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7 August 2020

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

2 Timothy 1:7 ESV




Jeff Davis

Executive Head of College

Dear Parent/Carers 

Please find our update for Term 3, week 4.  Key points covered in the video are below:

  • Hillcrest is ready for COVID-19 Action Plan
  • Gold Coast Show Day – 14 August 2020
  • Student Free Day – 28 August 2020
  • Sport restrictions lifting – what are those opportunities for students
  • College celebrations for the remainder of the year versus COVID-19 restrictions
  • Year 12’s getting near the end of their curriculum content

More information will follow but we encourage you to read the updates which come from the College.
We hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead.


Junior News


Senior News


Co-Curricular News


Other general news

100 Days in Prep

Last week our Preppies celebrated 100 days of school. Various activities helped students reflect on their last 100 days in Hillcrest Prep. Some of the activities included a picture of what they may look like if they were 100 years old and math games such as 100 shapes or counting 100 items.

Year 1 Art

In Year 1 Art, students have been learning about clay. This week they painted their clay turtles and how cute do they look?!

Year 6 Lumos Global Design Camp

On Friday 31 July, Year 6 Lumos students participated in a ZOOM call with Dr. Emily McCarren, Academy Principal of Punahou School. It is the largest independent K-12 school in the U.S and also where Barak Obama attended! Dr. McCarren formally welcomed us into the fold of ‘Yee Hip Camp’. The purpose of the camp is to inspire students to understand interconnectedness and interdependence. Year 6 Lumos students will learn about diversity, being unique and creating value for others. They will also develop creativity, entrepreneurship, service orientation and learn how to live and socialise in the two new and emerging worlds: global and virtual.

Shannon Martinez

Year 6 Lumos Teacher

Year 7 Students

As students in Year 7 prepare to lead the Middle Learning Community in 2021 they are participating in the program ‘Lead Like Jesus’ and seeking leadership opportunities across the College. Students in the cohort are currently organising sporting competitions, writing a newsletter, and creating content for the College’s gatherings and assemblies. This week Charlie Cullen and Jiah Bell created a short video to explore how ego can impact our day to day lives. You can check out the full devotion below.

Shawn Skinner
Year 7 Teacher

Years 8-10 Write a Book in a Day

On Tuesday 32 students from Years 8-10 wrote a book in one day for children’s cancer research.  It’s all part of the annual national “Write a Book in a Day” competition run by independent national charity, The Kids’ Cancer Project. The school has entered 4 teams in the competition from Year 8-10.  Students were given a brief and then within 12 hours they wrote, illustrated and submitted a children’s storybook of up to 5,000 words. These stories will be donated as an e-book to children undergoing treatment in hospitals around Australia. The students will also in their teams continue to do fundraising for the charity over the coming weeks.

It was an incredible 12 hour day at school where they started before 8am with planning and developing their story based on different parameters. A lot of brainstorming, frustration, compromising and creativity followed. They wrote, edited and illustrated non-stop until 8pm on Tuesday night, before submitting their final versions. Below are the front covers of each book. The list of the incredible students that took part in it yesterday is below. They were exhausted, but at the same time energised from completing their books. Thank you to Jacques Du Toit, Stephanie Rackemann and Renee Boots for assisting the students during the day and night in this endeavour.

We look forward to seeing even more students from Year 5-12 become involved in this experience in 2021.

The Purple Carrots (Year 10)
Alyssa Runnalls
Julia Brand
Anthony Vitetzakis
Zoe Henderson
Emily Schwabe
Samara Ballinger
Hayley Luxton

Hillcrest UNITS (Year 10)
Alexis Chau
Rio Matsuoka
Fynn McNeish
Lachlan Hammersley
Jessie Duduc
Daniel Brodie
Tyler Overman
Dylan Simpson
Leia Chang

The Alpacaz (Years 8-9)
Eathan Waters
Jayden Adams
Jed Gregory
Giselle Chau
Mene Nel
Crystal Shin
Laila Chequer de Souza
Bradley Adams
Asher Hammersley
Savanna Brosnan

Shicelyn Productions (Year 8)
Grace Purnell
Lizzie Maynard
Emily Snowdon
Caitlin Brodie
Shayla Evans
Tyler Adams

SLC 7-12 Academic Awards

On Tuesday 28 July an Academic Assembly was held for our SLC Students. Due to COVID-19 there were only two awards given for students in Year 7-11.  These awards were based on the following criteria;

  1. The first was a GPA award for Year 7- 9 students who have achieved an average GPA of 13 or above in the four core subjects of English, HaSS, Maths and Science.
  2. Certificates were given to Years 10-11 students who achieved A’s in all their subjects or with no more than one result below an A.

The second award was given to Year 7-12 students for consistent effort throughout Term 2. Students must have received an Exemplary effort rating in all subjects or may have all but one rating as Exemplary.

SLC 7-12 Athletics Carnival Awards

The Senior Learning Community held an Athletics Awards Ceremony to celebrate the athletic achievement of our Year 7-12 students. Due to COVID-19 there are still 8 more events to take place to crown the winning house. Medals were presented to students who won age champion at the carnival. Congratulations to all students for their participation and efforts.

Best House Spirit
1st place Carmichael
2nd place Taylor
3rd place Greene

Best Sporting House
1st place Greene
2nd place Carmichael
3rd place Taylor

Overall House Champion after 16 events are:
1st place Carmichael 2880 points
2nd place Taylor 2580 points
3rd place Greene 2460 points
4th place Flynn 2120 points

There are 8 events left and winners will be announced towards the end of Term 3.

12 Year Girls
1st place – Ella Kerry (Carmichael)
2nd place – Brielle Parkes (Greene)
3rd place – Francina Good (Carmichael)

12 Year Boys
1st place – Jet Wilson (Greene)
2nd place – Elijah Welsh (Taylor)
3rd place – Jiah Bell (Greene)

13 Year Girls
1st place – Rebecca Timmermann Keirven (Carmichael)
2nd place – Ava Usher (Flynn)
3rd place – Sunny Lappin (Flynn)

13 Year Boys
1st place – Kai Guidolin (Flynn)
2nd place – Taylor Paterson (Greene)
3rd place – Bradley Adams (Carmichael)

14 Years Girls
1st place – Idara Eweka-Esiet (Greene)
2nd place – Emily Snowdon (Taylor)
3rd place – Savanna Brosnan (Carmichael)

14 Years Boys
1st place – Ryan Schuback (Greene)
2nd place – Kooper Ransome (Greene)
3rd place – Lachlan Kerry (Carmichael)

15 Years Girls
1st place – Paris Firgaira (Carmichael)
2nd place – Sarah Radloff (Greene)
3rd place – Whitney Prior (Greene)

15 Years Boys
1st place – Daniel Arden (Carmichael)
2nd place – Jacob Peters (Flynn)
3rd place – Mylo Carlton (Carmichael)

16 Years Girls
1st place – Sophie Kent (Flynn)
2nd place – Anitta Santhosh (Taylor)
3rd place – Jessie Duduc (Flynn)

16 Years Boys
1st place – Ethan Tian (Taylor)
2nd place – Cohen Bergoff (Flynn)
3rd place – Hayden Rogers (Greene)

Open Year Girls
1st place – Annalise Daniel (Taylor)
2nd place – Ruby Rough (Flynn)
3rd place – Zali Welsh (Taylor)

Open Year Boys
1st place – Jack Roper (Greene)
2nd place – Alexander Nunnink (Greene)
3rd place – George Dendy (Greene)

Year 10 Biology Excursion

On Friday, 31 of July, Year 10 Biology students ventured through the mangroves at Schuster Park and Beree Badalla Reserve. Students undertook ecological surveys investigating the distribution and abundance of various species. Albeit a bit muddy, students had a great time engaging in nature.

Yvonne Winter
Year 10 Biology Teacher

Year 10 Geography Excursion

On Wednesday 5 August, 14 Year 10 Geographers visited Beree Badalla Reserve at Currumbin Creek to work on their inquiry-based research on human impacts on local mangrove environments. This is linked to the Australian Curriculum Environmental Change and Management topic. We worked with Griffith University’s PhD Candidate Maggie Muurmans from Coastal Ed. Maggie was able to talk about her exciting career as an Environmental Scientist and help students answer their real-world questions on how to sustainably manage mangrove environments. Students learnt new field work techniques and enjoyed working in the outdoor classroom for the morning. They will now load their data onto Google My Maps and refine their spatial technology skills. Students will be encouraged to share their findings with the Gold Coast City Council once they finish their fieldwork report.

Melinda Rowe
Year 10 Geography Teacher

Year 11 Geography Incursion

The Senior Geography students were investigating how public spaces are being used around Hillcrest Christian College with a specific focus on traffic management. Students collected data and interviewed traffic engineers, traffic controllers, members of the Executive team and the local Council member to help with their analysis.

Arno Coetzee
Year 11 Geography Teacher

Year 12 Life and Study Skills

Year 12 students have been learning how to study and prepare for external assessment in Life Skills this week. There are only a few weeks left of this term before they go on SWOTVAC.

Thursday Activities

Mountain Biking took place on the oval last week with student’s working on their skill development.  Well done to the students who led various activities and showed the younger ones the ways of MTB. Keep those pedals turning!

Andy Bogatie
SLC Teacher

Inter-House Competitions

Students participated in challenges to score points for their house. The Inter-House Trivia Competition results saw 3rd place go to Carmichael, 2nd place to Flynn and 1st place to Taylor. The Inter-house Basketball Competition took place during SLC breaks where students versed one another in house teams. These teams were made up of students who already play basketball and those who wanted to have fun. Points won from the games went towards each house’s tally. The results are in with 4th place going to Carmichael, 3rd place to Flynn, 2nd place awarded to Taylor and well done to Greene who took out 1st place for the Basketball competition.

Staff News

Congratulations to Year 6 Teacher, Matt Hager, who recently married Shenaya. May God bless your marriage and life together.

Health @ Hillcrest

More Gold Coasters will be able to roll up their sleeves and donate blood, at Robina and Southport Donor Centre’s as they now have extended hours open from 7am Monday-Saturday and open Sundays from 8am.

In order to prevent a potential shortage of supplies, every week Australian Red Cross Lifeblood needs to collect 29,000 blood and plasma donations.

Robina and Southport Donor centre’s need help filling appointments in August & September. The last couple of weeks they have experienced a high number of cancellations and now shows and need help filling appointments on the Gold Coast

Lifeblood has strong processes in place to ensure the safety of our donors, patients, and staff.  It’s safe for you to come see us, as we have social distancing measures in place and our donor centres are, and will continue to be, places of wellness. .  Learn more about our extra safety measures.

When donating make sure you mention you’re from Hillcrest Christian College for your donation to count towards their tally

You can make an appointment today online, through the Lifeblood App, or by calling 13 14 95.. Let’s help make a difference. Give blood! Give Life

General News