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1 June 2021

"Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think."

Ephesians 3:20

Dirk van Bruggen
Acting Executive Head of College

Why do we have boundaries and consequences?

Over the past few weeks we as a community, along with almost every school on the Coast have been addressing the ever growing concern of students vaping. If you are not sure what vaping is please watch this short video Special Vaping Report. Our College has boundaries in regards to acceptable behaviour when it comes to smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes and the use of illegal substances. These boundaries are in place to ensure the safety of students in our community. It is also our responsibility to follow through on the boundaries with consequences. Sometimes this can mean that students may face exclusion from community for short or long periods of time This occurs in order for them to recognise that they have stepped over a significant boundary. It is also to give them time to reflect on their actions and look at how they may re-enter community with a new perspective.

Vaping is a new and easily accessed substance that has been observed in some schools to be used by students as young as 12. Whilst we do not have students as young as this doing that in our community, we have become aware of some student experimenting with vaping. Whilst we cannot monitor their activities off campus we have expectations of acceptable behaviour for all members of our community whether it is here or in the general public. We have and will continue to remind students of these expectations and that the consequences are there and real.

I ask that you also take time to sit and talk with your children about things such as vaping and look to knowing our communities expectations so that young people are not put in a position where they are seeing two sets of differing boundaries. When this occurs it creates conflict and opportunity to try and push the boundaries.

Over the coming weeks we will be talking more to our students and providing you with information to engage in discussion with your family about the harm of vaping and why it is illegal and unhealthy. Please help us to maintain a safe and caring community by supporting us in the boundaries that we set and the expectations we ask of each other.

Dirk van Bruggen
Acting Executive Head of College


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Other News & Key Dates

Culture and Wellbeing

“So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.” Ephesians 4:11-12.

At Hillcrest Christian College, we believe that social and emotional skills are critical to the development of a child’s wellbeing. According to the OECD, social and emotional skills refer to “the abilities to regulate one’s thoughts, emotions and behaviour.” We believe that quality relationships are forged through the development of social and emotional skills and these relationships are critical to the improvement of a child’s wellbeing. Social and Emotional skills, including resilience, self-efficacy, critical thinking and self-regulation, have been shown to be malleable and highly predictive of success in a wide range of important life outcomes, so our staff focus on building these skills across the College by creating physical environments, programs and routines that encourage them to develop. Emotional development involves learning what feelings and emotions are, understanding how and why they occur, recognising your own feelings and those of others, and developing effective ways for managing those feelings. The following article from Be You on “Emotional Development” will help us to equip you as we aspire to develop a positive, inclusive and resilient learning community where every child, young person, educator and family can achieve their best possible wellbeing.
For more information please click the link here.

From the Director of the ELC

Our Early Learning Community has been a hive of activity over the past few weeks.

Our Pre Kindy class has continued their current focus on gardening and are enjoying learning about plants and our eco system. Our Pre Kindy friends have also been learning about sustainability through recycling and using their food scraps for our compost bin in our Kindy garden.

Our two Kindy classes have commenced library visits from Term 2. In Kindy we aspire to create positive dispositions towards literacy to ensure a lifelong love of reading and writing through a play-based approach to learning. Literacy is embedded holistically into everything we do.

Our Kindy children love their walk to our College library where they can read books, look at the library animals and then borrow a book that they can take home for the week. Our Kindy incursions are a wonderful opportunity for our Kindy classes to become acquainted with our wider College community in their preparation for their transition to Prep.

Alicia Shields

Under 8s Week

Last week our Early Learning Community celebrated Under 8s Week. The theme for Under 8s Week this year was “children celebrating outdoor play and learning”. In light of this year’s theme our Pre Kindy and Kindy children participated in an outdoor adventure day where our Kindy children went for a bush walk and our Pre Kindy children enjoyed their time in our Kindy garden. Our Pre Kindy and Kindy children also enjoyed a week of fun activities such as crazy hair day, a teddy bears picnic, odd socks day and pyjama day.

From the Head of the JLC

Welcome to another fortnight of learning in the JLC,

Last Wednesday, we participated in the National Simultaneous Storytime to promote the value of reading and literacy while highlighting an Australian writer and publisher. This year the theme was Space, and the book chosen was ‘Give Me Some Space’ by Philip Bunting. There was also a science and educational component that students could explore. JLC classes took the time last Wednesday to virtually plug in to the book and ask lots of questions.

This week we celebrated Under 8s Day.  The theme this year was ‘play, playfulness and engaged learners’. Our Prep-Year 2 students enjoyed some outdoor nature inspired activities and took turns on a variety of activities including an inflatable obstacle course. We love celebrating our Early Years; such a crucial stage of development and learning.

With the perfect weather 3/4 LUMOS headed out to Numinbah Valley on Wednesday as part of their Science unit. They explored the many facets of the local indigenous people including, paintings, implements, bush tucker and games.

Year 4 spent time on Friday, building small scale shelters with natural materials on the oval that could house a small toy.  A fun culminating activity as part of their Design Centred Learning unit on early colonialization in Australia.

This week during class visits the Year 1s were busily constructing their dioramas, their creative energy was definitely in full swing as each student created a an Australian habitat.

All our students have been hard at work completing their Term 2 units of work. It has been wonderful to walk into classes and see students celebrating their learning.

Christy Gittins
Head of JLC

National Simultaneous Storytime

On Wednesday, 19 May, ELC and JLC students participated in National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS). NSS is held annually by the Australian Library and Information Association. Every year a picture book, written and illustrated by an Australian author and illustrator, is read simultaneously in libraries, schools, pre-schools, childcare centres, family homes, bookshops and many other places around the country.
This year the book Give Me Some Space, written and illustrated by Philip Bunting, was read by Shannon Walker all the way from the International Space Station!

Under 8s Day

On Wednesday, 26 May, Prep to Year 2 celebrated Under 8s Day. There were loads of activities for kids to be involved in from kite construction, outside leaf art, nature treasure hunt through the bush, Indigenous games to an inflatable obstacle course. The kids had so much fun and thoroughly enjoyed all the activities, with the inflatable obstacle course a clear favourite! Click here to view the full image gallery.

Year 1 – Diorama Construction

We have been diving into habitats in Year 1 this Term! Our little reporters have been on a mission to not only identify features of different hospitable environments, but they’ve identified dangerous threats and ways to keep our animals and plants surviving and thriving. We’ve written reports informing readers on different types of habitats and what features classify them as urban, bush, rainforest, coastal or wetland habitats. To celebrate this rich investigation and as part of our design-centred approach to teaching and learning this term, the children have planned and constructed their own diorama to reflect their favourite habitat. Using a variety of design-elements, they’ve had to transfer their understanding of habitats into a creative masterpiece!

Year 1 Flare Read to Prep Students

Year 1 Flare English students have recently completed a study on Jeannie Baker and created their own short stories based on the author’s amazing collage style illustrations. They had a lovely surprise when they received a hand-written message from Jeannie, who provided some tips on developing illustrations in the form of collage. The students were truly inspired and put together their own masterpieces which they proudly shared with the Prep students. These are currently displayed in our Hillcrest Bus Library for everyone to enjoy.

Year 4 Shelter Construction

On Friday, 28 May, some of our Year 4 students set out to the oval to build some shelters. As part of their Design Centred Learning unit, Year 4 students designed and built models of shelters out of natural materials. They were required to consider the properties and suitability of materials used. Students were creative and resourceful. They loved building their miniature homes, and even tried them out on toy bears and dolls.

Year 3-4 Sport Development

Students in Year 3 and 4 participate in Sport Development every Wednesday afternoon. In their houses, they rotate between a range of activities. One of these activities has been bowling so students have enjoyed having some fun and trying to get a strike with their friends.

From the Head of the MLC

Several weeks ago the new Year 7-8 Learning Centre was recognised as an Excellence Awardee and a finalist in the Australian Educator Awards to be held in Sydney later this year. We are now one of eight schools in the running for best Innovation in Learning Environment Design which is a huge honour for the College. We have already begun to receive numerous requests to visit and tour the MLC facilities with Faith Lutheran College, Padua College and Iona College all visiting in just the last two weeks.

There is also a steady influx in enrolment inquiries at the moment for 2022 and beyond, so I want to thank those parents who are helping to spread the good work of what is happening inside our awesome College. Every single parent I speak to when taking an enrolment tour says they are interested because someone has told them about the College. I encourage you to continue to pass on the positives that are happening around the College as a strong reputation builds community confidence, which results in more opportunities for your children as new partners emerge and support the collective vision.

I would like to highlight the great MLC staff that continue to work hard on improving their teaching and learning in the classroom but I would also like to recognise the extra-curricula programs that staff have been providing for your children. In catering for their personal interests and strengths, staff have been spending many of their own hours delivering sport coaching (Basketball, AFL, Futsal, Netball), Music, Dance and Drama opportunities, Reader’s Cup, as well as extra academic tutoring to improve student outcomes across the Learning Community. We are blessed to have such a dedicated teaching staff and this all helps to build the close relationships that we have across the MLC.

We look forward to seeing those relationships in action later this week as we come together for our Term 2 Mashup, I am sure there will be many photos to share in our next newsletter.

Darren Rackemann
Head of Middle Learning Community

Year 7 Examining Skeletons – Dissection Prac

Last week, students dissected three marine organisms (a fish, a giant prawn and a squid) to examine their skeletal structures. As part of the Year 7 science unit on classification, students are exploring the different ways in which organisms are classified. Our current taxonomy system, founded by Carl Linnaeus, uses organisms’ physical characteristics, rather than their behavioural characteristics, to classify them. The organism’s skeletal structure is a key physical feature that is used to help classify animals into their appropriate phyla.

Year 7 French Pen Pals

An invaluable opportunity has presented itself to our students in the form of pen pal exchanges with schools in New Caledonia, Reunion Island, France and Belgium. Students have sent their first letters in French introducing themselves. This is a great way of developing students’ cultural awareness of French-speaking countries and allow for an authentic opportunity to communicate in French. We can’t wait to receive our replies!

World Scholars Cup (Yrs 5 – 11)

Last week Hillcrest had the privilege of hosting the World Scholar’s Cup for the third year, with over 170 students from nine schools visiting our campus for this two-day event. This is an international team academic program with more than 60,000 students participating from over 65 countries every year across the globe. The World Scholar’s Cup aims to teach students with interesting, not-taught-in-schools lesson, and finding common ground between people of different cultures. Students participate in writing, debating, quizzes and a variety of other sessions.

Hillcrest entered several teams from Year 5 to Year 11 and took away multiple medals, cups and alpacas! Many of the students have qualified for a future round (once restrictions ease). With the ultimate finals at Yale University in the hopefully near future. Well done to all involved!

Visit from Councillor Glenn Tozer

Year 8 had a visit from Councillor Glenn Tozer on Friday, 21 May. Glenn Tozer has served Mudgeeraba, Highland Park and the Hinterland since 2012. He spoke to our Year 8 students about the path he took to become a Councillor and government structure. The floor was then opened up for questions from students. Many students asked some great questions pertaining to government and changes they would like to see on the Gold Coast. It was an eye-opening experience for our year 8s.

Both the students and staff were so impressed with Cr Tozer’s open and honest presentation. He was engaging, natural and open to all questions students had for him. As a result our students walked away having made a connection with local government, the role they play in our community and have a member of local government that they can all trust.

Year 7s compete in the Imagine Cup Junior Challenge

The Imagine Cup Challenge is a program run by Microsoft. It invited students all over the world to come up with an idea that incorporated AI to solve a problem in these five categories, which were humanitarian action, cultural heritage, earth, health and accessibility. Students collaborated in small groups using online technology tools to create a fair and inclusive presentation for submission. 

Artificial Intelligence is already being used in a lot of things in everyday life and you might not even realise it. A lot of things that you do on a computer or phone use AI. For example, if you just use a search engine, that uses AI. PowerPoint’s design ideas use AI and Outlook uses AI to finish our sentences when we are writing an email. Our phones use a tremendous amount of AI – [just check out how your phone organises your photos… facial recognition AI at work!]

You may not believe it, but even this article was written using AI. We filmed a short video and AI transcribed what we said. We enjoyed the Imagine Cup Challenge because we were able to think of anything that involves AI to solve a problem so we were allowed to be very creative. It was also really interesting to learn about Artificial Intelligence, as all of a sudden you become more aware that you have just used AI. 

​Matthew Sabot, Hayley Oakley and Mariska Swindley
Year 7 students

MLC Win the Reader’s Cup!

On Tuesday 25 May, over 100 students from across 26 Gold Coast schools came to Hillcrest to compete in the annual Year 5/6 Reader’s Cup. In preparation for the Cup, students were required to read five novels, and then were asked a series of questions throughout the night to test their comprehension skills. We are very proud to share that our Hillcrest MLC team, consisting of Cameron Hawley, Emily Tsymay, Maddie Berkowitz, Poppy James and Amelia Ballaban, won 1st place on the night, followed by St Stephen’s in 2nd place and All Saints in 3rd. Congratulations Team MLC on your win, and a big thank you to Mrs Kaye Collins for coaching the team as well as coordinating the event, and to all our Hillcrest staff who volunteered their help on the night.

Inter-house Sports + Leadership Club

Have you heard the news? A battle has broken at Morning Tea on Thursdays and Fridays! The MLC House Comp has been a great addition to our break times. Players have desperately fought for their House to acquire points in the House Comp. The first game that commenced was the exciting event of Ultimate Frisbee. First, we had Flynn and Greene face each other in a clash of skill and determination. Greene was on top for most of the time, but Flynn scored an amazing point at the last second to scrape in with a draw. What an explosive start to our competition! Next, Taylor and Carmichael faced each other. Carmichael won the points in a fierce contest against Taylor.

The next sport that was played was Futsal (indoor soccer). We had Taylor vs Flynn battle it out until the siren sounded. Taylor won their first points in the competition in a breathtaking win over Flynn.

After Futsal, came basketball which is bringing out some fierce competition from all players.

Do you want to go to battle for your House and win some points? Then join us for Morning Tea Thursdays (7/8) and Fridays (5/6) and score some points for your House!

Timothy Gregory
Year 6 Lumos

The model of leadership in the MLC is inclusive as we recognise leadership qualities in all students, supporting them to contribute to our community in their areas of passion.

Students in the MLC have the opportunity to be part of Leadership Club each week. The 5/6 Emerging Leaders meet on Tuesdays and the 7/8 Leaders meet on Wednesdays. These groups are open to all students to voice their ideas and work on projects to make he MLC a vibrant and supportive community, as well as support the wider Hillcrest Community.

Students are currently leading an MLC House Competition, MLC Talent Quest and a Year 5/6 girls devotion group. They have also contributed to community celebration days, including ANZAC day, Cross Country and the Term 2 Mash-up coming soon. There are a few projects on the horizon for Term 3, including sustainability, mentoring and fundraising projects, as well as some clubs for Year 5 and 6.
Congratulations to all the students involved and we look forward to seeing more student-led projects unfold throughout the year.

From the Head of the SLC

It’s all in the preparation.

Next term we have a number of Senior Learning Community students participating in the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge.  We have students participating in the 96-kilometre event, where they walk from the Mudgeeraba Show Grounds, through the Gold Coast hinterland, finishing up at the Velodrome in Nerang and the 48-kilometre event, where they walk from the Numinbah Valley Hall, through the Gold Coast hinterland, finishing up at the Velodrome in Nerang.  The key to giving yourself the best chance of success in these events is training.  Students and team leaders have been training each week since the middle of February, regularly walking distances exceeding 10 kilometres.  Without training, they will not develop the physical or mental stamina required.

I was recently talking to some students about their upcoming examinations.  I enquired about their revision strategy.  Confidently the young man informed me that he had plenty of time to revise, the examination was two weeks away.  I was a little disappointed with his response and went on to ask him why he trained each week for his sport.  While he was giving me his answer, I could see the penny drop, and mid-sentence he said, “I probably revise my school work each week.”  Like all activities, training is required if you wish to give yourself the best chance of success.  Systematic weekly revision should be undertaken over the duration of the term if students are to give themselves the best opportunity for success.  I wish all students the very best for their upcoming assessments.  I trust that their hard work is reflected in the results they achieve.

Lastly, I want to wish all of the Year 9 students who are participating in the Cooktown Mission trip at the end of this term all of the very best.  I am so pleased to see them volunteer their skills, talents and gifts in service of the wider Queensland community. I am sure that the experience that they will get on this mission trip will allow them to grow in their personal and spiritual lives.

Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant … just as the Son of man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.

Matthew 20:26-28

Have a great week.  Finish the term well.

Jason Day
Head of Senior Learning Community

Year 10 Bowling

As part of our intentional Year Level engagement this year, Year 10 students were invited to participate in a social evening of Tenpin Bowling, hosted by Hillcrest Christian College at Robina Bowling, Robina Town Centre last week. It was a great night of fun with plenty of skill demonstrated in tenpin bowling and laser tag. Our Year 11 students are our next cohort to engage in some fun and fellowship on Thursday, 17 June when they hit the high ropes, climbing and arcade games at iPlay, Coomera.

Year 9 Altitude Day

Altitude Day is an annual one-day event created to empower Year 9 students during this important stage in their school journey. Some of our Year 9 students had the privilege of attending this event at Bond University on Thursday, 27 May. Through a blend of inspirational talks and energising group activities, students learned how to become active and inspiring leaders of their school and community. Students learned how to make good choices, build their confidence and make a difference from three inspiring guest speakers, all whilst forming a strong network of peers from schools across the region. Students had a great day and did a great job representing Hillcrest at this event.

College Captains Visit Parliament

This week, the College’s Year 12 College, Vice, and International Captains embarked on a trip to Brisbane’s Parliament House, accompanied by the Head of SLC, Mr Day. Leaving Varsity Station bright and early, they were met by the stunning architecture of Parliament House, and a short tour by the lovely staff. They then entered the Legislative Assembly where they watched question time with the MPs of our state discussing current issues within our Queensland community. Later, they were able to discover the history of the buildings and grab lunch from the café. Nearing the end of the day, the team had the privilege of meeting with Ros Bates, the MP for Mudgeeraba and David Crisafulli, the Leader of the Opposition to discuss their roles and living a life of leadership. On behalf of the Hillcrest Captaincy team, we’d like to thank them for their hospitality and allowing us to be their guests for the day, providing us with an experience we will never forget!

Year 9 Mathematics Book Club

Some Year 9 Maths students are reading the book ‘Fermat’s Last Theorem’, which follows the story of Andrew Wiles, a modern day mathematician who failed, then ultimately succeeded in answering one of the world’s oldest Math problems. At book club, students enjoyed a time of civility and decorum as they reflected on the story thus far.

An excerpt from Chapter 1. “After three decades Andrew Wiles believed he had achieved his dream, and after seven years of isolation he could reveal his secret calculation. However, while euphoria filled the Newton Institute, tragedy was about to strike. As Wiles was enjoying the moment, he, along with everyone else in the room, was oblivious of the horrors to come.”

World Scholar’s Cup

Last week Hillcrest had the privilege of hosting the World Scholar’s Cup for the third year, with over 170 students from nine schools visiting our campus for this two-day event. This is an international team academic program with more than 60,000 students participating from over 65 countries every year across the globe. The World Scholar’s Cup aims to teach students with interesting, not-taught-in-schools lesson, and finding common ground between people of different cultures. Students participate in writing, debating, quizzes and a variety of other sessions.

Hillcrest entered several teams from Year 5 to Year 11 and took away multiple medals, cups and alpacas! Many of the students have qualified for a future round (once restrictions ease). With the ultimate finals at Yale University in the hopefully near future. Well done to all involved!

Hobie Porter – Year 9 Art

Year 9 Art students had the privilege of another visit from local Artist Hobie Porter who has come back this term to support students in the next stage of their art pieces. Building upon his previous mentoring and expertise, Hobie provided additional insights and techniques to blending paint colours and how to apply their colours to add depth to their contemporary landscape designs. You can see more of Hobies inspirational works by visiting his website and we look forward to our student’s completed pieces.

Year 11 Geography Excursion

Year 11 Geography students recently completed a fieldwork study for their Unit 2.1 Challenges facing a place in Australia. Our students visited three sites at Burleigh Heads to evaluate two proposals to alleviate traffic congestion, promote sustainability and liveability. Students surveyed the public to find out about the issues first hand, conducted traffic counts and measured noise pollution.

Year 11 Accounting – Market Day

Last week Year 11 students put a Market Day stall together as a hands-on learning approach for accounting in a real-life business. In Unit 2 – Topic 1, we are currently studying “Accounting for a trading GST Business”. As part of this unit they are required to Describe, Explain, and Apply computerised accounting processes for a trading entity, including recording transactions, using the perpetual inventory system, determining COGS, stock/inventory control, and generating and analysing financial reports. We recorded our entries and generated our Profit and Loss statements in our double period straight after the stall. The students did a great job and made a profit of $222.61, which will all be donated to Effective Aid. The students competed to see who could make the most profit, with Jack Seton taking out the winning position, very closely followed by Rain Au (only $1 difference!).

Performing Arts, Co-curricular and Sports

Beneath Southern Skies – MLC Band and Choir Performance

On Wednesday, June 16, the MLC Rock Band, Concert Band and Strings Ensemble will be performing at Hillcrest Theatre. In addition to these bands, the 5/6 Chorale, 5/6 MYC, 7/8 MYC, Blokes and Poco Voce will also be performing. This is sure to be a night to remember as we see our first ever MLC musical performances.


Hillcrest Knights Futsal

Congratulations to all teams for competing so well in the recent Futsal

competition. A special mention to the U9 Boys and U11 Girls who are Champions of Gold Coast, and the U10 Boys team who were Runners Up. Also, the U19 Boys, U13 Boys, and U12 Boys all finished second in their groups. Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to represent South Coast QLD at the 2021 National School Futsal Championships 27th-29th September:
Jake Davison, Zeke Woods, Levi Peters, Maverick Holmes, Henry Window, Nate Helling, Cooper Day, Lawson Smith, Kotaro Toshikawa, Elijah Welsh, Jeremy Neale, Skyla Browne, Araceli Pena, Ivy Ullmann, Anika Chalasani, Emily Barker, Taya Reeves, Amity Pink, Mia Lynett, Sophie Jordan, and Tanisha Chavez.

Well done!

Vicki Wilson Shield

On Thursday 27th May, Hillcrest sent two netball teams to compete in the Vicky Wilson Netball Competition. This competition is the biggest school netball event in QLD and schools from all over Gold Coast competed. There were some strong teams there this year, and we were extremely impressed not only with the talent of our Hillcrest girls, but the attitude and sportsmanship they displayed.  The junior team made it to their semi finals undefeated and were unfortunately knocked out by Somerset before the finals. Both teams played extremely well on the day and it was incredible watching them represent their school well.  A big thank you to Mrs Geddes for organising the teams and a big congratulations to each girl who competed.

Hillcrest Knights AFL

Congratulations to our Year 5/6 ISS AFL boys & girls. They had some amazing games with 2 big wins: 54-20 & 60-6. Well done!!

QLD Schools State Championships for AFL

Congratulations to Sunny Lappin and Evy Reeves who competed for South Coast last week in Mackay for the QLD Schools State Championships for AFL. Their team won the tournament and both girls were selected into the QLD State team. This is a huge achievement for both girls.

General News

School Banking

For those participating in school banking, please have your child bring in their bank book every Tuesday and hand it to their teacher when class goes in. It will be processed by our lovely volunteers and make its way back to your child later that day 😊

All you need to get involved in the School Banking program is a Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account. You can open an account for your child in one of three ways:

  1. Online: commbank.com.au/schoolbanking and click on the link to open a Youthsaver account.
  2. In branch: visit a Commonwealth Bank branch with identification for yourself and your child, like a driver’s licence and birth certificate.
  3. In person with the CBA representative later this term. Date to be confirmed.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who have committed to helping out on Tuesday mornings. If you are able to assist, please contact us – even once a term is helpful!

Key Dates


Supervised Study Sessions (with Teachers)
Teachers in certain faculties will offer supervised study sessions for their classes on a weekly basis, and will communicate this with their individual classes. These sessions will run from week 5 to week 8 in the Resource Centre.

Tutoring (University Student Tutors)
The Senior Learning Community provides a ‘Tutoring Program’ for students in Years 5-12. This is a free service and an excellent opportunity for small groups to support and learn from each other with the guidance of Student Tutors. The Tutors are some of our top academic Hillcrest Alumni who are currently studying at various universities. During Term 2, Student Tutors will be available for assistance with Mathematics, Science, English and Humanities subjects predominantly. ‘University Student Tutor Sessions’ will take place from week 5 to week 8 in the Hillcrest Resource Centre as follows:

  • 1:00 -1.40pm – Lunchtime (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • 3:00 – 4:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
  • 3:00 – 5:00pm Thursdays

Online Tutoring (University Student Tutors)
Tutors can include 1 x student via Teams online while in a group session. The ‘online’ option will be set up with the ability to book 20-minutes during the afternoon sessions as outlined above. Mr Wotton (Tutoring Coordinator) will advise as soon as the booking system is active. If you have any questions regarding the student tutors, please contact Mr Paul Wotton in the Resource Centre or email pwotton@hillcrest.qld.edu.au

Peter Fernance – Deputy Head Senior Learning Community – Academics

Danni Foster-Brown – Deputy Head of Middle Learning Community – Alignment

Paul Wotton – Head of Resource Centre / SLC Tutoring Coordinator