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21 August 2020

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.”

Romans 15:13 ESV




Jeff Davis

Executive Head of College

Dear Parent/Carers 

Please find our update for Term 3, week 6.  Key points covered in the video are:

  • Changes to end of year celebrations
  • Community Survey has been released
  • Incursions and student experiences which are COVID safe

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Junior News


Junior News


Senior News


Co-Curricular News


Other general news

Kindy – Animal Welfare League Visit

On Thursday 20 August 2020, the Animal Welfare League visited Hillcrest Christian College Kindy. Our Pre Kindy children learnt the importance of caring for our pets and how we must always ask permission before we pat a dog we don’t know. Our special furry friend Bee showed everyone all his tricks and loved receiving lots of pats from our Pre Kindy and Kindy friends. The Animal Welfare League QLD is a not for profit organisation that cares and rehomes up to 15,000 stray and abandoned animals each year and rely heavily on donations. Our Pre Kindy and Kindy families donated dog toys, towels, pet food and other items for the Animal Welfare League who were very grateful.

Year 1 Pirate Day

The Year One’s had an adventure of a lifetime during their special Pirate Dress-up Day. They explored the College campus in search of treasure as they solved riddles and followed clues. This lead the students to find a treasure map where they eventually discovered chocolate gold and gems! Students were entertained by Timbarra Productions who presented a “Pirates’ Secret Treasure show.” During the show they embarked on an imaginary world of pirates as they interacted with the performers. Students also had the opportunity to steer a pirate ship, set the sail, walk the plank and they even met tickle sharks! The memories created were magical and the Year 3 students who saw us passing by, even reminisced about their Year 1 Pirate Day with joy. You’re never too old for a pirate day!

Nicole Ebert
Year 1 Teacher

Year 1 DCL Project

The Year One’s have been engaged in an amazing DCL project during Design Technology. The children had to design and draw their own detailed plans of a castle and then use these to construct their 3D castles.

Students used a variety of recyclable materials and were required to demonstrate a moving part such as a push/pull object.  The creations that have emerged were out of this world and definitely need to be recognised. Students sought and applied feedback from peers to improve their designs and demonstrated innovative thinking and higher levels of persistence in refining their products.

During Digi Tech, Ms Jorgensen taught us how to use Sphere’s and children applied their SECRET Skills to develop new skills. What an amazing experience it was!

Year 2 Mini Beast’s Incursion

Year 2 were lucky enough to have a visit from their very own apiarist Mr Paul Wotton and Mr Sam Fesuk from the SLC as a part of Science Week! The students were thoroughly engaged listening to him talk about his beautiful bee colony and showing off all the facts they have been learning in Science as part of their Mini Beast Unit this term. Students were educated on what a bee keeper wears, what tools they might need and the different parts of Mr Wotton’s very elaborate hive. It was an exciting experience to spot the Queen Bee and watch the workers in action. To top it off we even got to taste test his delicious honey!

Toni Cederblad
Year 2 Teacher

3/4 Lumos – Living Australian Biomes

The big question this term is, “How can we care for planet Earth that God has entrusted to us?” To assist with this, students are conducting group projects to design, develop and sustain a healthy environment within a Bio-Bubble. They have been replicating and maintaining 5 Australian environments (Australian Rainforest, Desert, Wetland, Grassland and Bushland). Over the past few weeks, the abiotic factors including temperature, humidity and light have been measured and monitored.  Along with this, the biotic factors have been studied and maintained. This has been an engaging and interesting unit this term and a procedural text and information report are being prepared to support the student’s learning.

Margaret Pickering
Year 3/4 Lumos Teacher

Science Week

As part of Science Week, our JLC students had a special guest visit from Professor WAZABI (better known as our SLC Science and Physics Teacher, Mr. Sam Fesuk) along with our student STEM Ambassadors. our JLC students had physics and chemistry demonstrations and got a tasty treat of liquid nitrogen Ice-cream. The fun also had a serious message of how we need more scientists to look after our planet and how we can all use science to fix and protect our environment.

The Resolution Run

The Resolution Run is an event organised by Steve Jackson and it takes place on New Year’s Eve. As part of the event, there is a School’s Challenge which rewards schools with the most pro-rata participation.  On New Year’s Eve in 2019, Hillcrest finished second overall and won a $600 credit at Rebel Sport Pacific Fair and a $200 CleverPatch voucher! The runners who entered from Hillcrest were Bostyn Drain, Simon Grove, Matthew Grove, Annie Grove, Luke Wilcox and Isobel Wilcox. Due to COVID-19 and restrictions, the award was held until now.

The next event taking place is a new cross country series starting called ‘Flirt with Dirt’ for any students or families interested. This event is not just for elite runners, but is open to all ages and abilities. For more details click here.

SLC Update

The Future is Bright.

This week I have been interviewing Year 11 students for 2021 Leadership positions. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the existing College Captains interviewed the candidates for the College Captain positions with Mr Davis and I sitting in. Our existing captains did an amazing job leading the interview process. I was captivated with the unique journey of each applicant and their desire to serve the College community. I have then spent Thursday and Friday morning with Mr Jaques and the Head of House interviewing for the House Captain positions. I am amazed (but not surprised) with the passion that each of these future leaders has for the College, their sense of belonging in the community, their relationships with the teaching staff, and their genuine desire to serve and give back, even if they do not receive a badged leadership position.

We are in a very fortunate position of having a having a large pool of selfless students seeking to lead the student body next year. As a College, we aspire to deliver young people to society who are:

EDUCATED and prepared for success in their personal, professional and spiritual life.
EQUIPPED with the knowledge to discern what is good, the skills to demonstrate self-discipline and integrity and the spirit to live with compassion.
EMPOWERED to commit themselves to action for a better society.
ENERGISED to live the truth of the gospel of Jesus in service of God.

It is rewarding to see all of these qualities in the leadership applicants.

Next week the students will watch the House Captain application videos, after which the Year 11 students will cast a vote for the leadership positions. The voting, combined with their video message, interview and written application will be used to make the selections for the leadership positions. These students will be inducted as the College Leaders next term. I want to thank all of the aspiring leaders for applying and wish them the very best with their applications.

Mr Jason Day
Head of Senior Learning Community

Year 7 Science

The Bible teaches us to serve the communities around us. Many communities in the world do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. However, there are many techniques that can be used to separate water from most contaminants to make it drinkable. Students have been learning about different techniques used to separate mixtures. Their current DCL task is to design a water purification system using recycled materials and multiple separation techniques that could be used by impoverished communities. Though the students won’t be taste-testing their final product (no matter how sure they have done an ‘A’ grade job of cleaning the dirty water), they are on their way to coming up with some excellent purification systems. This initial draft work will be further improved over the next few weeks.

Paul Wotton
SLC Teacher

Years 7-9 Drama

Year 7 Drama
Acting with masks is one of the most ancient stage techniques still in use today. Year 7 students have been experimenting with this ancient art to help them develop character and movement. Actors in masks experience the primary goal of acting because they are required to tap into profound physical, vocal, emotional, and psychological transformations in the course of creating a character. Mask work promotes honest, believable, and detailed work and our students are learning so much in this course of work.

Athol Henderson
SLC Drama Teacher

Year 8 Drama
Students have been studying the play Compass by Jessica Bellamy all from the inside of our Drama classroom ‘campground’. Compass explores the values of respect, integrity, discernment, kindness and the ability to distinguish right from wrong in morally tricky situations. In Compass the teacher is missing, there isn’t enough food, it’s getting dark and no one mentioned that the toilets out here are nothing but holes in the ground. For a small group of students, it seems their Year 7 camp couldn’t get much worse, that is until a stranger appears. Compass asks how far we’ll go to hold on to what we think we deserve. If we are barely managing to take care of ourselves, how do we treat an outsider? Is our moral compass set in stone, or can we get lost? To completely immerse ourselves in the play and the experience we decided to set the scene with tents, camp lights, torches and a makeshift fire. Just like in the play, Year 8 Drama students had to fend for themselves in a process drama lesson with setting up the camp and packing it back up again in a team building experience all the while playing on each other’s strengths to complete the tasks. The students are so excited to perform scenes from Compass at the end of term.

Kelly Sparke
SLC Drama Teacher

Year 9 Drama
“Inside every person there’s a child that lingers along the way, let’s never forget that once we were children and that we were all playing together without distinction of skin colour, society level, or where people come from.” (Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soliel, 1st Clown in Space)

An actor’s relationship with their audience is crucial. Clown training connects actor’s with their ‘inner clown’ (‘inner child’), allowing them to openly share their world and feelings with their audience.  In this unit students have explored actor/audience relationships by watching professional clown acts and how physical theatre performers are able to connect with their audiences without speaking. Students imagined they were auditioning for a Physical Theatre Company with an emphasis on Clown training. Part of the application process required applicants to demonstrate their understanding of actor/ audience relationship and the rules and conventions of clowning by critically analysing a professional performance and performing a comic act to their peers.

Athol Henderson
SLC Drama Teacher


Year 9 PE Coach Year 3’s

Year 9 Physical Education students have been working through a coaching unit and practicing their skills with the Year 3 classes. Students learned to plan and prepare all the necessary parts of a lesson as well as how to work in a team and communicate effectively with others. They also focused on identifying risks, setting up equipment and running a tournament. Year 9 students were able to rise to the challenge and present some unique and exhilarating games for the Year 3 students to participate in. Thank you to Mr Hill for letting us take over his Physical Education classes.

Adam Marks
SLC Teacher

Year 10 ICT

Students have been working in pairs to develop and build either a digital clock, pinball machine, automatic hand sanitiser dispenser, a candy sorter, automatic path-finer/maze solver, or something to help someone during this period of COVID. Students are in the beginning stages of their project and have 3 weeks to complete it. Students were grouped randomly to assist on collaboration and communication skills while completing the task

Michael Ha
Year 10 ICT Teacher

Year 9, 10-12 Dance

Our Year 9-12 Dance students haven’t let COVID get in in the way of Dance Competitions. On Thursday 20 August students practiced the performed their submission for the Phoenix Online High School Dance Challenge. Submissions into the completion included:
Year 9 and under Lyrical/ Contemporary
Year 10 -12 Lyrical/ Contemporary
Year 10-12 Jazz
Thanks also to our TV/Film students who helped capture the event while practicing their skills as well.

Natasha Stenta
SLC Dance Teacher

World Scholars Cup – Regional Round

Over 2 days we hosted 5 schools as part of the 2020 Gold Coast World Scholars Cup Regional Round. It was an amazing couple of days full of determination and passion as our students battled it out during the Scholar’s Challenge, Collaborative Writing, Team Debate and the Scholar’s Bowl. The event was postponed from March and was adjusted for COVID for a smaller round. There were 100 students in total spread evenly across both the junior and senior division and with a much more competitive environment only the best teams were selected from each school. Hillcrest entered 30 students from Years 5-10 and they performed amazingly well.  The list below highlights the various placings (it’s extensive as they outperformed all expectations) and they beat the best teams from AB Paterson College, Saint Stephens College, Coomera Anglican College, Livingstone Christian College and Iona College (Brisbane).

Special congratulations to our teams and individuals that were crowned champions in various events. Thank you to the staff who assisted with debating, especially Kelly Whiteway for her help.

Jacques Du Toit
Director of Academic Operations
Senior Learning Community


100 Days Left of Year 12

Year 12 ‘100 Days Celebration’ – Thursday 13 August to Friday 14 August

The College Captains and Vice Captains thought of an idea on how they could celebrate “100 Days” with their cohort. While many of the events this year have been significantly modified or cancelled due to COVID-19, their idea was to help their year level celebrate and count down their 100 days. In a fitting way, their idea was to hold an event and sleep over as a united cohort at the College.

Details of the event included:
5:30pm Arrival at Hillcrest
6:00pm Pizza Dinner in Courtyard
6:45pm Students taken by bus from the College to Zone Bowling Robina
10:00pm Return to the College
10:15pm Movie in Theatre
11:45pm Bedtime

Crazy Jumper Day

Students in the SLC helped raise money for Effective Aid by wearing a crazy jumper and making a gold coin donation. The student leadership team did a great job promoting and running the event which included money collection and running a sausage sizzle. Over $1000 was raised for the amazing work being done in Myanmar/Thailand. Thank you to all students and staff who supported this great cause.


Students are excited to have returned to competitive futsal fixtures earlier this term. The players had a lot of fun on and off the court and represented the College with pride. Thank you to everyone involved!

Joshua Yarrow
Futsal Tournament

Inter-House Netball

Continuing with the inter-house competitions, this week consisted of Netball games. Mixed teams of Years 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12 versed each other in a series of action packed games. The MPC was full of students cheering on their House team.

Upcoming inter-house competitions include:
Week 7 – Mountain Biking
Week 8 – Mathletics, Golf Chipping
Week 9 – Debating, Art Attack
Week 10 – Touch Carnival

Student Achievements

Lucas Soegaard – Cycling Championships

Lucas Soegaard performed magnificently at the Cycling State Championships recently! Winning all three events he participated in:
State Champion – Under 13 boys – Individual Time Trial
State Champion – Under 13 boys – Criterium
State Champion – Under 13 boys – Road Race
Do we have a future Olympian in the making? Congratulations Lucas on your achievement!

Kauri Heuston-Connor – Surfing Success

The QLD under 12 Surfing State Titles consisted of 2 competition rounds. The first one was on the Sunshine Coast where Kauri achieved the highest wave score for the Girl’s Competition but ended up coming 4th in the finals.  Two weeks later on the 9 August 2020 she competed at the Spit on the Gold Coast. She qualified for the finals again and this time came 2nd. Overall Kauri came 3rd in Queensland for her age division. She had a great time and loved every moment of the competition process including the girls she meets and competes against. Kauri can’t wait for the next round of competitions.
Congratulations Kauri on your fantastic achievement!

Staff News – Babies

Jessica Joubert

Congratulations to SLC Teacher Jessica Joubert who welcomed her third child, baby Ella, last weekend. Ella’s sisters must be smitten with her.

Ashleigh Lane

Congratulations to JLC Teacher Ashleigh Lane who became a first time Mum recently to a baby girl. Willow-Bloom is gorgeous!

General News

One2One – Devices for 2021

At Hillcrest we believe that technology plays an integral role in student learning. The authentic and effective use of technology reaches all learning areas. Our vision is to enrich learning through the effective use of technology – enabling learners to create, connect, organise and personalise their learning.

Technology use at Hillcrest can be characterised as:

  1. High quality: same high standards of quality that we would fine in any other medium
  2. Purposeful: whatever the activity, the teacher always has a learning goal in mind; activities are deliberate
  3. Consistent: approach to management and use is consistent regardless of time of day or environment
  4. Informed: use should be informed by our own research, the research of others and proven best practices

Historically, Hillcrest has managed a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program in Years 5 and 6, where parents are responsible for the purchase of a device (subject to minimum technical requirements) for their child to use as part of the educational program at the College. Parents also had the option of purchasing insurance, protective cases and peripherals.

The one2one device program has been operating in the Senior Learning Community for the past three years. In this program, devices are purchased, owned, insured and supported by the College, with parents paying a levy towards the devices.

From 2021, to enrich the learning experiences of our students, the compulsory one2one program will roll down to Year 4&5, meaning that students in Years 4&5 will now have access to a College device. Having a consistent device allows teachers to plan for high-quality digital learning experiences for all students. With the increase in the need for digital skills, it also allows for ICT capabilities to be interwoven within daily lessons, with each student having consistent access to their learning on their own device.

In 2021, students in Years 4 and 5 (current Year 3 and 4 students) will receive a College-owned device through the one2one program. It will have all essential software and insurances that is required for JLC/MLC educational purposes. Year 6 students (current Year 5 students) will continue to use their BYOD in 2021 as we phase out the existing program over the year. Students will enter our one2one program as they enter Year 7.

Below is a summary of the changes to devices over the next 2 years.  The * indicates the Year they begin a 3 Year cycle of One2One devices.

Father’s and Grandfather’s Day Stall

The P&F Father’s Day stall will be on Wednesday 26 August 2020. The stall has been amended due to COVID-19 and will be cashless. Gifts will not be wrapped to minimize the handling of the items so please bring a bag to take the gift home in. Sales will need to be prepaid online before the day. All gifts are $5 and multiple vouchers can be purchased. JLC students will visit throughout the day with their classes. SLC students are welcome to visit the stall either before school or in their break times as there will be no separate stall in the SLC Courtyard this year. Kindy students are also welcome to visit the stall before 8:30am with their parent or carer. Vouchers can be purchased here. Please note this link will close on Tuesday 25 August 2020 at 3:00pm.

2021 Departure Notes

Our College has gained a strong reputation for innovation and excellence, locally, nationally and internationally. We continue to receive numerous applications from families who have selected Hillcrest as the preferred school for their children. Some of our year levels have now reached capacity, or are nearly full and our waiting lists are growing. The College now only has formal enrolment intakes for Pre Kindy, Kindy and Prep.

Your family is a very important part of our College Community and because of this we will be preparing for your child/ren moving into their new year level in 2021.

Please be reminded that our Enrolment Agreement states that you must provide one full term’s notice in writing, before any departure. If the full term’s notice has not been received and the student is outside of the initial six month cooling off period, a full term’s fee will be charged. Whilst we acknowledge and respect the right of parents to withdraw their child from Hillcrest at any time, this policy was introduced to encourage families to think carefully about early withdrawal and to ensure that the College has continuity of enrolment to meet its financial commitments.

If your child will not be returning to Hillcrest Christian College in 2021, please provide your departure notification in writing to registrar@hillcrest.qld.edu.au no later than Friday 18 September to avoid any financial penalty.

On behalf of the College Executive, thank you for your support with this matter.


Every afternoon we have University Tutors provide support to our SLC students. They provide some support in a number of Period 6 classes throughout the week and are then available for tutoring from 3:00-5:00pm every afternoon. In addition, we have re-opened the online Teams booking system so that students who can’t stay at school to be tutored in person, can still book in to an available slot and access them through the video chat feature they became familiar with through Term 2. To book an online session, click here. Alternatively to book a face to face session you can sign up at the Senior Resource Centre.
Paul Wotton
Head of Resource Centres


QCAA is seeking applications from Queensland community members for QCAA invigilator positions. For more information click here.

Traffic Updates and Reminders

  • When letting students out, please ensure it is a designated drop off area. Some students are being let out when traffic has stopped but causing near misses with other cars.
  • Several non-ELC parents are still parking in the ELC only car parks.
  • Please ensure Kindy drop off is as quick as possible to help ease the traffic flow.
  • There are yellow lines and parking conditions around East Boca Raton. Please do not park on the yellow lines or block traffic from entering or exiting this community. Police are regularly patrolling this area.