people who are unable to visit Canberra on this date.

Can’t make Open Day? Check out the virtual tour. Be the first to hear by registering.

Workshops and Courses

QSFT | Junior School Holiday Filmmakers Bootcamp
Friday, 1 July 2022, 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

Queensland School of Film & Television

QSFT’s Junior School Holiday Filmmaking Bootcamp is designed for high school students between Years 7 – 9.

Within a fun and creative environment participants will gain an understanding of filming & editing techniques. Bootcampers will collaborate in a short film shoot.

Lead by an industry professional, this one-day workshop is perfect for those who want to explore what it is like to be a part of a film crew.

Find out more.

QSFT | School Holiday Filmmakers Bootcamp
Wednesday 6 July 2022, 9:30 am – Thursday 7 July 2022, 4:30 pm

Queensland School of Film & Television

QSFT’s School Holiday Filmmakers Bootcamp is designed for high school students from Year 10 – 12 to learn basic photography, video & editing techniques. Within a fun and challenging environment. Participants will get on-set experience and collaborate within a small group on short film production.

Trained by an industry professional, this two-day workshop is perfect for those who want to explore what it is like to be a part of a film crew.

Find out more.

eSafety Commissioner | Safer online gaming
Friday 17 June 2022, 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm


Help your kids stay safe by learning about the benefits and risks of online gaming. This webinar is designed for parents and carers of young people aged 8 to 13 years of age.

It will cover:

  • the games young people are using and how they are engaging with them
  • the benefits of gaming and how to mitigate the risks
  • practical strategies to use at home and where to find help and support if things go wrong.

Find out more.

Career and Jobs

Australian Border Force Officer Recruit Training Program

Working for the Australian Border Force (ABF) can give you the opportunity to work across the country or the world. You will be on the front line protecting Australia’s border, whether it be:

  • processing passengers at an air or seaport
  • clearing cargo at an air or sea port
  • clearing mail at a clearance centre
  • patrolling the Australian coastline in an ABF vessel
  • working at a district office
  • investigating illegal border activity
  • working at a detention centre
  • locating and detaining unlawful non-citizens.

The Border Force Officer Recruit Training (BFORT) program is an entry level program. It prepares you for a career in the ABF.

To apply for a Border Force Officer Recruit position you must:

  • be an Australian citizen – you must show evidence of this during the recruitment process
  • be 18 years of age or older
  • have a minimum Year 10 Certificate with a Cert IV/Diploma level qualification or Trade Certificate and/or relevant work experience · be able to obtain an Australian Government security clearance and an Employee Suitability Clearance.

BFORT positions are typically advertised twice a year, generally in May and November. However this can change due to operational priorities.

You can read all about the role and the entry requirements, as well as keeping an eye out for applications, here.

Indigenous Careers Programs at CommBank

Commonwealth Bank offers lots of great opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through their various Careers Programs.

CommBank offer School Based Traineeships, Full-Time and Part-Time Traineeships, and University Internships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, helping you fast-track your career. Find out more here.

Career Stories from myfuture

Looking for career inspiration? Check out these career stories from myfuture – there are over 100 and you’ll find stories about real careers from all industries. Read them all here.

Other Opportunities

How to be recruited as a student-athlete in the USA

Australia has a strong sporting culture, and playing college sport at US institutions can be a great fit for Aussies. But how do you communicate with US college coaches? Can you be recruited by US colleges from Australia? What are the three sporting associations?

In this episode, hear from Aussie, Heather Marini, a Division 1 quarterback coach for Brown University’s NCAA football team and former sports coach in Melbourne.

Join Marini as she unpacks the recruitment process, talks about how you can find your best fit sports program and US institution, and demystifies how college coaches recruit students. Listen here.

Ai Group Apprenticeships and Traineeships

With over 35,000 apprentices and trainees across Australia, Ai Group place people with host organisations in every state and territory. They have a great range of openings – check them out here.

Job Spotlight: How to become a Solar Technician

Renewable energy is a booming industry and set to continue growing.

As a Solar Technician, you’d be assembling, installing and maintaining solar panels for residential or commercial projects, in accordance with predetermined plans, building codes, and safety restrictions.

If you’d like a hands-on job that also comes with some responsibility, you enjoy technical puzzles and working outside (also at heights or in small, confined spaces), then this could be a career for you.

About you:

  • Strong technical skills
  • Electrical knowledge and certification
  • Great customer service
  • Attention to detail
  • Good work ethic & ability to work alone

The job:

  • Assess the job site, identify and resolve any potential hazards
  • Create or interpret installation plans
  • Determine parts and steps required for installation
  • Install, inspect, maintain and repair solar panel systems (including all of their parts)
  • Carry out electrical works required
  • Carry out electrical testing necessary to install the system, ensure it works
  • Fault finding, preparing quotes and fixing systems
  • Weatherproofing of solar installation

Lifestyle Impact: Moderate

  • Part Time opportunities: Very low – only around 10% of Solar Technicians work part-time (source: labourmarketinsights.gov.au).
  • Average hours for full-time workers: 45 hours a week, which is just above average (source: labourmarketinsights.gov.au).
  • Solar Technicians’ salary (average) $105,000* per year (source: seek.com.au). *Salaries greatly vary depending on your skills and experience.
  • Future career growth: Strong (source: labourmarketinsights.gov.au).
  • You will be doing a lot of work outdoors, in all kinds of weather.
  • This job has high physical demands, so being fit and strong is a huge advantage.

Solar Technicians are most in demand in these locations:

There is no current estimate of people working as Solar Technicians in Australia. Demand for Solar Technicians is highest in Western Australia and Queensland. Most Solar Technicians work in the Construction industry.

How to become a Solar Technician in Australia

To become a Solar Technician, you will first need to train as an Electrician, then obtain further accreditation.

Step 1 – Complete Year 12 with a focus on English and Maths.

Step 2 – Find an employer willing to take you on as an electrical apprentice, and complete a Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician.

Step 3 – Apply for an Electrical License in your state or territory, as well as completing a Working Safely at Heights qualification.

Step 4 – Complete additional relevant qualifications and apply for accreditation with the Clean Energy Council.

Step 5 – Start working as a fully qualified Solar Technician.

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Similar Careers to Solar Technician

Renewable Energy Engineer
Electrical Engineer

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What options are there for career progression?
The Clean Energy Council offers lots of different types of accreditation – you might even like to look at moving into other renewable energy sources, such as wind, hydro and battery.

Do I need to go to university to become a Solar Technician?
No, you do not need to go to university to become a Solar Technician. However, you will need to complete VET training, as well as other accredited qualifications.

Where do Solar Technicians work?
Solar Technicians can work in a huge variety of environments. You might work for a private company or a government body, installing different systems such as for homes and businesses, to large-scale solar farms.

What are 3 things I can do right now to help me become a Solar Technician?

If you’re in high school and you’d like to find out if a career as a Solar Technician is right for you, here’s a few things you could do right now:

  1. Start getting hands-on with a variety of different technologies, and learn about how solar energy works. See if you can work on some small (and safe) electrical projects at home.
  2. See if you can find work experience in construction or environment. This will help you see if you might enjoy the work, and can help you start building important contacts for the future.
  3. Talk to a Solar Technician to see what a day in their life is like. If you don’t know anyone, see if you can watch videos or documentaries about a career in renewable energy.

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TAFE Robina Campus is Opening July 2022!

Students will have the exclusive opportunity to be the first to study at this world class facility. These will include commercial kitchens/restaurant, new beauty and hair salons, gymnasium and state of the art learning spaces.

“From the moment you walk into the campus it’s going to be different. There won’t be a campus in the country that is anything like this one.” Karen Dickinson, General Manager, TAFE Queensland Gold Coast.

Courses offered at Robina?

TAFE at Schools courses, Semester 2, 2022:

  • Taster Program – Kitchen Operations
  • Certificate II in Kitchen Operations
  • Certificate II in Hospitality
  • Certificate II in Salon Assistant
  • Certificate IV in Justice Studies

Want to try a trade?

If you would like to try a trade, just download and fill out the enrolment form here.


Interested in TAFE at School?

If you would like to consider TAFE at school, please see the attached forms.


Academic Enrichment

Da Vinci Decathlon
The Da Vinci Decathlon is a national academic competition involving 10 different areas, where students compete in a group of eight at a year level. Last week Hillcrest entered a Year 6, 8, 10 and 11 team in the Queensland event, and we have received excellent results.

The Year 10 team performed very well in their first ever da Vinci decathlon, coming close to placing in a number of the events.

Year 10
Savanna Brosnan
Grace Purnell
Yeva Corlett
Lizzie Maynard
Kooper Ransome
Jono Rouse
Nate Chang
Jared van der Merwe

The Year 11 team performed exceptionally well and achieved the following results against over 30 schools. In the following events they placed:
• Mathematics 1st
• English 3rd
• Cartography 3rd
• Creative Producers 2nd
• Science 2nd

Overall 2nd place in the entire state against over 30 other schools.

Year 11
Jed Gregory
Mene Nel
Jayden Adams
Giselle Chau
Luca Nathan
Laila Chequer de Souza
Torrek Elbeb
Matthew Young

Congratulations to all the students involved and thank you to their coaches, Mrs Vadeikis, Miss Gear and Mr du Toit

World Scholars Cup Hosted by Hillcrest

Over the last two days of Term 2, Hillcrest hosted one of the largest Australian World Scholars Cup Rounds ever, with 11 schools and over 360 students participating. Schools from across the Gold Coast, as well as from Brisbane, Bundaberg and northern NSW came to compete. It was an incredible event where we have just over 110 Hillcrest students from Year 6-11 taking part in a Junior and Senior division.

Students were involved in creative writing, three rounds of debating and a very complicated quiz. We’re so proud of the efforts of our students!



Hillcrest Turns Heads in Toowoomba

Many heads turned as the Hillcrest bus with a 24 x bike Shingleback Trailer in tow turned up at the Darling Downs Rocky Trail Academy Schools Mountain Biking Competition last Friday. This was 2022’s first of five Queensland Rocky Trail Academy Schools Competitions.

Hillcrest turned up the heat to finish 3rd out of 18 schools that attended. Our team consisted of 19 students across Years 7 – 11, being our biggest turn out at a school’s competition to date, not to mentioned the furthest we’ve travelled.

Three different trails provided a range of challenges for each student from fast flowy downhills to flat out pedalling cross-country to dodging rocks and bushes and some gnarly berms. Our students showed determination and grit as they pushed themselves to their own physical limits trying to better their times.

The rocky trail style of racing is quite unique in that each student has their own individually timed run at each of three trails, so there’s no jostling and bumping into other riders and it is a great way for our students to experience the thrill of racing. They are able to attempt each of the three different trails up to five times and their best time in each is combined for an overall winner in each age group.

A massive congratulations to all who attended, from some of our first time competitors in Year 7 through to our seasoned racers in the older years.

Podium finishers:
Year 9-10 Kai Pyyvaara: 1st (Gold)
Year 7-8 Jacob Borrelli: 2nd (Silver)

Top 10 Finishers:
Year 11-12 Kye Hannant: 5th
Year 9-10 Noah Smith: 10th

A big THANK YOU  to our coaches and parent helpers for assisting with marshalling as well as supporting our students at various points around the trails through the day, events like this rely on the support of the community and it is so awesome to see everyone getting involved.

Rocky Trail Entertainment Wins

Congratulations to all our students (and dads) who competed at the Rocky Trail Entertainment Nerang Superflow on May 28 and 29. Although trails were really slippery and muddy in sections it was great to get out in the sunshine for a change and have some fun. In the U17 age group, Kai Pyyvaara narrowly missed 1st place by only 0.2 of a second, Sebastien Borrelli placed 11th narrowly missing top 10 and Preston Robinson placed 25th. Jacob Borrelli finished 6th in the U15 category. Well done too to Paul Pyyvaara who placed 5th in the SuperMaster category rounding out a very successful day for all. Big thanks to Bob and Jo from Rocky Trail Entertainment for all their hard work in putting the weekend together.

Hillcrest Senior Boys Basketball win at TSS

Last weekend, our Senior Boys’ Basketball team competed in their first tournament for the year. This two-day event, held at TSS, was a great opportunity to measure our program against other strong teams from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Although it was their first game of the season the boys looked in control of both games on the Saturday, beating St James and Varsity by around 30 points each game. Needing to win the final pool game on Sunday to progress to the final, Churchie challenged Hillcrest but they won narrowly 42 to 38.

The final had Hillcrest competing against the hosts, TSS. They pushed Hillcrest for the entire game, with the scores being tied at the end of regulation time. Hillcrest remained calm and won comfortably in overtime with the assistance of a number of pointers and free throws to win 73 to 67. Well done the Coach Dave and Brodie for preparing the boys. We are looking forward to a successful 2022.

Gold Coast FUSE Cup

These past two weeks, three teams from Hillcrest have competed in Gold Coast interschool competitions in eSports.

Hillcrest regularly puts forward students from Years 5-10 to compete against other schools in a range of Nintendo Switch games, hosted by the Fuse Cup organisation. We see this as a great extension to our  Sparks/Flames/Explosions, MLC Clubs, and Thursday Activities Co-curricular progressions.

Last week Hillcrest hosted the Year 9/10 Round 1 competition, playing Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Year 9 students Ryan Baker and Tayhe Lee progressed to the semi-finals with Ryan Baker taking out 2nd place in a very heated Finals match against an Aquinas College student.

This Wednesday, we sent a strong Year 9/10 team into Round 2 at St Andrews Lutheran, playing Super Mario Kart. Hillcrest was a force to be reckoned with, seeing three students, Ryan Baker, Finn Mackenzie and Zachary Thomas face off against a lone Trinity Grammar student in the finals. A true team effort as each of the Hillcrest players work together during the match to secure the win. Congratulations to Zac who won the competition and took home the trophy and prize pack.

This Thursday, we hoped to repeat the success back at St Andrews with our Year 7/8 team playing Super Mario Kart. Unfortunately the day was not ours with a single student, Jason Lai, knocked out in the semi-finals.  A huge shout out to James Darke (Year 7) who went along to co-commentate the matches and learn from the FUSE Cup staff.

Despite the wins or losses of the day, our boys still had an amazing time, exemplified our school values within the competition and learned some new tactics for the next time!

Special thanks to our Year 11 coaches, Daniel Arden and Matthew Young, and dedicated staff who have championed this sport and given our teams a great advantage in these competitions. We look forward to seeing what our players can achieve in Semester 2 and hope to bring home more medals and trophies in eSports.

Performing Arts – Dance Incursion

This term our beautiful dance students had the amazing opportunity to participate in two professional workshops with the Sydney Dance Company and the Australasian Dance Collective. Students were challenged with new movements and repertoire to help guide them in their own creation of choreography. It was also a time the students could enquire about how they too can follow the path of becoming a professional dancer and what it takes. A significant part of both workshops were our student being encouraged to follow their dreams and do subjects and co-curricular activities they are passionate about. Passion = Success!!!

Debating Intermediate B Round of 16

Our Year 9/10 Intermediate B team of Lizzie, Savanna, Grace and Jasmine qualified for the finals of the Gold Coast division after winning three of their four debates. In the round of 16 on Wednesday night they debated against the Queensland Academy of Health Sciences and were successful in defeating them. They are now through to the quarterfinals in July and determined to go all the way.

Netball Competitions Term 2

Over the last month our Year 7-12 netball teams have competed in the Secondary Indoor Netball and Vicki Wilson competitions. The girls have had great success at these tournaments, results were as follows:

Secondary Indoor Netball Tournament:
Year 7-8 Team finished 3rd
Year 9-10 team finished 5th
Year 11-12 team finished 3rd
Vicki Wilson Prelim round

Cup Team (Year 10-12 team) Semi Finals. The girls made it all the way through to Semis and played some great netball.

We are so proud of the way the girls represent themselves on and off the court and played some of their best netball to date.

Science and Engineering Challenge

This week two teams of students from Years 7-8 and Year 10 travelled to Griffith University’s Nathan Campus to compete in the annual Science and Engineering Challenge. In small groups, they completed a range of challenges including the construction of a Mars Rover, Bridge and Tower as well as found solutions to problems involving power supply, communications and pathways. Both teams performed really well, taking 1st place in a number of categories. The Year 7/8 team took 4th place overall and the Year 10 team finished 2nd. A big thanks goes to Mr Du Toit for organising the teams and Mr Gill, Mr Tabada, Ms Stanton and Mrs Kunz for travelling with the students and supporting on the day.

Senior Rugby League Team

This week the Year 10-12 rugby league team played a friendly fixture against Pacific Coast Christian College. The afternoon was a great success with both teams playing hard but fair footy. The Hillcrest team won 40-38 and enjoyed and conducted themselves in great manner.

Barbara Sisley Award Performing Arts Student Osella

On Saturday, 4 June at the Barbara Sisley Awards held at the Parliamentary Annexe of Parliament House, Brisbane,  Osella Yangzom (Year 5) received her award for achieving the highest mark in Queensland in 2021 for her AMEB Speech and Performance Preliminary examination. She also entertained all present with a performance of her humorous poem, “The Crocodile” by Dulcie Meddows.
The Guest of Honour was Mr Terry Hansen, a stand-up comedian, radio host and co-founder of A Moveable Theatre Company. He shared his enthusiasm for the Performing Arts. Congratulations Osella.

Student Achievements

Golfing Champion Kai (Year 11) goes to Florida with World #3

Recently, Kai Komulainen (Year 11) headed to Adelaide for almost two weeks with the Golf Australia QLD Team. The first week was the Australian Junior Amateur competition. He placed third in the under 18s with scores 71, 74, 69, 68.

The second week was the Interstate Matchplay Series. Kai was named Queensland Captain and played #1 all week. Queensland Boys placed second as a team and Kai individually went undefeated.

In more exciting news the PGA Tour Player Cam Smith invited Kai on a 12 day trip of a lifetime staying at his home in Florida. Cam is current World Number 3 on the PGA tour and he invited Kai into his life as a touring pro. To practice and play with him at the prestigious TPC Sawgrass Country Club before travelling to Ohio to watch him play the Memorial Tournament. He had a lot of spoiling in between and even flew with Cam to Ohio via Private Jet. See the news story here.

And just this last week Kai was invited to play Mick Fanning’s Golf Charity Day to raise money for the Northern Rivers Flood victims. His team, which included actor Lincoln Lewis came away with the win with a score of 20 under. He also took the longest drive on the 18th Title from professional golfer Geoff Oglivy.

Gideon Breaks State Records

Big congratulations to Gideon Burnes, who while competing in the 2022 Australian Swimming Age Champs, broke three State records:

  • Queensland Record – Male 16 yrs 100m Breaststroke LC: 1:03.27
  • South Australian Record – Male 16 yrs 100m Breaststroke LC: 1:03.27
  • South Australian Record – Male 16 yrs 50m Breaststroke LC: 29.38

This is an awesome achievement considering the current World Record Holder for the 200m Breaststroke, Zac Stubblety-Cook was the previous QLD Age Record Holder. Well done Gideon!

Barbara Sisley Award for Joel

Last weekend, Year 8 student Joel Luxton was presented with the Barbara Sisley Award, for obtaining the highest Score in Queensland in his Trinity College of London Grade 3 Speech and Drama Exam. Joel was invited to perform a piece at Parliament House where he received his award.

Well done Joel

Hook Twins at BPAC

Last weekend Chloe and Anna Hook (Year 5) competed in the Brisbane Performing Arts Challenge.

The competition was extremely high and in some sections, with 16 dance schools from around Queensland competing. Chloe and Anna placed as follows:

-Lyrical -1st place 🥇
-Tap -1st place 🥇
-Contemporary-2nd place 🥈
-Jazz – very highly commended (4/5th place )
-10’s Song and dance – 2nd 🥈
-12’s song and dance -2nd 🥈

Well done Anna and Chloe!

AFL Queensland School Championships

Ava Usher, Sunny Lappin, Taya Reeves and Trinity Ransom recently represented South Coast at the Queensland School Championships in the U15 girls’ Carnival held at Hervey Bay in wet and muddy conditions, a result of the recent Queensland heavy rain falls. South Coast won the competition winning easily against the other regions, completing the Carnival undefeated and winning every game by over 10 goals. Ava Usher was named the player of the Carnival as she used her power and skill to dominate the opposition through the midfield.

Hillcrest is very proud of the way our girls played. They gave a great representation of the strength of the Hillcrest AFL girls’ program with Ava, Sunny and Taya all being selected for the QLD team to compete at the National Carnival in Albury on 23 June.

Well done to all involved.

Student Achievements

We love celebrating the achievements and success of our Hillcrest students. If you have a child that has reached a state or national level in their area of interest – anywhere from sport, the arts and more – we would love to hear from you and celebrate this success in our College News. Please email a short write up (approximately 150 words) on this achievement and some images to accompany it, to news@hillcrest.qld.edu.au.

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