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29 April 2022

"There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends."

John 15:13

Jeff Davis
Executive Head of College

It was certainly nice to have long weekend after a busy start to Term 2. Already we have had three Cross Country events, three Anzac services and parent teacher interviews across all three communities. Thank you for making the time to come in and meet with your student/s teachers so we can continue to partner with you in your child’s education.

In the coming weeks we have the highly anticipated College Musical, Beauty and the Beast. If you haven’t already purchased a ticket I encourage you to do so as it is sure to be a spectacular performance by our amazing students. We also keep our students in mind and in prayer, that will be sitting NAPLAN in the coming weeks.

There are many great things happening at Hillcrest. We are able to do great things here and I want to thank each of you for your support and prayers as we traverse this challenging time in history. God has a plan.



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Other News & Key Dates

Culture and Wellbeing

Praise & Worship Wednesdays

Each Wednesday morning, you will hear live music coming from the HUB deck before school at 7:45am. We have restarted this open Praise and Worship time after having it on hold with COVID restrictions. This will be led by a range of College staff throughout the term.

Staff, parents and students are welcome to join in, and if it’s on your way to your classrooms, please feel free to walk past and enjoy the peaceful presence.

There’ll be some new songs and songs of old, a time to celebrate the interdenominational nature of our College and come together to give our praise to God for His goodness.

We look forward to this special time each week.

From the ELC

For the wider College community, these past few weeks have been filled with school holidays, Easter and fun filled days. This is such a great time to get out and about and explore this beautiful world we live in. Whilst much of the College was on holidays, we in the ELC were embracing Nature Play Week – a yearly celebration of nature play, and loved getting out and about in our beautiful natural space. Originally started in Victoria by a network of individuals and organisations, “Nature Play Week” was designed to get children out into nature more, to create a sense of wonder, and encouraging both children and parents to see the natural environment as a place to enjoy, imagine and explore. It was perfect timing with glorious days, filled with sunshine and cool breezes with a touch of rain added into the mix… perfect for making mud pies, right! Outdoor play spaces are important for promoting children’s wellbeing and development. Nature play helps children with improved socialisation, problem-solving, focus, self-regulation, creativity and self-confidence, and reduced stress, boredom and injury. Much nature play involves children planting and being caretakers for these outdoor play spaces. It also provides children with opportunities that are conducive to being peaceful in their play and helps children learn to develop resilience. All of this comes to together, allowing us the opportunity to build oral language skills with our children and foster those very important early literacy and numeracy foundations to prepare children for their learning journey ahead. Getting out and about in nature is so much fun! – The smaller the CHEF, the sweeter the MUD PIES! –


Michelle Cecil
Director of Early Learning Community

What’s been happening in ELC

Our Early Learning Community is the first stepping stone in a child’s educational journey here at Hillcrest. We believe it is the greatest privilege to nurture your child’s learning journey through the early childhood years in our Pre Kindy and Kindy programs. It is a wonderful foundation for the first formal year of school and really sets our children up for success as they transition into the next phase of their learning journey.

Applications are currently open and children are being offered places in our Pre Kindy and Kindy programs for 2023. If you are considering the Hillcrest ELC for your 3 – 5 year old child/ren, please complete an Enrolment Application by Friday, 6 May. With limited availability, places are filling quickly. We love sharing our days with the youngest of Hillcrest children and look forward to welcoming families to our ELC.

Pre Kindy & Kindy Enrolment Application Form

From the Head of the JLC

Welcome back to Term 2 in the JLC Community.

Term 2 is going to be packed with great learning, extracurricular activities, and sport beginning with our Cross Country Carnival held this week on Thursday. We look forward to sharing in another great term with students and families. It has been lovely walking into classrooms and seeing our little ones refreshed and ready for a new term. It was also lovely to see so many new faces join us for their first day in the JLC this term. I would like to extend a warm welcome to families and students who are starting their journey with us at the College.

Last Friday, the College commemorated ANZAC Day. Our K-4 students attended a service in Terrace Hall to assist in their understanding of the significance of the day. A narrative about ANZAC Day was read ‘A Poppy for Pa’ to students and important cultural and symbolic elements such as the Last Post were played. Our little ones also participated in class discussions about the importance of the day, speaking to the values of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we experience today.

Thank you to all parents who attended Parent Teacher interviews. This is a great way for teachers to connect with families and share in your child’s social, emotional, spiritual, and academic growth. If you have missed a meeting or were unable to attend, please reach out to your classroom teacher to arrange another suitable time.

We were disheartened to have to cancel the Easter Parade and parent connect on the last week of Term 1. To continue connecting with you this term, we will be inviting families to our Under 8s day on Friday of Week 6.  The theme this year is ‘Play in a Changing World’ and we endeavour to provide activities to celebrate all our Under 8s amongst our P-2 students.

We look forward to partnering with you all this term, as your child journeys through the JLC.


Christy Gittins
Head Junior Learning Community

What’s been happening in the JLC

JLC Cross Country

This week our JLC students all ran in the annual Cross Country Carnival. For our Preppies, it was their first event of this kind and they ran their 400m with determination. Year 1 students also participated in a 400m race with Years 2 – 4 running an 800m loop around the College. With the wet weather, there were a few falls, but students got straight back up and kept running. So many students came flying across the finish line, finishing strong and scoring points for their House. Greene came in with 375 points, Carmichael with 382, Taylor with 509 and the House Champion Award went to Flynn House with 516 points.

Videos will be posted to Year Level Facebook pages.

First Second Third
Prep Boys Tor Dyson Oliver Godfrey Hugo Clarke
Prep Girls Scarlett Eady Elise Russell Stella Bolger
Year 1 Boys Hudson Parker Sammy Sutton Kaleb Mansfield
Year 1 Girls Kate Vickery Dulce Godfrey Annabel Fernandez
Year 2 Boys Declan van Dinter Moses Cockburn Will Perriman
Year 2 Girls Indiana Taylforth Holly Hawkins Bridie Haslop
Year 3 Boys Sam Baker Hamish Davison Joshua Townsend
Year 3 Girls Ivy Crews Emma Stepanik Simran Haya
Year 4 Boys Bowie Taylforth Hudson Flower Marlin Jaques
Year 4 Girls Meme Ley Hannah Cockburn Charlize Flanagan

Chicks Visit 2JT

2JT had a delightful time cuddling and patting chicks last week! A big thank you to Henry Williams for sharing his joy with the class. Learning is easy when you get to play with super cute animals!

JLC Awards Assembly

This week at Assembly, we gave out Golden Awards to a small group of students from each year level. Golden Awards are given to students who consistently display the College values of integrity, respect, courage, service, humility, diligence and discernment.


Effective Aid Chocolate Drive

Thank you all families that have participated in this year’s chocolate fundraiser for Effective Aid. Just a reminder that for everyone who took a box, that payments are now due. Payments can only be made via the link provided in the letter or here. We still have many boxes left over if anyone would like to take on any more. There will be prizes for those that sell the most boxes.

Thank you once again for all your support in this.


Facilitated Social Play Zones for all JLC students!

The JLC has facilitated play zones available for all of our students! This is a great way for kids to make friends and have fun in a structured environment.

P-2 Connections

  • Runs 11:20-11:40am daily in 1MG. Prep students are collected by Learning Support Teacher throughout the week. Year 1 and 2 can join in independently!  
  • Play includes board games, drawing and construction, facilitated by our Learning Support Teacher, Ms. O’Neill or Learning Support Aide Mrs Jaques.
  • Encourage students to check the door for the ‘Open’ sign for when Connections is running – the sign looks like this! 

Years 3-4 Connections

  • Runs 1:20-1:40pm daily in the Echo/ Lighthouse building foyer.  
  • Play includes board games, drawing and construction, facilitated by our Learning Support Aides and Director of Student Services.  

Social Sport

  • Children who prefer more active play but might benefit from something facilitated should be encouraged to join Mr Lappin when he is on the oval, and participate in the ball games, skills and team drills he co-ordinates! This is our awesome Mr Lappin:

From the Head of the MLC

I hope you had an enjoyable holiday break with your family and friends and found the time to restore, particularly as we celebrated the resurrection of our saviour Jesus Christ during the final weekend of the break. This term has started off quickly with many cultural events already held and celebrated across our community. The Cross Country carnival was held on a beautiful Autumn day in Week 1 and it was great to see the participation of our MLC students and hear the genuine praise for our students’ behaviour from parents and guests alike. The operator of the snow cone machine commented on the integrity and values of our students and was glowing of his interactions with our students, placing them as the best he has seen. It was a shame that my House, Carmichael, came in at the wrong end of the total points but we now only have one way to go and I look forward to supporting my team as we rocket up the standings for our next sporting event.

On Friday of Week 1 we acknowledged the ANZACs in a solemn but meaningful ceremony in Terrace Hall and it was a great experience to hear from our special guest, sharing his insights into the mateship that occurs across all of our armed forces. The behaviour of our MLC students was again exemplary and I congratulate them for taking the important event so seriously and listening to and learning from the many speakers on the day.

You will start to hear more about our first MLC Mashup for the year in a few weeks which will provide students with the chance to build stronger community and have some fun with student from across our Learning Community. A special thank you to Mrs Liz Snowdon for her organisation so far, I know it will be a great afternoon.

I would finally like to remind everyone that as we approach the cooler months, we are now in our winter formal uniform which means that a tie should be worn by everyone. The correct jumper is also important as the sports jacket cannot be worn with the formal uniform.

Enjoy another long weekend and we look forward to sharing more news from our excursions and cultural events over the coming weeks.


Darren Rackemann
Head of Middle Learning Community

What’s been happening in the MLC

MLC Cross Country

Last week we had amazing weather for the MLC Cross Country Carnival. Our students were full of House Spirit and participation was running high. It was a delight to have parents on campus cheering students on as well. While not running students participated in various other activities including a tug of war and water relay – all of which contributed to overall House points.

The House Spirit award went to Taylor, with Flynn taking out the House Champion award. Placeholder awards listed below.

Effective Aid Chocolate Drive

Thank you all families that have participated in this year’s chocolate fundraiser for Effective Aid. Just a reminder that for everyone who took a box, that payments are now due. Payments can only be made via the link provided in the letter or here. We still have many boxes left over if anyone would like to take on any more. There will be prizes for those that sell the most boxes.

Thank you once again for all your support in this.


GLOW School of Ministry

We have GLOW School of Ministry students returning this year to serve in our MLC and SLC. There are quite a few past Hillcrest students too! Can you spot them in the photo?

We have an incredible team of Wellbeing and Chaplaincy staff who support our students at Hillcrest. To provide even more opportunities for our students to be heard, encouraged and supported, we are partnering with GLOW CHURCH School of Ministry (GSM). Each Friday, we will have 20 GSM students on campus inspiring and supporting our students through connection events (live music before school and during breaks), pancake BBQs, inspirational talks and testimonies (during Life Group and Gatherings), small group short courses and mentoring in the courtyards.

The GSM students are completing Leadership and Ministry courses and will volunteer their time as part of the placement hours. We look forward to this continued partnership with GSM. Keep an eye out for more information and updates about the programs they will be running and opportunities for MLC and SLC students to be involved.

Elevate Education Parent Workshop

On Thursday, 26 May, Elevate Education will be working with our Year 7 and 8 students to teach skills around Time Management, Self-Directed Learning, Study Routine and Assignment/Exam strategies. They will also be running a free Parent Session from 6.00-7.00pm that night in the Hillcrest Theatre. Topics covered will include:

  • TIME MANGEMENT – How parents can help their child manage their time effectively so they’re able to maintain a balanced routine and not leave tasks to the last minute
  • STUDY SUPPORT – What kind of work is most valuable in helping to achieve higher marks? Presenters will discuss what good study looks like so parents can help their children work smarter
  • MOTIVATION – Sometimes, the most difficult part of studying is simply being motivated enough to do the work. This seminar will help parents understand the key drivers behind student motivation and how to leverage these to help their child reach their potential.

Parents are provided with access to the Elevate Parent E-book to follow up and extend on the best ways to support their child through high school. We would love to see you there. Bookings are not necessary.

Progressive Reporting

As previously communicated, this year the MLC have moved to Progressive Reporting, where students’ feedback and results are released shortly after their completion. This allows students and parents to view students’ progress at any time throughout the year, rather than having to wait for a formal report. This has meant that we no longer issue an end-of term interim report; however, parents will still receive an end-of-semester report with an overall semester grade in each subject, as well as a pastoral comment from the student’s Life Group teacher, at the end of Semesters 1 and 2.

All results that students have achieved so far this year are available in the Parent Lounge and in the Student Café (online). We are continuing to improve our reporting processes, and moving forward, results will generally be available to students and parents two weeks after a final assessment. If you have any feedback, questions or issues accessing your child’s Progressive Reporting, please contact our MLC Head of IQ, Mrs Leanne Winter, at lwinter@hillcrest.qld.edu.au

Life Group Green A

GA has been celebrating some great wins in Life group recently. From Cross Country success to name games and kindness calendars.    

My favourite experience in Life group to date was the Bean Bozzled challenge against GC. We saw some brave contestants on the day who, as in John 15:13; laid down one’s life for one’s friend.   

Looking forward to another fantastic term ahead in life group with the GA team.  

From the Head of the SLC

Setting Yourself Up For Success

Welcome back to Term 2.  I hope you had a restful and relaxing break with your family. As I discussed in my last article, Term 1 had lots of COVID-imposed change which did cause additional fatigue so the time away for both staff and students was much needed. With the current easing of restrictions, we are all praying that this is a thing of the past.

Term 2 is well underway and lots of activities have been implemented to make sure all students have an opportunity for an outstanding experience. You would have seen the photographs from the Cross Country Carnival (Wednesday, Week 1). I was very impressed with the attendance and participation of all students and especially how well our Year 12 students lead the novelty events. They clearly demonstrated that you don’t need to wear a badge to be a leader. Well done!

Last Friday we reflected on Defence personnel, past and present as we commemorated ANZAC Day. Again, I was amazed with the student leaders who lead this service. Importantly, I was impressed with how well students displayed the values of integrity and respect to those who have and are making sacrifices for our freedoms today.

We have also had students participate in a Duke of Edinburgh expedition and Mountain Biking over the ANZAC Day long weekend and participate in interschool debating this week. Hillcrest offers lots of opportunities for students and I strongly encourage them to become involved. You only get out of your education opportunity what you put in.

It was great to see so many parents and students attend the student / parent / teacher interviews this week and last. I hope that you have a clearer picture of where your child currently is academically and the next steps in their learning journey. I did notice some teachers had more availability than usual and will be sending a survey to you to explore this further.

All students should now have some clear goals for what they wish to achieve this term.  These should be academic goals for each subject, but as we are not just an IQ incubator, they should have goals for their emotional, wellbeing and spiritual development too. I strongly encourage all parents to discuss these goals with your child and make sure you revisit to discuss their progress on a regular basis throughout the term.

My hope and aspiration is that everyone has a fantastic term. If there is anything that I, or my team can do, to better support your child, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Until next time.

Jason Day
Head of Senior Learning Community

What’s been happening in the SLC

SLC Cross Country

Last week our SLC students competed in the annual Cross Country Carnival.  They filled the oval, bringing their enthusiasm, experience and grit. The Year 12 race, with both runners and walkers, filled the track as they did their final laps, soaking in the atmosphere and the cheering crowd of their final Cross Country. There was a tug of war and a water relay competition in play as well, which all contributed to House points. For the SLC, the House Spirit Award went to Greene and House Champion was taken out by Carmichael.


Effective Aid Chocolate Drive

Thank you all families that have participated in this year’s chocolate fundraiser for Effective Aid. Just a reminder that for everyone who took a box, that payments are now due. Payments can only be made via the link provided in the letter or here. We still have many boxes left over if anyone would like to take on any more. There will be prizes for those that sell the most boxes.

Thank you once again for all your support in this.


Want to try a trade?

If you would like to try a trade, just download and fill out the enrolment form here.


Interested in TAFE at School?

If you would like to consider TAFE at school, please see the attached forms.


Career Pathways – Latest University Information

QUT Open Day is on Sunday, 31 July at Gardens Point campus. Chat to staff and students from all study areas about courses, careers, and uni life. Explore our facilities and see what makes QUT the university for the real world.

A quick guide to QUT: for Year 9 -10 students and parents is on Wednesday 27 April, 5.30pm–6.45pm. This session will provide some tools to help students with course and career decisions.

Pathways to QUT is on Wednesday, 4 May, 6pm–7.30pm. Get tailored advice for post-school and mature-age students about ways to gain entry to QUT and support for success at uni.

Are you a Year 11 or 12 student interested in studying a university subject while in high school? Applications for START QUT Semester 2, 2022 are now open, and close on 31 May. Check eligibility requirements, browse available subjects, and apply on the START QUT website.

Want to go to uni in 2023 but not ready to start a degree? QUT have these options for you to consider …

Diploma in Business


  • 8 months full-time
  • 16 months part-time


  • Kelvin Grove

Diploma in Engineering


  • 8 months full-time
  • 16 months part-time


  • Kelvin Grove

Diploma in Entrepreneurship


  • 1 year full-time
  • 2 years part-time


  • Kelvin Grove

Diploma in Esports


  • 8 months full-time
  • 16 months part-time


  • Kelvin Grove

Bond University
Join us for Virtual Open Day, your exclusive snapshot of life at Bond

Experience Bond’s deliberately different approach to learning at our 2-hour Virtual Open Day broadcast, streaming to you live on Saturday, 14 May from 2pm AEST.

Simply sit back, relax, and tune in on your favourite device to get to know us a little better. From tours of our beautiful campus, to deep dives into our study areas, interviews with current students and academics, and so much more, Virtual Open Day is your all-access pass to life and study at Bond University.

Register now.

Heading to Melbourne for uni in 2023?

A webinar designed specifically for QLD high school students who are considering studying at the University of Melbourne in the future.

There’s a lot to uncover about the University of Melbourne, and if you’re from Queensland, this is your chance.

Join the ‘UniMelb 101 for QLD students’ webinar to hear about your study and accommodation options at Melbourne, how to apply, scholarships, internships, exchanges, and Access Melbourne – the University’s special entry access scheme.

You’ll also hear from current Melbourne students who made the move from Queensland.


Date: Tuesday 10 May 2022
Time: 6.00-7.30pm
To register or find out more: https://go.unimelb.edu.au/ha6e

We look forward to seeing you online.

Diploma of Business – especially for students who like to study virtually
Term 2 intake for Diploma of Business is open and it will start on the 26th of April. This virtual course offers more flexibility to students who are wanting to do the course.

Please click the link to view the course flyer.

Should you wish to enroll, please see enrolment form online and use the code: 2022-DOB-APR-V.

Interested in a career in AVIATION?
Open Day: Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Drone & Cabin Crew

The aviation industry is experiencing a severe shortage of skills and desperately needs a passionate and well trained aviation workforce to support aircraft maintenance and flight safety. Aviation Australia is opening its doors to those looking to pursue a career in Aviation.

Join them for a free guided tour of our Brisbane campus, Saturday 18 June to see what Aviation Australia can offer.

Their expert team will guide you through engineering hangars, cabin crew, and flight crew facilities. Experience a drone racing demonstration, see their planes and so much more! Learn about all course offerings for 2022 – 2023 and the career opportunities that each will open for you. Speak to instructors about what it’s like to study and work in an exciting, challenging and cutting edge industry.

There are three session times available, each session will be 1 hour long.
•    Session 1: 8:30am – 9:30am
•    Session 2: 9:30am – 10:30am
•    Session 3: 10:30am – 11:30am

If you have any questions please contact Lyn.Sank@aviationaustralia.aero

Register now


Duke of Edinburgh Silver and Gold

If you weren’t aware, there were 18 students and four staff who braved the elements and spent three to four days kayaking down the Tweed River last weekend as part of a Duke of Edinburgh Silver or Gold ddventurous journey.

Thanks to Mr David Gemmell and Mrs Astrid Hart for giving up your long weekend to come along and make it possible! In addition the Hook family, Churches family and the Colbran family who lent us some kayaks to make sure everyone had a seat on the water

Silver Participants (3 Days – 29km):  Tyler Adams, Emily Arnold, Sasha Chan-Lister, Georgia Dolley, Charlize Firgaira, Jed Gregory, Laura Gregory, Asher Hammersley, Olive Kennedy, Elizabeth Maynard, Grace Purnell, Kooper Ransome, Jonathon Rouse, Noah Smith, Emily Snowdon, Astina Van Den Broek, Max Winter

Gold Participants (4 days – 38km):  Ms Hannah Ramsay, Nicholas Lehman

Despite the regular rain squalls we had an excellent time and the Murwillumbah Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Tumbulgum Seventh-day Adventist Church again were there to support and provide us with shelter and a roof for dry evenings.

Student Achievements

3 x Gold for Gideon Burnes

Gideon Burnes, Year 11, continues to have success in the swimming pool. This time was on the grand stage of the 2022 Australian Swimming Age National Championships, held in Adelaide. Gideon achieved a clean sweep of all the breaststroke events and claimed silver in the QLD representative team’s medley relay.

Gideon achieved the following:

  • Under 16 Australian National Age Champion – 50m, 100m, 200m BRS
  • 1st – 200m Breaststroke
  • 1st – 100m Breaststroke
  • 1st – 50m Breaststroke
  • 2nd – 4 x 50m State Medley Relay
  • New personal best times in all events

Links to television coverage of his races can be seen via the links below. Congratulations Gideon.

50m Breaststroke Event
100m Breaststroke Event
100m Breaststroke Event

Australian Junior Championships

Congratulations to Nevarda Ridgeway, Tyler O’Neill, Jade Peacock and Layla Cameron who represented Queensland South in Ballarat, at the under 18 Australian Junior Championships.

Queensland South Girls took home the Silver medal and the Boys took home Gold.

Special mention to Taylor Lee our Basketball coach who was the assistant coach at the U20 QLD Championships where QLD took out the Bronze medal.

Lola Alaia
Lola Alaia (Year 7) attended and competed at the Sydney Equestrian Centre during the school holidays recent.

Lola began her love of horses and equestrian when her parents bought her a horse called Penny when she was five to keep in their paddock at home. Lola started riding Penny and as she developed her riding skills, she joined a pony club and started show riding. Lola trains three or four days each week as well as riding in many shows. After each show she gives her horses a week off to rest as they get tired.

She loves the feeling of doing her best at shows. Lola explains, “The judging is exciting as you don’t know who is going to win the events. I have a lot of friends that I have met in horse riding since I was five. We like hanging out and riding together.” Her goal is to win the Grand Nationals in Sydney. She would also like to start competing in dressage as well as showing.

Cleaning out the stables, muddy shows and when her current horse, Trent, is in a quirky mood are things she doesn’t really enjoy about the sport, but she thinks everything else is awesome.

Lola suggests to anyone wants to get into Equestrian, they can start by going to riding schools to try the sport. If they want to continue in equestrian, they can buy a pony and start doing shows.

Lola’s most recent show was the Toowoomba Royal Show which were qualifying classes to compete at the Sydney Grand Nationals in 2023. She achieved some amazing including:

  • First ridden open pony winner
  • Champion first ridden hunter pony winner
  • Champion
  • Novice open pony
  • Reserve champion
  • Open pony class to go onto reserve champion.

Other News

Mother’s Day Stall

The JLC & MLC Mother’s Day Stall will be held Wednesday, 4 May 2022 on the MPH Deck. Prep – Year 6 students will visit with their class during the day. Year 7-8 students are to visit the stall before school or during morning tea time.

The SLC Mother’s Day Stall will be held on Thursday, 5 May 2022 in the SLC Courtyard. Senior students can purchase gifts before school or during morning tea time.

All gifts are $5. Please either send cash to school with your child on the day or pre-purchase a voucher via the link below. We will have a list on the day of all students who have a voucher to spend.
Students can purchase more than one gift and we cater for Grandmother’s too!

Further details are on the P&F Facebook page or please feel free to email pandf@hillcrest.qld.edu.au with any questions.

2022 Mother’s Day Stalls


Nominations are now open for the P&F Committee – AGM & GM to be held on the same night, Monday, 9 May 2022 from 7pm. Download form here.

Art Fundraising Event

Hillcrest invites you to attend ‘Vessels and Pots’ Ceramic Hand-Building and Glazing workshop. See poster for more details. Tickets can be purchased here.

Key Dates