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15 May 2020

"Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I WILL NEVER BE SHAKEN."

Psalm 62:1-2

Restrictions Lifting

Prep, Year 1 & Year 11-12 students return

SLC Challenge

SLC Captains lay down a Cross Country Challenge

Reading  Challenge

Premier's Reading Challenge

What is Anxiety?

Ways to identify and manage anxiety.

A Song For Revival

Lord Send Revival

Kindy, Prep-Year 1 & Year 11-12

Return to the College

Hillcrest values the health and safety of students and staff and follows the health guidelines outlined by government health authorities.

On Monday 8 May, students returned to the College in Kindy, Prep-Year 1 in JLC, and in Years 11-12 in our Senior Learning Community. There were distancing restrictions for adults, and we thank our community for supporting these requirements during the drop-off and pickup times and using the zones provided.

Today, 15 May, State Education Minister, Ms Grace Grace, confirmed schools would be fully open to all students on 25 May, and she stated:


“I’m pleased to say that we’ve had a very successful return to school for our preppies and year 1, and of course our kindy students as well, and year 11 and year 12,”


“Because of that, the Queensland disaster management committee yesterday resolved that we would stick to our plan and we would welcome back, on Monday May 25, all the rest of the year students from 2 to 10.”


With this in place, there is still the ongoing focus for good hygiene practices and common sense still needs to apply. In her comments to the ABC Ms Grace stated the following recommendations:

  • “…that if anyone at all is feeling unwell with any symptoms at all, that they do not turn up to school or work…”
  • “Certain school activities such as contact sport, excursions and camps would remain off-limits, and parents were encouraged to remain outside the school gates for drop-offs and pick-ups.”
  • “Would welcome back, on Monday, May 25, all the rest of the year students from 2 to 10.”
  • Students are not required to social distance but are required to practice good hygiene

(Source ABC, 15 May, 2020)

Some Restrictions Lifting For Families

15 May restrictions eased for some local activities which families may enjoy this weekend. One highlight is the ability to play on public playground equipment again along with swimming in pools and lagoons (max 10 people).

Some other highlights include (max 10 people)

  • Retail shopping, beauty therapy, and nail salons
  • Libraries, public spaces, houses of worship
  • Recreational travel (up to 150km)

To support families here is a cut-down guide on some of the main points and key dates. Further information and full details can found on the Queensland Government website on the button below.


SLC – Virtual Cross Country Challenge

Ok Senior Learning Community, your latest House Challenge has just been announced, the…


The challenge is open to all SLC students and you will need to support each other in your House colours to enter into the Virtual Cross Country Challenge. All entries will earn points contributing to see who will be rained the winning House.

Challenge Rules

  • Download and use a running App such as Strava, Nike, or Run Keeper.
  • You can run, jog or walk.
  • Distance = 2km.
  • Take a screenshot of your time and distance.
  • Submit your entry by clicking the button below and filling out the entry form. Make sure you take a screenshot of your activity on the Fitness Tracker App so you can upload your results into the form.
  • One entry per person, this is about team engagement.
  • The House with the most entries will be crowned the 2020 Cross Country Champions.


Participating Students





Premier’s Reading Challenge

The Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC) is an annual state-wide initiative for state and non-state schools and home-educated students up to Year 9, and children attending early childhood centres.

The challenge is not a competition but aims to improve literacy and encourage children to read widely for pleasure and learning.

To complete the challenge, students from Prep to Year 9 need to read or experience the required number of books for their age category.

  • Prep to Year 2 are required to read or experience 20 books
  • Years 3 to 4 are required to read 20 books
  • Years 5-9 are required to read 15 books, with the aim of reading longer more complex books

Once you finish each book, complete your Student Reading Record with the book title and the author, and when complete hand it into the library.

Students who complete the challenge will receive a certificate from the Premier of Queensland!

With the weather turning cooler this is the perfect time to get cozy with your favourite book or even better a new one you haven’t read before….but be quick, you only have until August 28…….are you up for the challenge???

Strategies For Anxiety