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9 February 2021

*Class of 2020 – Dux Special Edition*

“Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the LORD!”

Psalm 31:24 ESV




Jeff Davis

Executive Head of College

It has been wonderful to reconnect with families in the last few weeks as we have started 2021 back at the College. Last year held many challenges as we navigated our way through disruptions, the COVID pandemic and the financial uncertainty of the future. I am incredibly thankful to God for His protection of our community in 2020 and our prayers remain that He will continue to bless us throughout this year.

Many people are hopeful that the vaccination program for COVID-19 will result in a changing environment for our country and while I share this hope, I want everyone to know that as an Executive, we are ensuring that we are abreast of all possibilities and continue to apply all of the responsibilities and requirements that have been bestowed upon us by the Queensland Government and Health authorities. We will continue to protect our students in every way to ensure their schooling experiences are incredible in every way. 

Throughout the holiday period, we have completed a number of major building projects and I truly hope that you can see that as a College we are always seeking to provide our students with the very best possible facilities to enhance their learning. The opening of the MLC is another step in our innovation program to provide all students with the very best pedagogical approach to learning possible. You may also know that all students in Years 4-12 have their own digital learning device that ensures Hillcrest remains at the forefront of the delivery of a comprehensive digital learning curriculum program. With the integration of digital learning in all year levels, we are preparing all of our students for the world they will inherit in the future. 

Service-based activities are a key component of what we think is important for our students. Those who learn to give, open a whole new world of enjoyment and this has been especially evident in our service programs in the SLC, such as our mission trips. We are currently looking at a whole range of options for students to participate in similar style programs in the next few years, but until we have clear Government mandates for the safety of students traveling overseas, we will find alternate local programs where these skills can be developed. We are hoping to let parents know shortly what these service programs may look like. 

Thank you for your encouragement this year. The new Strategic Plan emphasises the areas of; 

  1. Student Experience 
  2. Learning 
  3. Our People 
  4. Community 
  5. Culture and Wellbeing 
  6. Stewardship 

Together we continue to develop Hillcrest into a truly amazing school that honours Christ and allows all students to achieve their very best. Have a wonderful year. 


Jeff Davis

Executive Head of College


Early Learning


Junior Years


Middle Years


Senior Years

Sports & PA


Other News

Other News & Key Dates

From the Director of the ELC

It’s wonderful to see so many new smiling faces within our Early Learning Community at the start of the year. The main priority for our teachers and educators is that we are developing responsive, warm, trusting and respectful relationships with our children. This will encourage children to be confident and involved learners (Early Years Learning Framework, Learning Outcome 4) and are therefore able to explore their new environment whilst engaging in play and learning.

Our youngest members of our college community have enjoyed engaging in many activities such as sensory experiences, and play, creative arts, and open ended play to explore their new learning environment.

We look forward to Term 1 as we learn and grow together.


Alicia Shields

Director of Early Learning Community

From the Head of the JLC

Dear JLC Families,

I am pleased to welcome you back to the 2021 school year! I would like to extend a special welcome to all the new families joining the Junior Learning Community (JLC) this year and welcome back all our returning families as well. I am so delighted to be part of this amazing learning community and leading the JLC this year. My hope is that all children will LOVE our community and feel nurtured in a learning environment that is positive, safe, warm, caring, as well as a fun place to learn and grow.

As Week two draws to a close, all signs point to another incredible and productive school year ahead. Our skilled and devoted JLC staff are busy planning, preparing, and discovering how each child learns to differentiate instruction to support all diverse learning needs. Our JLC Castle Administration are hard at work ensuring all our materials have arrived and student information is up to date.

This week we see the completion and official handover of our Castle Library, with formal lessons to begin in the new facility next week. We are most appreciative to those staff who spent the entire summer working to complete numerous construction projections, maintenance, and cleaning in preparation for the school year. We are also appreciative of our Parents & Friends (P&F) association who have already been hard at work holding a complimentary Tea and Tears morning for our Prep families, it was lovely to meet everyone. We are indeed a caring community with Christ at the centre of all we do.

Christy Gittins
Head of Junior Learning Community

Welcome to our News and Returning Students

Well, the first two weeks of school have been accomplished and as we continue into Term 1 we hope our Preppies, new students and our returning students have days filled with adventure and learning. It’s hard to think of Preppies as the Class of 2033 but I’m sure if we asked our recent Class of 2020 it doesn’t feel that long ago, and what is discovered in Prep and Junior years can last a lifetime. A lifetime of memories, of knowledge, potentially lifelong friends and the foundations of core skills such as reading, writing, math and various skills through guided instruction.

Other valuable lessons continue to be developed within the culture and community which Hillcrest aims to foster in each learner, to care for others, to outwork and strive to live the fruits of the spirit. We don’t know what the future looks like in 2033 and beyond but we are glad to have all our families and students as part of our special community now and into the future.

Staff and the wider Hillcrest Community will continue to care and pray for all of you as you continue your journey at Hillcrest Christian College. It has been a privilege to see students engaged in their learning across the JLC so far and look forward to sharing the news and events of 2021 with you.

Year 4

Year 4 are working as biologists this term studying living things and plant growth. They are amazed at the growth that is occurring week by week and are using their scientific skills and technology skills to record, predict, observe and analyze what is occurring. They are exploring the wonders of God’s creation as they do so and seeing how God uses natural selection to help living things survive and thrive.

Todd Parkes
Year 4 Teacher

JLC Grounds

You may have noticed a variety of landscaping and building works around the Junior Learning Community as the College continues to invest in the College grounds. Areas of development include:

  • New artificial turf in front of the Castle enabling students to play in and around the Castle easier.
  • Bus Library Resource Centre to replace the damaged bus has been improved with a larger Resource Centre and decking due to open in week 3.
  • Landscaping in front of the Year 1-2 area provides both additional seating, play areas and trees for additional shade along with water management.
  • New Lawn and landscaping around the JLC.

Thank you to the P&F, volunteers form our worker bee and College staff for their investment in these projects we are sure the students will enjoy these spaces for years to come and we look forward to how they will interact with these areas over time.

P&F Tea & Tears

Thank you to our Parents & Friends Association (P&F) for supporting families with Preppies at this year’s “Tea & Tears” morning tea. Parents of Preppies were able to meet with each other, connect and share over a light morning tea. We hope those who stayed were able to share together and reflect on some of those first school moments. Thank you to our P&F and College Executive Team for hosting and attending the event.

You can connect with the Hillcrest P&F Association on their Facebook Group or by attending their upcoming first meeting on Monday 22 February at 7pm. Please refer to the P&F Facebook page for announcements.

From the Head of the MLC


2021 has started with a bang with over 500 students joining as one to launch the Middle Learning Community (MLC) at Hillcrest with an innovative project from the shell of what was previously a carpark. The building project continues to head towards complete handover at the end of Week 4 and we look forward to enjoying the highly anticipated covered area from the start of Week 5. Thank you for your patience as we wait to experience the new space, I know it will be worth the wait.


The first MLC Swimming Carnival was a smashing success with students from Years 5-8 experiencing their first taste of MLC House Spirit at the carnival. The student engagement was sensational with hardly a student missing even though we had less than perfect weather.  Congratulations to Carmichael House for their win on the day and thank you to the staff who spent so much time preparing the event.

Students in Years 7-8 went straight from the Swimming Carnival to camp the very next day. I had the pleasure of attending the camp Wednesday night and it was great to hear the stories of students demonstrating our College values of Integrity, Respect and Courage in an environment out of their comfort zone. I am sure this intentional approach to building relationships at the start of the year will pay off during the rest of 2021 as students and staff feel more connected and continue the strong partnerships they have formed over the first two weeks.

Our students in Years 5-6 also spent time on Friday building House Spirit and new connections as they experienced their first Friday Fun Day. This was a great initiative that saw students using their SECRET skills to help be effective participators, manage risk and think creatively to solve team challenges during the day.

Below are some upcoming events for your diaries.

  • Friday 12 February – Appreciation Day
  • Friday 12 February – New student photos (for those who have started at Hillcrest in 2021)
  • Wednesday 17 February – Year 3-6 Lumos incursion
  • Friday 19 February – Year 7 Immunisations

See you in Week 3

Darren Rackemann
Head of Middle Learning Community

Students Settle into the Middle Learning Community

From the welcome at O Day students have settled in properly to their Life Groups and classes. It is great to see students engaging with their new learning spaces and interesting to see students interact and use the spaces and furniture. We look forward to seeing this extended with the outdoor area and how teachers and students can use these spaces as part of the MLC.

MLC House Camps

Students left for the MLC Camps on Wednesday 3 February to some finer weather compared to the previous day of the Swimming Carnival morning. We are glad students had the chance to engage properly in the activities and stay dry when sleeping in tents. we look forward to hearing about the adventures and the bonds that were formed at camp. Some pictures have been shared on the MLC House Camp page and we will upload more images when teachers upload them early next week.

To see the initial MLC Camp Gallery page please click here

View MLC House Camp page

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MLC Swimming Carnival

On Tuesday 2 February, students put on their House Shirts and colours and eagerly got together under the shelters to cheer on their peers and get involved.

Going by the smiles everyone had a great day and students returned to the College where they waited eagerly in the MPH for the results and medals. The Winners were:

House Spirit

Winners = Taylor House


House Results

1. Carmichael House

2. Flynn House

3. Taylor House

4. Greene House

Friday Fun Day (Years 5-6)

While our Year 6-7’s were at their House Camps our Year 5-6 MLC students had their own House challenges on Friday. The aim of the day was to help get to know their Life Group’s better and to build team spirit within both their Houses and Life Groups. Through a variety of short activities, each Life Group competed in time trials or challenges.

Congratulations to Life Group Taylor D who won on the day but going by the smiling faces of everyone it appears the day was a winner with the students.

From the Head of the SLC

Welcome to 2021. I trust that you had a great vacation with your family, enjoying well earned rest and relaxation. I welcome all new students and families to the Hillcrest community.

It is hard to believe that we are already in Week 3 for the term. It has been a fantastic start to the academic school year. I was very pleased with the attendance and participation at the swimming carnival on Day 2. The weather was perfect and thanks to the House Captains and Heads of House, House Spirit was high. Congratulation to Carmichael House for winning this close competition.

Last week we saw students attend House Camp on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Based on what I observed and the feedback that I have received, students had a wonderful time. House Camp allows students to form stronger relationships within their Life Group as well as with other students in the same year level within the House. Students also go to challenge themselves while undertaking a variety of activities. I wish to thank the four Heads of House and the staff who attended for making this valuable experience possible for the students.

College Dux
At the end of 2020, we had the opportunity to acknowledge graduating students who were top of each subject, who completed Vocational Education and Training qualification and acknowledge students for service, leadership and co-curricular participation. On Tuesday 9 February, we will acknowledge our 2020 high achieving graduates, including the 2020 College Dux. We had a number of students who achieved an ATAR of 90 or above and one student who received perfect scores in all of their assessments for one of their subjects.

This year we will continue to develop students spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally as well as physically. Student driven pathways, with a focus on personal interests and strengths, will continue to be our focus. We are always seeking continuous improvement to deliver an outstanding experience for all students. I will inform you of key areas in my communication over the year.

Supporting you and your child
It is my aim for all students to feel safe and cared for when they come to school. Life Group teachers, who you met on O Day, play an important role in ensuring this happens. If you have any pastoral concerns, Life Group Leaders should be your first point of contact. More serious pastoral concerns should be directed to your student’s Head of House, who will liaise with Mr Colefax, Deputy Head of Senior Learning Community (Pastoral) if necessary. Similarly, all academic concerns should be initially discussed with the classroom teacher, and Heads of Faculty and Mrs Cox, Head of Senior Studies, should be contacted for more serious academic concerns. Mr Fernance, Deputy Head of Senior Learning Community (Academic) will be consulted on more serious issues.

The relationship between parents and teachers, teachers and students, and students and parents are all important for success in school. I encourage you to keep all of these communication channels open. My past experiences suggest that issues do not go away by themselves. If an issue arises, please contact your child’s Life Group teacher immediately. It is much easier to address these issues in their infancy rather than when people are at their whits end.

I wish all students the very best for 2021 and look forward to watching them develop spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically over the year.

Jason Day
Head of Senior Learning Community

SLC Swimming Carnival

Year 9-12 students combined in a day of friendly competition and community spirit of House vs House on our SLC Swimming Carnival on week 1, Thursday 28 February. One of the highlights featured the Chappy Challenge (Chaplain and staff vs students), the relays, and of course a chance for our Year 12’s, Class of 2021, to make those lasting school in the novelty events.

There were some records broken by Gideon Burnes and Halle Kapeechkin.

House Spirit

Winners = Greene House

Carmichael House

Flynn House

Taylor House


House Results

1. Carmichael House

2. Taylor House

3. Flynn House

4. Greene House

View SLC Swimming Carnival page

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SLC House Camps

SLC Students (Years 9-12) attend ed their various House Camps at the following locations.

  • Carmichael – Lake Ainsworth
  • Flynn – Watson Park
  • Greene – Warrawee
  • Taylor – Thunderbird Park

Going by the smiles and activities students had a great time connecting within their Life Groups, challenging themselves and building on teamwork and collaboration skills.

College Student Leaders

2021 College Student Leaders

As part of the selection and training process for formal leadership positions, Year 11 students from 2020 participated in the facilitation of a program called ‘Lead Like Jesus’ which was delivered to Year 7 students over 6 weeks. This provided students with invaluable leadership skills and experiences which they have taken and applied in other settings across the College.

Year 12, 2021 badged student leaders have also had the opportunity to participate in the Emu Gully training camp where they participate in various activities that strengthen the values of teamwork and resilience. We look forward to how the College student leaders of 2021 will lead our students this year in a variety of events, Life Groups, Houses and as peers.

Year 12 Student College Leaders were announced at the end of 2020 and led by:

Amity Pink

Amity has a heart for serving others and has felt a calling of service on her life from a young age. She is a firm believer in the potential to influence others and is excited about using her God-given gifts in the outworking of this. She has the ability to bring others together and is keen to focus on shifting culture in 2021. Amity has been actively involved in the life of the College and is dedicated to her role as College Captain in 2021.

Connor Johns

Despite Connor only arriving at the College in 2019, he has been able to make an incredible effort within the community. He is passionate about sport and seeing every student reach their full potential. Connor is a kind-hearted student who has fostered friendships with many students across a range of ages. He has naturally gravitated towards leadership roles within his sphere of influence and is excited about how he can lead in 2021.

College Dux and ATAR Certificates

On Tuesday 9 February the SLC Community held a special assembly to celebrate the academic achievements of the Class of 2020. Due to the ATAR system, the College waited until early this year to announce and celebrate the College Dux along with the students who achieved an ATAR of 90 or above. Along with the awards Mr Fernance (Deputy Head of the SLC) interviewed our past students on the various subjects and strategies they used to be successful in Year 12.

In the midst of what was an unprecedented year we are very proud of the students and their academic achievements despite the many additional stresses 2020 through at our cohort.

More than academic results which are only a small part of their life journey and pathway we are very proud of the tremendous, resilient, and capable young men and women our Class of 2020 have become. We wish all our past students the very best for their futures and will continue to pray a blessing over their lives.

College Dux and 90+ ATAR Certificates

Blessing for all of our Class of 2020 students.


College Musical – ON SALE NOW!

Tickets for our 2021 College musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat” are NOW on sale. This incredible production features outstanding singers, actors, dancers and musicians from Years 8 to 10, and will be spectacular. Don’t miss this production with modern twists and local Gold Coast influences.

BOOK EARLY AS THERE ARE LIMITED SEATING. Use the QR code in the poster or visit the link to order. 


Musicianship Mastery Classes

SLC students (Years 9-12) with some invited Year 8 students are invited to participate in practical musicianship training, to help develop vocal confidence, music skills, a high standard of music literacy, refined aural skills and a deeper appreciation for fine music. They will be carefully and naturally guided through various phases with a joyful experience of engaging musical activities.

When: Wednesdays  (commencing week 3) from 3.10- 3.50pm

Where: ROOM 63

Contact: Mrs Vadeikis via email: tvadeikis@hillcrest.qld.edu.au

Instrumental Ensembles 

Instrumental Ensembles are available at the College for Years 6-12 with rehearsal schedule and Commencement in readiness for upcoming concerts, events and performances. These ensembles are an integral part of the co-curricular program. Students can fully experience playing in a group setting amongst their peers, led by specialist staff and tutors. Please see the schedule below.

Instrumental Schedule Term 1 2021

General News

New footpath on Bridgman Drive to improve safety

 Works are underway to construct a new shared path along the southern side of Bridgman Drive, Reedy Creek (between Hillcrest Christian College and Boambee Court). The project will start and tie into the existing driveway and continue west/south approximately 890m

Council had issued a letterbox drop to local residents late in October 2020 advising of the project, the original date for construction in this letter was Sep-Dec 2020. Work will now commence in February.

Works will include:

  • construction of 890 metres of shared path with a width of 2.5 metres
  • reconstruction of several driveways
  • pathway will connect bus stop 301240 Bridgman Drive near Royston Crescent and bus stop 301237 Bridgman Drive near Heulan Court
  • pedestrian ramps to provide access across Bridgman Drive to Boambee Court.

Impacts during construction:

  • minor traffic delays, noise and dust at times
  • temporary lane closures will be required and we will have pedestrian and traffic management in place. Road and path access will be maintained.

The council encourages all road users to take extra care when Council crews are in the area and observe traffic signs and speed restrictions. They will do their best to minimise disruptions.

Benefits to the community

  • improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • improved connectivity to western residential enclave.
  • the new path will be compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.
  • encourage active travel.

For further information please click here to view a webpage from the Gold Coast Council.

Key Dates