Class of 2023 Graduation Highlights


IQ Results

The initial results showcase 23 students who have achieved an ATAR above 90+. While we celebrate these accomplishments collectively, we also acknowledge and honour the individual decisions of those who prefer to keep their academic achievements confidential.

Congratulations to Jaydon Adams and Laila Chequer de Souza for achieving 100% in subjects.

Laila – English & Literature

Jayden – Physics

52 students completed a Cert or Diploma in 2023 representing 44% of the 2023 cohort. Alongside knowledge and skill development qualifications can also potentially lead to entrance and equivalent ATAR scores for students. Students also completed other certificates in Years 10 and 11. For example, Erin Harris completed three certificates and a Diploma from Years 10-12.

Robert Pollock

Pollock, Robbie - student photo of Robert Pollack

Robert (Robbie) Pollock

ATAR – 99.20


Study Electrical and Aerospace Engineering at QUT

Other Activities:

College Musicals (Beauty & the Beast + Pirates of Penzance)

AV Tech – Celebration Evening + Choral Extravaganza (2020-2023)

Production Team (2018-2023)

A major highlight of schooling for me was being part of the AV production team for a little over five years. The field has always been of major interest to me, and as such making events happen from a technical perspective was very enjoyable. (lighting, sound design, video and photography, AV setup and coordination)

Robbie PollockClass of 2023

Jayden Adams

Adams, Jayden student photo

Jayden Adams

ATAR – 99.10

Perfect score = Physics

 “Physics was my favourite subject throughout high school. I had a great class, great teacher and the content was really interesting and engaging.”


“Gap Year” Helicopter Commander gap year in the Royal Australian Navy

College Captain 2023

Other Activities:

“Da Vinci decathlon, Write a book in a day, AB Patterson public speaking, The science and engineering challenge, Griffith University Space Program, The World Scholars cup. (Tournament of Champions – Yale University)”

Take every opportunity and put in 100% effort in school. I don't think this will really land until you're finished but it goes quicker then you think. So get involved before that point, put 100% into your studies, give everything a go, have a meeting with Mr Fernance and discuss accelerating (if he thinks you should) asap and enjoy school. But the biggest piece of advice I could give you is to put you're faith in Christ. School had its highs and its lows but christ was the steadfast thing there the whole time. I promise if you give him a chance it will be the best decision you ever make

Jayden AdamsClass of 2023

Jed Gregory

Gregory, Jed student photo

Jed Gregory

ATAR – 99.00

College Prefect

Recipient of Bond University Scholarship

50% full fees paid for duration of study


Bachelors of Actuarial Science at Bond University

Other Activities:

“College Choirs, Bands, World Scholars Cup, Debating, Ethics, Cricket, Musicals, Write a Book in a day (+many more)”

TSS Model United Nations

Tournament of Champions – Yale University

Favourite has to be the Scholars Cup because I had an amazing team over the years I did it, making learning and studying fun and and enjoyable, plus having the opportunity to travel overseas for the Tournament of Champions and performing well, as well as being able to meet people from all over the world.
Take subjects you actually enjoy, get in good habits early, treating Years 10-11 as practice runs for Year 12. Most importantly, enjoy your years of senior schooling, they don’t last long so make as many memories as you can!

Jed GregoryClass of 2023

Laila Chequer de Souza

Chequer de Souza, Laila student photo

Laila Chequer de Souza

ATAR – 98.10

Perfect scores

English Extension



Studying a Bachelor of Law/Arts (psychology/philosophy) at Bond University.


Bond University, Vice Chancellors Elite Scholarship Program recipient

100% Fee remission + mentorship program

Other Activities:

“College Musical, Bel Canto excellence choir and tour, Ethics Olympiad, World Scholar’s Cup, College Leadership, external musical theatre training, Vivo Strings and Volare Stage Band”

I think the Ethics Olympiad was my favourite event because it opened up the idea of studying philosophy in my tertiary pathway and it was a really fun group event! Make time for the things you love to do and study what you love. Don’t study a subject because your friends are, start tuning into your unique pathway and look for opportunities to grow your knowledge and experiences over your senior years!

Laila Chequer de SouzaClass of 2023