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20 May 2023

"Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.
Worship the Lord with gladness;
come before him with joyful songs.
Know that the Lord is God.
It is he who made us, and we are his;
we are his people, the sheep of his pasture."

Psalm 100:1-3

Jeff Davis
Executive Head of College

Executive Head of College, Jeff Davis shares an update from the last two weeks of Term 2.



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Sunflower Growth

As we approach the middle of the term, let’s take a moment to reflect on “Growth – it’s a mindset.” Growth is more than just something that happens to us; it’s a mindset that sees challenges as chances to learn and grow.

Last term, sunflowers were planted in the MLC garden. Despite the cooler temperatures and shorter days, the seeds courageously sprouted, reaching for the dwindling sunlight. To grow, they also needed to be planted in good soil, weeded regularly, mulched, and watered. With diligent care from Mrs Hartley’s Life Group, the seedlings persevered through challenges, stretched their stems, and bloomed with vibrant petals.

In the same way, many students encounter obstacles and setbacks throughout the term. However, by adopting a growth mindset and ensuring they are well cared for in supportive environments, with good sleep, ample connection time, healthy relationships, and opportunities to explore faith, they can embrace these challenges as opportunities for personal growth.

Jeremiah 17:8, “He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.”

So, as the leaves change colour and the air turns crisp, let us keep sowing the seeds of a growth mindset within our school community. Together, we can witness ourselves and each other flourish.

Wishing you a season of growth and success!

From the ELC

The ELC has been a buzzing hub of activity over the past two weeks, filled with laughter, creativity, and a sense of community. One standout event was the Crazy Hair and Sock day, organised to raise money for Compassion. The children showcased their imagination and individuality through their wonderfully wacky hairdos and outrageously colourful socks. It was a sight to behold as the little ones proudly paraded their unique styles, filling the ELC with laughter and excitement. The atmosphere was brimming with joy as the children revelled in the opportunity to express themselves and contribute to a charitable cause.

In addition to Crazy Hair and Sock day, the ELC was preparing for Mother’s Day, a special occasion to honour and appreciate the incredible mothers within our community. The ELC welcomed mothers for a heart-warming Mother’s Day Morning event. It was a delightful sight to see the children engrossed in crafting activities, playing games, and pampering their moms. The little ones took great pleasure in adorning their mothers with handmade tokens of love and gratitude, showcasing their creativity and affection. It was a beautiful celebration of the selfless love and dedication that mothers pour into their children’s lives.

We hope you all had a truly wonderful Mother’s Day, filled with love, laughter, and heartfelt appreciation. May the love and gratitude expressed during this celebration continue to resonate throughout the year, reminding everyone of the invaluable role that mothers play in shaping the lives of their children and the community as a whole.

Taylor Wells-McFarlane
Director, Early Learning Community

From JLC Leadership

Dear JLC Families

We hope this Newsletter finds you well as we reach the halfway point of Term 2. As the weather starts to get a little colder, we kindly remind you to ensure that your child has the necessary extra layers for the winter uniform. It’s important to label all belongings to avoid any mix-ups or misplaced items.

To assist you with uniform requirements, please follow the uniform link HERE for detailed information. It is important that our students adhere to the uniform guidelines to maintain a sense of pride and unity within our Junior Learning Community.

Over the next few weeks, our students will be busy completing assessments to finalise reporting for Semester 2. These assessments are designed to gauge their progress and understanding across a number of key learning areas. We follow the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) guidelines, which require us to formally report to parents twice a year on an A-E scale.

At the end of this semester, you will receive a comprehensive report on your child’s achievements across all key learning areas. This report will provide valuable insights into their academic progress, strengths, and areas for further development.

We would like to emphasise the importance of communication in ensuring your child’s success. If your child is absent from school, it is essential to contact their teacher as soon as possible. By notifying the teacher of any absences, we can provide appropriate support and resources to help your child catch up on missed work.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s progress, please don’t hesitate to reach out to their class teacher or JLC reception. We are here to support your child’s learning journey and work together to ensure their success.

Thank you for your ongoing support and partnership in your child’s education. Together, we can create a nurturing and stimulating environment for their growth and development.

Warm regards

Christy Gittins
Head Junior Learning Community

What’s been happening in the JLC

Social Media Parent Session 1

One of our College counsellors, Nat Daugherty presented some incredible research on the impact that social media can have on children. It is our hope that this information would help you, as parents, to be more aware and informed about the potential dangers of social media. That by understanding the risks, you can take proactive steps to ensure that your children use social media responsibly and safely.

We encourage families to have the conversation with your children about their online activities and how to stay safe while using social media. It is essential to maintain an open and honest dialogue with your children to help them navigate the online world confidently.

We are committed to supporting you in your efforts to keep your children safe online. Therefore, we will continue to offer similar events and resources to help you stay informed about the latest trends and developments in social media.

Thank you again for those who joined the session, and for those looking forward to the next session, or information in the area, please email ndaugherty@hillcrest.qld.edu.au.

Learning in Prep: Spotlight on class Prep Mandarin

Throughout the year in Prep our children participate in multiple specialist lessons including Library, Music, French, SMILE (HPE) and Art. In Prep Mandarin the children thoroughly enjoy their Art lessons each fortnight where they explore different concepts within ‘The Elements of Art’. They love singing along to the Elements of Art song and being able to identify these elements within their own work. In Term 2, Prep Mandarin have been focussing on watercolour techniques, such as wet-on-wet. They learn how to care for the brushes and palettes. We love watching their enjoyment in the process and having them share their beautiful pieces. We are looking forward to immersing ourselves in learning around texture later this term.

Learning in Prep: Spotlight on class Prep Raspberry

In our Science and Design Technology units, we have been learning about living things and their needs for survival, as well as specific ways humans take care of living things. We focused on koalas which also ties into our HASS unit about the Dreamtime and asked the children to design and create a strong, safe and sturdy koala crossing to keep these animals safe. Students had to consider design elements such as shape, form and space to construct their koala crossing. They also had to create an animal sign as an additional safety feature. The students used perseverance and problem-solving skills while working on their creations and came up with some very well constructed koala crossing!

Year 1 Excursion to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary!

Our recent Year 1 excursion to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary focused on habitats and living things, aligned with Science and HaSS standards. Our students had the opportunity to observe and explore different habitats, as well as identify and understand the unique features and adaptations of native Australian animals and plants that enable them to survive in their environment. The experience helped to deepen their appreciation of the natural environment and its complexity and diversity. The Free Flight Bird Show gave us quite a thrill! We are proud of our students’ enthusiasm and curiosity during the excursion.

Learning in Year 1! Spolight on 1JK!

On Monday, we explored real animal habitats at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and discovered new ways to look after these places.

Our DCL unit focused on Wetland Habitats this week. We read stories and watched videos to deepen our understanding of what a wetland is; we wrote information reports about wetland habitats – the features we see and the animals that live there; and we made our own wetland dioramas in preparation for the shoebox dioramas we’ll be making in Week 6. We can’t wait!

In maths, we learned about subtraction and how to calculate the difference between two numbers – not an easy concept! The students used their growth mindset and discovered that they can do hard things.

In HPE, we’ve been learning about what makes a good game good! In groups, we took everyday items and created our own games. It’s amazing the creative ideas they came up with!

Learning in Year 2: Spotlight on 2MR

The humans of 2MR have been busy little Doritos!

Pictured are just some of the things we got up to in Week 4. They include:

  • Investigating the Flip shape transformation in Maths – we even tried to represent what would happen if we ‘flipped’ each-other, in our photo on the couch! This was tricky fun!
  • Keeping our ILR skills shiny as we complete the weekly coding of our spelling words
  • Munching away on Fruit Break while we have reading lessons with our friends in 2KB
  • Finishing our highly classified Mother’s Day portraits
  • Showing off our best wild socks and wooshy hair!

To all the mums out there, we hope you had an incredible Mother’s Day last weekend. We love and appreciate you!

3AJ Visits Fiji!

In 3AJ this week, we grabbed our passports and boarded “Hillcrest Airlines” to head off to Fiji! During our HASS lessons this term, we are exploring Australia’s neighbouring countries each week. This time, we had the opportunity to discover the tropical island of Fiji! While in Fiji, we learned about the abundance of activities and sights available, such as surfing at Cloud Break and exploring the local markets. We also discovered that the country’s main industries are sugar cane farming and tourism. Fijians have a fondness for consuming plenty of fresh fruit and a dish called Kokoda, which consists of fish marinated in citrus juice. Fun fact: Did you know that Fiji is comprised of 330 islands, with only 110 of them being inhabited? The children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and immersing themselves in the experience of being in a hot, tropical destination.

Year 2/3 Flare Maths APSMO Competition

Year 2 and 3 Flare Maths students have been involved in a range of mathematical challenges, including practising for the APSMO Maths Games Explorer developed by the APSMO Team (Australian Primary School Mathematical Olympiads). This term for the first time ever, these students participated in their first competition and followed George Polya’s Method for Problem Solving to find their answers. Well done everyone!

Learning in Year 4 – Spotlight on 4HL

This term students have been flexing their scientific muscles with a series of experiments! Recently, the students tested the strength of bags made of different materials and the results were worth the weight. The young scientists tested bags made of plastic, paper, and fabric by putting different weights in them to see how much the bags could hold before breaking. They discovered that the certain materials like plastic could stretch, but just couldn’t handle the pressure and tore. Whereas fabric bags held up like true heavyweight champs, and the paper bags were surprisingly sturdy too, holding whey more than expected.

Through this experiment, our students learned about the properties of materials, such as strength, hardness, and stiffness. More importantly though, it opened their eyes to how strong their parents really are, and they each vowed to help carry in the groceries from the car more often.

JLC Music Notes

Our Preppies are currently investigating the music from The Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens. They are making predictions about the music composed for each animal and are enjoying exploring the music though listening, movement, art and poetry. They are continuing to develop their singing voices and are gaining more confidence performing a range of songs. The preppies are also practising their steady beat through movement and dance, body percussion and instruments. It is wonderful to learn so much through musical play!

Year 1
Year 1 has been busy playing music detectives, differentiating between the beat and rhythm, high and low pitch and piano and forte dynamics. They have experienced these concepts through games, movement, dramatic play and listening examples. These multi-modal experiences allow for deep learning of each of these concepts. Our singing voices are developing beautifully as students gain more confidence through question and answer games and whole group singing. What a joy it is to see our children grow musically.

Year 2
Our Year 2 students are busy composing rhythmic patterns showing their understanding of form and text setting. It is exciting to put our rhythmic skills into practise and produce our very own music. Students are also loving learning about the lines and spaces as well as steps and skips on the musical staff. Our giant floor staff has been the stage for some competitive staff-jumping games! The Year 2 Choir lessons have focussed on extending students though part-singing, mixed-metre and inner hearing activities, as well as whole group singing. The students are enjoying practising their performance skills, employing expressive devices to help communicate the text of each song.

Year 3
Year 3 has been enjoying playing all their repertoire on glockenspiels! They can sing their songs in solfa and letter-names and play AND sing at the same time Year 3 is becoming VERY confident at reading music on the stave, which is VERY exciting. Their favourite game is RHYTHM PIZZA and they are Clever Composers, writing 16-beat rhythm compositions in ABAC form. In Year 3 Choir we learnt, The ANZAC Spirit Lives which we performed for the ANZAC Assembly with Year 4s. Our favourite songs are Rodger the Rooster and My Feline Friend which are both written by Australian composers and are lots of fun to sing.

Year 4
Our Year 4 students have been learning to play the RECORDER!!! They have mastered the fingering patterns and now know how to make a pleasing sound Not too much air, but just enough and covering the holes completely so they achieve a special stamp on their finger pads. They can play BAG notes confidently and are now learning six songs to complete the WHITE BELT in their Recorder Karate Book. Year 4 Clever Composers can make-up their own mrd melody and notate it on the staff, which is very impressive!  In Year 4 Choir we are preparing a beautiful song called Grandparents Are Special to share with our family’s next term, however our favourite song is T’was a Dark and Stormy Night!

From the Head of the MLC

Enhancing Student Learning through Collaborative Planning in the MLC

In MLC, we all want our students to receive the best educational experience possible, and a significant factor in achieving this is effective collaborative planning among MLC teachers. An approach we have developed is Design-Centred Learning (DCL) combined with a technique called hexagonal mapping. As a staff, we have been exploring how collaborative planning using DCL and hexagonal mapping can positively impact your child’s learning experience.

DCL puts students at the centre of their learning journey, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Teachers using DCL approach create an environment where students actively engage in their education, making it more meaningful and relevant to their lives.

Hexagonal mapping is a powerful tool used during collaborative planning sessions. It involves visually connecting concepts or ideas using hexagonal shapes. Each hexagon represents a specific topic or concept, and teachers connect related hexagons to show relationships between ideas. This approach helps teachers design interdisciplinary projects, identify connections across subjects, and ensure a cohesive and integrated curriculum.

As our MLC teachers actively embrace collaborative planning with DCL and hexagonal mapping experience remarkable results. By working together, they can align curriculum objectives, design engaging projects, and identify cross-disciplinary connections. This collaborative effort ensures a cohesive educational experience for your child.

When teachers collaborate and use DCL with hexagonal mapping, students benefit in several ways. Firstly, they experience a seamless flow between subjects, as concepts are interconnected. This approach encourages deeper understanding and application of knowledge. Additionally, students gain essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication through project-based learning experiences.

Collaborative planning using Design-Centred Learning and hexagonal mapping is transforming the MLC experience. By incorporating these innovative approaches, teachers create an engaging and integrated curriculum that equips students with valuable skills for the future. As families, you can support and appreciate the efforts of our dedicated teachers, fostering a strong partnership for our children’s educational success. Together, we can empower our children to thrive academically and embrace lifelong learning.

Damien Taylor
Deputy Head of Middle Learning Community – Alignment

What’s been happening in the MLC

Do it for Dolly

On Wednesday, 10 May, MLC students joined thousands of Australians in wearing blue to raise awareness of the impacts of bullying on Do it for Dolly Day. This annual event, held in honour of Amy “Dolly” Everett, who took her own life at the age of 14 after being bullied, aims to spread the message of kindness and prevent further tragedies.The sea of blue that filled the MLC was a powerful statement of solidarity and support for anyone who has been affected by bullying. Students donned blue socks, blue accessories and even face paint to show their commitment to creating a kinder and safer community.In addition to wearing blue, students signed a pledge to use words for kindness that will be displayed permanently in the MLC as a reminder of this important message. The event was a great opportunity for students to reflect on the impact of their words and actions, and to think about how they can create a more positive and inclusive College culture.Bullying can have devastating consequences for those who experience it, and it is up to all of us to do our part to prevent it. By spreading kindness and compassion, we can make our schools, workplaces, and communities a safer and more welcoming place for all. On Do it for Dolly Day, we stand with those who have been affected by bullying and reaffirm our commitment to creating a brighter and more compassionate future.Let us continue to carry this message forward, beyond this day, and work towards building a society where kindness is the norm and bullying is a thing of the past.

MLC Lunchtime Clubs 

This week’s spotlight is on three of the most popular lunch time clubs that have recently been enhanced due to generous grant from the P & F.Board games The Board games Club is a haven for strategic thinkers and lovers of friendly competition. Students gather to play a variety of engaging and intellectually stimulating board games. From classics like Chess and Scrabble to modern favourites like Catan and Ticket to Ride, there’s something for everyone. This club not only promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork but also provides an opportunity for students to unwind and have fun with their peers.Warhammer Club: A World of Miniature Battles Calling all fantasy enthusiasts and tacticians! The Warhammer Club allows students to immerse themselves in a world of miniature battles. Whether it’s commanding armies of warriors, battling mythical creatures, or engaging in epic conflicts, this club offers an opportunity to hone strategic skills, exercise creativity, and develop patience. As students build, paint, and strategize, they also foster a sense of camaraderie with fellow enthusiasts.Lawn Games Club: Outdoor Fun and Friendly Competition Fresh air, sunshine, and friendly competition await students in the Lawn Games Club. This club provides an excellent break from classroom routines and encourages students to engage in physical activity while having a blast. Games include pickle ball, spike ball and quoits, students enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, promoting teamwork, sportsmanship, and an active lifestyle.These lunchtime school clubs provide students with a fantastic opportunity to pursue their passions, learn new skills, and connect with like-minded individuals. They offer an inclusive and supportive environment where students can explore their interests and develop social connections outside of regular classroom activities.“I love the school clubs because they let me have fun when there is nothing to do and they help me concentrate when I am learning, because I know that warhammer or RC cars clubs is on after.” Arthur Burchell, Year 5

MLC Sustainability Club

Our MLC Sustainability Club, made up of Year 5 and 6 students, are driving Hillcrest’s participation in Battle of the Schools – Containers for Change once again. Last year we came 7th in the Gold Coast, this year we are hoping to win… with your help! We have several bright GREEN wheelie bins around the College for students to deposit their bottles, cans and poppers. We are competing against other schools from around the Gold Coast for $500. In addition, every bottle, can or popper donated through our school scheme ID, will earn us 10c towards more sustainability projects around the College.Families can participate and support this cause by bringing in eligible items to school, or deposit them directly at the Nerang Depot. Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible for this program. If taking items to Nerang, be sure to use our scheme ID C10652972 for Containers for Change.

From the Head of the SLC

Developing Resilience

We are a College that sings – our choirs are of a remarkable standard and well renowned in Australia.  The musical shows that our students can certainly do more than sing; they are also talented actors and musicians. A huge congratulations to all the staff and students involved in this year’s musical. The feedback from all who attended has been outstanding. You have done yourself and the College proud.

I recently read this article on developing resilience in students.  The authors purport that if you want your child to be more resilient, have them join a choir, orchestra or band. Their findings show how qualities like teamwork, empathy and grit – all components of resilience – can be developed through group music making. We have a large number of opportunities for students in choirs, orchestras and bands at Hillcrest, as well as individual tuition.  If you would like your child to be involved in one or more of these programs, please contact the Performing Arts office.

Our first season of the Association of Gold Coast Colleges (AGCC) sporting competition is coming to an end. The feedback received so far from students and parents is one of delight with the program. Feedback is a gift and we are always reflecting on how we can improve for next week and next season so if you have any suggestions, please email Cameron Suter. Sport choices for the second semester AGCC competition is underway with students busy making their selection. Teams are being formulated and will be communicated to students soon. If you require more information on the AGCC season, please email Cameron Suter.

As we pass the middle of Term 2, the assessment load begins to increase. I ask that you work with your student to develop and maintain good study habits, which includes time away from the books, technology and television to relax and recharge. If you have any concerns with your child’s progress in a subject, please contact their class teacher in the first instance.  If there are concerns with multiple subjects, please contact your child’s Life Group teacher.

Until next time,

Jason Day
Head of Senior Learning Community

What’s been happening in the SLC

This month on SchoolTV – The State of Youth Mental Health

Parents and carers can play a crucial role in their children’s mental health. As a result, staying informed on the current state of youth mental health is vital, as it not only affects individuals, but also families and communities. According to recent research, the frequency of mental health disorders among young people is increasing, with anxiety, depression, and self-harm being among the most common challenges.

One of the reasons being attributed to this rise is the heightened stress and anxiety that many young people face in today’s society. Academic success, social media, and family issues are all influencing factors. Many young people are still suffering the long-term consequences of the pandemic, such as social isolation, uncertainty, and loss.

Parents can play an important role in their children’s mental health. Creating a safe and open environment for your children to talk about their emotions, thoughts, and feelings is vital. Encouraging healthy habits like regular exercise, a balanced diet, and proper sleep can help reduce their stress levels and boost your child’s overall mental health. There are also many resources and services available to children, adolescents, and their families, such as school counsellors, various mental health organisations, support lines, and of course, mental health professionals. It is important to remember that seeking help is a show of strength, not weakness, and that early intervention is critical in addressing young people’s mental health difficulties.

This edition of SchoolTV, discusses some of the major mental health issues affecting young people and how to support a child experiencing them. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition, and we always welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact your child’s Life Group Teacher or Head of House who will point you in the right direction for further information and help.

Here is the link to this month’s edition.

Year 12 ‘Rights and Responsibilities of Renting’

During SaSEL (Spiritual and Social Emotional Learning) class, Year 12 had a visit from local real estate agent, Dorothy Hamilton. Her ‘Rights and Responsibilities of Renting’ presentation provides students with key skills that they will need in their adult life. Dot shared her years of experience as a Gold Coast Real Estate Agent to teach the students about Budgeting, House Rules, Rental Agreements and more.

Crazy Sock, Hair and SLC Fair Day

The Hillcrest community came together on Wednesday, 10 May to celebrate Crazy Sock, Hair, and SLC Fair Day. Students and staff were seen sporting a wide range of colourful and wacky socks and hairstyles, as well as enjoying the variety of activities and games at the SLC Fair. The event was a great success, with everyone showing off their unique personalities and having fun while supporting Compassion Australia. It was a fantastic opportunity to bring the College community together and celebrate the creativity and individuality of our students. We thank the Student Leadership Team for creating a memorable experience and look forward to more events like this in the future!

New York Film Academy Workshop

On Tuesday, 2 May, Year 11 and 12 FTV students attended an incursion with New York Film Academy Australia (NYFA Australia) who are a specialised visual and performing arts school located on the Gold Coast. Students learned from their industry professional faculty using industry-standard gear. Students learnt the basic understanding of camera operation, the fundamentals of cinematography and directing,​​​​​​​ basic functions of a professional film set camera.

Bond University Model United Nations

Last week, 10 students across Years 10-12 participated in the High School Model United Nations, held at Bond University (BUHMUN). This event went across two days and students were able to take on the roles of delegates from various countries and engage in diplomatic discussions and negotiations on important global issues. This year’s theme at BUHMUN was goal two of the United Nations – to ‘End hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.’ Model UN provided the opportunity to develop important skills such as public speaking, critical thinking, and problem solving. Delegates were required to analyse complex global issues, consider multiple perspectives, and work collaboratively with their peers to develop effective solutions. The event also provided them with a unique opportunity to learn about international relations and global issues. A wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with students from other schools and countries, forming new friendships and connections with people that have similar interests. A special mention goes to Savanna Brosnan on receiving an award for her position paper she submitted for her committee.

Senior Ethics Olympiad

Hillcrest Christian College recently took part in the Queensland Ethics Olympiad 2023, which is an annual event that brings together high school students from across the state to participate in a challenging and thought-provoking competition. The Ethics Olympiad involves teams of students being presented with a range of ethical scenarios and dilemmas, which they must then analyse and discuss in a competitive format. The teams are judged on the quality of their arguments, their ability to communicate effectively, and their understanding of ethical principles.

Hillcrest Christian College’s team put in a fantastic effort, earning themselves a bronze medal in the competition. Our second team also received an honourable mention from the judges. This is a tremendous achievement, especially considering the high standard of competition they were up against.

The success of the Hillcrest team is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students involved, as well as the guidance and support of Mr. Hudson and Mr du Toit. It’s wonderful to see students engaging with complex ethical issues in such a thoughtful and articulate way.

Congratulations to all the participants in this year’s Queensland Ethics Olympiad and their outstanding performance.

Hillcrest Team A Hillcrest Team B
Laila Chequer de Souza Savanna Brosnan
Torrek Elbeb Yeva Corlett
Jed Gregory Lizzie Maynard
Eathan Waters Jaimie Cates
Claudia Branson

Pathways News

Gold Coast Careers Festival – Thursday 1 June – Sunday 3 June

  • Find out about studying at Griffith University, Bond University, Southern Cross University and TAFE Queensland
  • Visit exhibitors from a wide range of institutions to learn more about possible study options
  • Speak to Gold Coast employers to hear about opportunities – both current and future
  • Speak with a Career Advisor about your career direction, job search or bring your resume for review
  • Hear directly from current students on stage panels
  • Go in the draw to win a $5,000 Career Support Grant to help you get started in your dream career.

Find out more HERE

Interested in Studying a Trade Certificate in Term 3 or 4? Gold Coast Trades College

Gold Coast Trades College has availabilities in the following courses. Spots can fill fast so see Mrs McCully in the Pathways Centre for more information.

School Holiday Health Immersive experiences

Mater Education | High School Health Adventure

Are you a Year 10, 11 or 12 student interested in a career in the dynamic and fast-paced world of healthcare? Mater Education’s High School Health Adventure program is for you!

High School Health Adventure is a program that has been designed to create a realistic experience of ‘a day in the life’ of a health professional. The utilization of simulation with manikins, skills stations, digital technology and case-based scenarios help to create this real-world learning in a unique environment for high school students.

This hands on, immersive experience will cover basic health professional understanding of anatomy and physiology, give students hands on experience of managing patients requiring basic life support and emergency response, supporting patients and their family through medical procedures such as surgery and childbirth.

Find out more

QIMR Berghofer | Holiday Science Experience

Looking to get a taste of what it’s like working in a medical research laboratory? QIMR Berghofer host a one day science experience program during the school holidays each year. Students can undertake a day of training in practical skills related to genetics, infectious disease or blood biology in our purpose built education laboratory facilities.

The program is open to Queensland high school students in Years 10, 11 or 12 and is free to attend.

Find out more

Are you interested in a career in fashion? Uni of Sunshine Coast three day workshop over June school holidays

University of Sunshine Coast – 3 Day Fashion workshop
Are you a Year 10, 11 or 12 student interested in exploring your career potential in the exciting world of high fashion? If so, this three-day workshop is designed for you! Come and try out fashion-styling, direct a fashion photography shoot and illustrate your ideas while you create content for digital media just like a fashion influencer on social media! Incorporating the principles of sustainable fashion, you will work with a wide range of vintage clothing kindly donated by Bloomhill, a local not-for-profit charitable organisation.
When: 27, 28, 29 June 2023
Facilitator: Deborah Fisher established an international design career based in the USA, fashion forecasting and designing seasonal collections for major retailers including Bloomingdales and Macy’s. Returning to Australia, she now shares her knowledge and skills as an innovative fashion educator and researcher. Deborah’s qualifications include an Honours degree in fashion and fine arts from the prestigious Pratt Institute, New York.
FashCamp guest speakers announced soon
More information and to register: HERE

Defence Forces Event – A Night in the Army Reserve

“Army Reserve roles fit around your lifestyle, offering flexibility, hours that suit you, and skills that you can take back to your full-time career. You’ll stay in your local area and serve between 20 and 100 days per year. You can work from as little as one night a week, one weekend a month, or even a few weeks a year.Attend A Night in the Army Reserve to hear about life in the Army Reserve from the people who live it.The Army Reserve is a great option for students who are looking for a part-time employment opportunity that fits around their lifestyle. Giving back to the community, developing long-lasting friendships and earning tax-free pay is just the beginning.To see first-hand what it involves, you are invited to A Night in the Army Reserve.You’ll gain exposure to a restricted-access base, learn about Army Reserve opportunities in our local area and chat to current Reservists to hear about their experiences. Your will learn about the opportunities for development and unique rewards that come with a role in the Army Reserve. You’ll be able to ask questions and discover how a part-time role can fit around your lifestyle.To register, please visit www.defencejobs.gov.au/events or email cptgoldcoast@dfr.com.au.

ACS QLD Gold Coast Chapter Presents: Preparing for the Digital Future 

Whether you have decided to study and pursue a career in digital technology, computer science, information management, or any other technology field or want to learn more about it before deciding, this is the event for you! A keynote presentation on smart cities by Antony Stinziani, the CIO of the City of Gold Coast, and a special presentation by Professor Ryan Ko from MegaCRC on how the higher-education sector will work together with the industries in preparation for Olympic Games 2032.Other highlights include:

  • Enrol for FREE in TAFE Queensland Metaverse-Ready micro-credential courses for high school students
  • Enjoy the immersive experience using various technologies such as holographic wall by Axiom Holographic, metaverse platform by Imagine Realities, reality capture and mixed reality by Holovision, VR game by Professor Tech, XR spatial design including colour passthrough using Meta Quest Pro by TAFE Queensland
  • Other exhibitors include Protech and Busy at Work
  • Pizza will be served during registration time

WHERE: Auditorium & Black Box Theatre,
Level 1, TAFE Queensland Coomera Campus
198 Foxwell Road, Coomera QLD 4209

WHEN: Wednesday, 7 June, 5:30pm to 8:30pm

Interested in an overseas working gap year?

CCUSA facilitates summer camp work, work experiences, volunteer programs and intern placements in the USA, Canada and UK for young travellers.

This can be done during a gap year, or before, while at, or after you finish university, college or TAFE.

Download all programs brochure HERE

Camp Counsellors USA and Canada programs:

These are open to those who are 18 and over by 1 June of each year. The program runs from June to September (northern hemisphere summer) allowing you to spend nine weeks living and working at an amazing summer camp in the USA or Canada. Aussies are always high in demand to work as camp counsellors/leaders at the 1000+ camps that CCUSA work with across the USA and Canada. This program can be done, before, during or after Uni/TAFE/College. Applications for 2024 open in June.

  • CLICK HERE for the electronic brochure for Camp Counsellors USA program.
  • CLICK HERE for the electronic brochure for Camp Counsellors Canada program.

Here are two videos with some really good information:

  • This is a short video explaining all of our programs on offer.
  • This video is a little longer and goes into our most popular program of Camp Counsellors USA and Canada. This was a live zoom call so there are questions asked throughout.

CCUSA‘s unique programs are designed to teach leadership, professional development and work-related skills. In today’s society, communication, collaboration and creativity are critical for success in the work force. Many Australians believe a GAP year experience between high school and tertiary studies – or after graduating university, before entering the work force – is an effective way to gain these important skills. Working or volunteering overseas is also useful in guiding students in personal growth and deciding on a study or career path.

Complete a Certificate II in Hospitality over your school holidays at Palazzo Versace

Learn in a real hotel with classes delivered over the June/July, September and December school holidays.

Scan the QR code for more information and enrolment. Spaces are limited and applications close June 9.


HDSS Cross Country Trials

Hillcrest is thrilled to share the recent success of our students at the HDSS Cross Country Trials held on Wednesday, 3 May. Our students demonstrated incredible sportsmanship with one another and their competitors, and we could not be more proud of them.At the HDSS Cross Country Trials, our students had the opportunity to showcase their athletic abilities and compete against other schools in the region. We are pleased to announce that our students performed exceptionally well, with several of them ranking highly in their respective categories.However, what stood out to us the most was the way our students conducted themselves throughout the event. Our students showed great respect and camaraderie with one another, supporting each other and pushing one another to do their best.We are so proud of the way our students represented Hillcrest Christian College at the HDSS Cross Country Trials. They truly embody the values of our school, and their positive attitudes towards sportsmanship and teamwork are a testament to the incredible students that we have at our college.We would like to extend our congratulations to all of our students who participated in the HDSS Cross Country Trials, and we wish them the best of luck in their future athletic endeavors. We look forward to seeing more great achievements from our students in the future.A huge congratulations to Matilda Duhig for coming 1st and Hudson Bowker, Vincent Churches and Halle Kapeechkin for coming 2nd in their respective races. Also, congratulations to Harrison Laubscher (7th) and Eliza Vickery (4th) who have also made the HDSS team.

Year 10 Students Selected in All-Australian AFL Team

Congratulations to Sunny Lappin and Ava Usher (Year 10) for being named in the U16 AFL All-Australian team. Last month the girls competed in the Under 16 National Championships for the Gold Coast Suns Academy and both impressed national selectors with their agility and skill. Sunny and Ava started playing AFL in primary school and we are enjoying watching them develop and accomplish some amazing results in their sport.

Parents & Friends

Mother’s Day Stall

A big thank you to our P&F Team who organised the annual Mother’s Day stall. Over two days we had students from Prep through to Year 12 come along and purchase gifts for Mother’s Day. We hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day last weekend!

Trivia Night

Get ready to put your general knowledge to the test at our upcoming Trivia Night! Whether you’re a master of pop culture, a history buff, or a sports fanatic, this event is perfect for anyone ready to have a great time.

Join us on Saturday, 27 May for an unforgettable night of fun and games. Our trivia night will be hosted by a skilled and entertaining emcee who will keep the energy high and cover everything from music to movies, fashion to fads.

Gather a group to compete against other Hillcrest friends and families with the winning team receiving a fantastic prize and bragging rights for weeks to come!

Buy a table for $50 (six people) or purchase a single ticket (or two!) and we will seat you with other singletons to make up a table. Tea and coffee provided, BYO own food and nibblies.

Take a trip back to the 80s and get dressed up in your best retro gear, ready to have a blast in the decade that was big hair, leg warmers and neon colours. Prizes for the best dressed!

Doors open at 5.30pm with trivia commencing at 6pm.

Don’t miss out on the excitement – get your tickets now for our upcoming Trivia Night !

This is a child-free event.

Tickets available here

Save the Date – Hillcrest Fete

Mark this date in your calendar for the Hillcrest Fete: Saturday, 18 November 2023.

Other News

NEW Hub Menu!

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new and exciting Hub menu, now available for online ordering through Flexischools! We have kept some of the old favourites whilst introducing some delicious hot meals such as Spaghetti Bolognese, Butter Chicken, and Fried Rice. And that’s not all, as the weather cools, be on the lookout for more additions throughout the term.

We have designed a smaller menu to cater for our Year 9 Rise Program in Coolangatta.

To make sure we are catering to your needs and preferences we will be sending out a questionnaire soon to gather your valuable thoughts, suggestions, and feedback.

We hope you enjoy the new menus and look forward to hearing from you.

Reedy Creek Campus

Rise Program Campus

COFFEE from The Well Café Connect !

Whether it is for a moment of self-care or a time to connect with others, we invite you to enjoy this space.

Open daily from 7.30am-9am.

Josh, Hannah and Maddi look forward to meeting and serving you.

Safety on our campus – Roadways

Ensuring the safety of our students, staff, and parents on campus is of utmost importance to us. As such, we have implemented strict traffic restrictions during school hours. Please take note of the following measures that we have put in place to maintain the safety of our community:

  • Deliveries and tradespeople are permitted to drive through the College grounds during school hours, but must do so at an extremely low speed and with hazard lights flashing. Please note that there is no access beyond the Middle Years reception during morning tea (10.20am – 11.40am) and lunch breaks (12.20 – 1.40pm)
  • The access to Chocolate Drive is closed to everyone except emergency vehicles from 2.50 pm to 3.10 pm.
  • ELC & JLC parents are permitted access to chocolate drive, however, may not proceed beyond the Middle Years reception between 9am and 2.30pm

We kindly request your cooperation in following these guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone on campus. Thank you for your understanding and support in keeping our community safe.

College Road Works Update

We are excited to announce that our College has embarked  on a new project to build a ring road around the internal perimeter of the College grounds. This new road will greatly improve traffic flow, create a traffic-free area for students, and eventually provide more play space for our community.

During the construction period, it is important to note that there may be heavy machinery around the campus at times. We ask that families be patient during this time and follow any signage or instructions given to ensure everyone’s safety.

The construction of the ring road is a significant project that will benefit our College community for years to come. It will improve traffic flow, making it easier for families and staff to navigate the campus during peak times. The traffic-free area created by the new road will provide a safer space for students to walk and play, and the additional play space will enhance the opportunities for physical activity and social interaction.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this exciting project. The construction of the ring road is expected to be completed ready for the commencement fo the 2024 school year, and we look forward to the positive changes it will bring to our school community.

College Uniform Shop Hours

With the weather starting to cool down, please be sure to stop by for your winter items. Alternatively you can log in to the online shop and place a click and collect order via the website.

In-Store Trading Hours
Monday to Friday, 7:30am – 9.15am

Can Your Business Help our Students

The Pathways Team is looking for opportunities for our students. Can you offer:

  • Work experience?
  • A school based
  • Traineeship/apprenticeship?
  • Other opportunities to
  • Benefit our senior students?

Contact Lucinda Crews, Pathways Engagement Coordinator lcrews@hillcrest.qld.edu.au.

Key Dates